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midwife needed in Grande Prairie AB

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I am desperately looking to fly in a midwife around my due date which is december 19, right before christmas, so I realize this is a long shot :(


we live in grande prairie. I have exhausted all options for a home birth at this point. I had my midwife from my last baby and she is all of a sudden out of contact. I am on wait lists in edmonton, but I can only imagine how long those lists are...


if anyone knows any travelling midwives please let me know!

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don't give up on the waitlists in edmonton just yet ... something may open up. have you looked on the alberta midwives association website?


good luck, i hope you find a midwife!

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My name is Kirsten Goruk and I'm a reporter with the Daily Herald Tribune. I'm currently looking into a writing an article about the midwifery situation/shortage here in Grande Prairie and I came across your post.


I was wondering if you would be interested in talking to me about your search for a midwife?


Thanks and I look forward to hearing from you! 





(780) 532 1110 ext. 256


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I am in the same situation, wishing for an alternative to a hospital birth but really there does not seem to be an option here.  Please post if you find someone! I am very interested.

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Any leads? PM me if you are still looking.

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I too am due in Dec. and would love to have a midwife again. I thought about getting on a wait list in Edmonton but I don't think that I would ever make it there as my last labour went fairly quickly and with the roads in the winter I don't really want to chance the drive. Please let me know if you have any sucess in finding a midwife as I had one with my first and it was such a wonderful experience I would love to do it that way again as opposed to a birth in the hospital with a Dr.



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I'm due in February, and called a couple weeks after I POAS. Well nobody was available. So I am UCing, which I am ok with, but SO would be happier with a midwife.


Anyhow, not to discourage you, but personally I would rather UC than go to a hospital again. It scares me. So maybe that could be an option?

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Hello, I was wondering if u had any luck in finding a midwife in the grande prairie area? I had 2 of my kids with the midwives in stony plain, now pregnant with baby number 4, I want to go that route again. Thanks
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I am looking for a midwife in Grande Prairie!! Have you come across someone?  Its really unfortunate it is so hard to find this much needed service in our area...Grande Prairie delivers thousands of babies from surrounding communities as well...someone could really make a great living doing this here.

Thanks for your help if you can ;)

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I'm  visiting here with my husbands work till April.

My # is 780-296-6703....we can talk or e-mail. ellenrabe@hotmail.com

My facebook page is "Tree of Life Midwifery Care"

I have been a practicing midwife since 1993 and started apprenticing in 88....

Attending homebirths unless we transfer for extra needs......

Looking for connections smile.gif


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Have you found a midwife?

ellen visiting in GP

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Indeed, it is a pity that there isn't any registered midwives offering the option of home birth, to healthy moms & babes, in the Grande Prairie area.

As this is not an option, perhaps you'd like to consider a certified birth doula to support your hospital birth?
I am certified through DONA International (www.dona.org), as a birth and postpartum doula. I am currently accepting clients for Fall of 2013.

If you are interested in further information or to learn a little about me feel free to visit my website: www.beauty-well.ca
All me contact details can be found there!

Best of luck!
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