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Pics of how I'm telling DH :D

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So, we moved into our apartment 4 years ago, and shortly after, I made this collage for the living room wall: 


collage before


I intended to update it as time went on, adding pics of DD as she grew, and any additional children when and if they came.  But, life happened, and I never got around to it. 


But now with baby #3 coming, I thought that this would be a great way to tell DH.  I've been sneaking around, looking for pictures, making plans, lol.  And so far, I don't think he suspects a thing.  :D  He woke me up snoring last night, lol, so I finished it up.  :D  The original date that I was going to do this was Monday, getting everything ready while he was at work, but I'm glad that things worked out for me to get it done earlier.  :)


Here's the after, divided by top left, top right, bottom left, then bottom right.  What do you all think?  :D :D :D








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Well, the operation isn't going as planned, lol.  DH woke up w/ the alarm and came to wake me up (I was napping on the couch so I wouldn't wake DS up when I went back to bed... or be awoken myself by more snoring), then he went back to bed.  I got up and started emptying the dishwasher, and woke DD up, etc.  Then I heard DH say from the bedroom, "Don't wake me up until afterwards.  I'm not feeling up to eating this morning."  Well, stink, if he's laying in bed, then how can he see the new pictures?  There wasn't a ton of daylight yet when he came to wake me up, but enough so that _I_ could see the pictures, lol, but of course, I knew that they were there.  DH?  So far, he is still oblivious.  He must've been sleepwalking, lol.

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BAHAHAHAHAHA.  Okay, so DD, half asleep and resting on the couch until breakfast is ready, just said something like, "Wow, what a lot of little pictures."  At least someone noticed my hard work.  ROFL ROFL ROFL

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Okay, here's how it went down this morning, lol.  So, DH is having some stomach issues this morning and doesn't think he will be able to make it to church.  He usually gives DS a shower and then I give DD a shower after that, so I asked him if he could give DS a shower and see how he feels after that, but he declined.  He was resting on the couch at this time.  And, he normally wears glasses or contacts, so everything was still fuzzy for him. 


After DD was done with her breakfast, I sent her over to DH to give him a hug and ask if he'd come to church with us.  She did this but DH said again that his stomach didn't feel good.  DD was still right there, and then she spontaneously said to DH, "Look at all the pictures!"  lol.  DH then said, "Aww.  Thank you, honey.  I'll have to look at them later."  Then the conversation went kind of like this: 


Me:  Do you want me to take it off the wall and bring it to you? 


DH:  No. 


Me:  Well, you have to look at them before I leave.  (The last thing I wanted was for him to "get it" while I was at church, lol.)


DH:  DD, go get my glasses.  (He then sat up on the couch, slowly). 


DD brings him his glasses and he stands up and looks at the pictures. 


DH:  Some of these, I haven't seen before, like the one w/ all her cousins. 


Me:  Yeah.  There are a couple of them there, one w/ all of them by the Christmas tree and another with them all laying in a row on my mom's floor, under a blanket. 


DH's gaze goes away from the test pic, and he starts to seem like he's done looking at them all.  M


Me:  I accidentally got two sleeping ones right next to each other,  But see how similar both DD and DS look when they are asleep?  (The sleeping pictures, as you can see, are right next to the test.  I was trying to bring his attention back up that way, lol.) 


DH:  Yeah.  Is that a test? 


Me:  Yeah.  I figured that if I was going to go through the trouble of updating this, I might as well put all three of our kids on it.


DH, obviously not hearing me, continues looking at other pictures:  What is that, in that one? 


Me:  That's a broken egg.  She was "helping" me put away the groceries. 


DH then turns to go lay back down on the couch. 


Me:  Did you hear me? 


DH:  It's a broken egg. 


Me:  No, I mean the other. 


DH is silent, so I repeat myself. 


Me:  I said that if I was going to go to all the trouble to update this, that I might as well put all three of our kids in it. 


DH is silent, and looking at me like he's confused.  I walk away. 


DH:  Come here. 


Me:  Nope. 


DH:  Are you pregnant? 


Me:  Yes. 


lol.  He is excited and had NO clue, lol.  He said that he thought the picture of the test was weird, but that it was just for one of the kids.  I said that yes, it is, just not for DS or DD lol.  Then I fessed up and told him how long I'd known and what ELSE I did when I went to the library yesterday (went to get the pictures and also went to get some prenatal vitamins, lol). 


Phew, so glad THAT'S over.  hehehehe.

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awww, cute. congrats!

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Aww! That's a funny story! Congrats!

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What a cute story! Men are hilarious!


I love your collage. What a lovely way to capture memories and as guests come in, they can take a peak.

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