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I made this thread with my 3rd pregnancy, when I felt a hard lump in my abdomen at 5 weeks. I thought for sure I had a cyst or something horrible. It couldn't possibly be the fundus yet could it?  Finally at 8 weeks I saw my midwife and she confirmed it was in fact my uterus. She was very nervous about multiples after that, since I was on clomid and also heard the heartbeat early. Never know.

Unfortunately I miscarried, but the u/s tech that confirmed the loss said that my uterus sat very far forward. And a few weeks ago I had an infertility ultrasound and she said it also stands straight up, which I guess most people's kinda bends forward, right?

So anyways. I guess after having my son it didn't quite settle back into the place it had been prior to pregnancy. Possibly remained bigger than it had been as well, I hear that can happen? And it's not that pregnancy makes it suddenly so much bigger, just harder I guess, since it's engorged with blood. And I do seem to notice it tightens and softens. Normal cramps/contractions I guess.


Anyways, I was just wondering if there were any other women out there, thinking they must be crazy. If there are, I'm here to tell you you're not. Hooray!  My fundus is actually already a good 3 finger's width above the hairline. If you're feeling yours too, you're not alone!