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Done. 11Y, 6M, 4 kids

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I've been pregnant, nursing or both since December 1999*.  I weaned my twins last week and have been steadfast in not giving in since then, even though they are still asking each morning.  So I'm done.  And I can't tell anyone irl since I'm sure they've not even thought I could still be nursing my twins, who just turned 4.  So, please congratulate me or tell me it is okay to be sad that none of my children clw, or that I feel torn that I will never nurse again, or that I should just shut up and put on my big girl panties.


Thanks!  from the weepy mom who would be the creepy mom if I shared the news!


*mostly.  I did have a m/c that took many weeks to pass and wasn't officially pg during that time.  I did wean my child while waiting to m/c and then got pg. 

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I think you are amazing!  And I can so empathize with your being torn about being done but still wanting it at the same time. I  feel those torn emotions too.  I try not to dwell on the sad part and just keep looking forward to the adventures that lay ahead.  So congrats and consolations for you girl.  Way to go.

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You are superwoman!!! I haven't weaned ds1 yet, but I can understand having mixed feelings if I were completely done. You've done an amazing job providing the best food you could give your children!!
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you are amazing! I think all weanings (mother-led and child-led) are a little bittersweet. and even if you didn't child-led wean, you nursed for a good long time.

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I'll congratulate that accomplishment! What a great thing you've done for your kids. Good job!

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Congratulationssmile.gif!! Your post brought tears to my eyes.

My dd is 4.5 and sometimes I kind of wish she would wean, yet I really think about it, the thought makes me really sad (even though i also nurse my little one).  Weaning really is bittersweet.  It must be nice to have your body back to yourself though, and at the same time know that you 've given all your kids the best you can!

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What a beautiful gift you gave to your little ones! That's really impressive. I've only been nursing and/or pregnant for the last ten years. Weaning really is hard, even when you know it's the right time. Way to go, Mumm!

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So sweet.


It is Ok to be weepy.  If it helps - I enjoyed nursing quite a bit while I did it, but have not missed it since I stopped 4 years ago.  Hopefully you will move on as easily.  I do miss being pregnant, though.

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Congratulations on giving your kiddos such a wonderful, healthy foundation for life! It is wonderful to have a place to share your joy and sadness, since you cannot do so IRL. There are so many here who completely get your choices and the emotions surrounding them.


I have recently finished nursing after 6.5 years (2 kiddos). I also did not CLW. I think they would have both nursed until 18 years old if I let them :) Not really, but neither was giving up their one a day nursing session on their own. My DD was almost 5 years old and my son, who just finished in May, is almost 4 years old.


I am surprised that I am not at all sad about it. It is definitely a major milestone in our lives. Best to you and your loved ones.

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Congrats to you! You are awesome. And I understand the mix of emotions.


Aside from the excellent advice already offered, I wanted to add that you should be aware that when you wean, there is a hormonal shift that can make you extra emotional. I was surprised by this when I weaned by first, and a friend had the same experience. It seems to happen even if you were only nursing a few times a day before weaning. So be aware of that and be extra kind to yourself during this transition. I dunno, it always helps me to know when there's something hormonal going on, it helps me understand it and work though it. Hopefully that will help you too.



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Congratulations! I'm tired of the pregnancy/nursing thing, and it's only been 5 years and 2 kids for me -- I can't even imagine 11 years. Great job, mama!

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Congratulations! What a wonderful accomplishment.


Time for a party!  champagne.gif

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