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DD is starting to self wean. Ive been noticing the decline in her nursing for the past three weeks. She is now down to nursing in the morning, once in the middle of the day, and once before bed. Im a little sad about it, but she has pretty much nightweaned herself, which is awesome. I was planning on weaning in October anyway, so its not the end of the world.
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I have a hard time picturing DD self-weaning.  She has dropped one of her (many) afternoon nursing sessions but she's such a milk hog.


I had a nurse tell me that I should hurry up and wean before my milk dries up.  headscratch.gif  I mean, I don't think I want to tandem so I'll need to wean at some point, but that statement just confused me.  Maybe I'm missing something, but wouldn't it be easier to wean if there's less/no milk???

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Yeah, I think that is a weird comment too. Im not planning on having her completely weaned until the end of October. That way she has three months before the baby is born to not be nursing. But she has cut back so much in the past few weeks that I dont think it will be as hard as I did originally. 3 weeks ago she was nursing 8-12 times a day.
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At 10 weeks my nipples are starting to get tender. I'm okay once we get started, but initially, I'm constantly warning to be very gentle and open very wide... 

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Just checking in!  Ds turns 2 in two weeks and is nursing 3x day and 2-3 times at night.  My supply on the right is all but gone, but the left is still moderately producing.  Hoping to somehow wean sometime this fall/early winter if not sooner.  Would like a little break before February rolls around.  Have either been pregnant or nursing for over 6 years now!! 


Happy to hear that we all seem to be managing pretty well so far! 

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Anybody still with me?


This weekend we finally got DD down to 3 sessions a day (morning, nap, and bedtime).  I'd been having some pretty bad headaches (despite hydrating a bunch) and have been feeling much better after dropping a couple of nursing sessions.  5-6/day was maybe just more than my body could handle.


I think I'd like to keep a couple of nursing sessions for a while....or maybe just see how it goes.  


How are your nurslings coping?

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I'm out of milk greensad.gif - DD still "nurses" before she goes to bed and in the morning, but I'm pretty sure she doesnt get anything.  I tried to hand express some the other day and didn't even get a drop.


my dd is 2 1/2, so I don't feel too bad because I'm so glad she was able to get bm for so long, but it is still sad that this part of our r/ship is ending

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bluedaisy, my DD is also 2 1/2 and is nursing upon waking and before bed. Tonight she nursed on one side, sat up and said, "there's no more milkies" and started to cry bawling.gif I felt so terrible! She nursed on the other side anyway and then asked for her binky and for me to rock her. 


I, too, am so glad that she was able to nurse for as long as she has, but it still makes me feel bad. I know if I weren't pregnant that she would still be nursing 4-5x/day and would actually be getting something. If she continues to dry nurse throughout my pregnancy, I'll be fine with that I think. She's not ready to give it up yet and so I'm happy to let her take her time. I'm not crazy about the idea of tandem nursing, but if that's what she needs, then I suppose that's what we'll do...

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Originally Posted by MamaShannon View Post

Tonight she nursed on one side, sat up and said, "there's no more milkies" and started to cry bawling.gif

Aww, that would have made me cry!


I've been asking DD (18 mo) if there is still milk coming out.  She says yes, but "yes" is also her default answer if she's not sure about the question.  I think there's still something there, since I sometimes see a drop or two when she pulls off.

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I'm still nursing my DD once in the morning and before bedtime. I don't know if there is still milk or not.... When I ask her she says yes but then again she says yes when she isnt sure..... Sometimes after nursing for 10 minutes she will pull off and say no more... So I guess the rest of the time there is milk I hope! I'm actually hoping to tandem.... We'll see how it goes!
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Well, my milk has been gone for weeks now. mecry.gif So, DS went from nursing 12-18 times a day to nursing 0-2 times a day within just a few days time. He's taken to the change quite well apart from sleep as the milk no doubt helped him in the sleep department. Even though he usually nurses at bedtime, the nursing lost its greatest power without the milk there too. Then, I was stung on my nipple by a hornet a couple days ago (on the right side that DS greatly prefers) so he didn't nurse yesterday at all. I can tell his latch is changing as well, which is extremely frustrating as well. I still really hope we can continue our nursing relationship, but I know that possibility is diminishing. I still can't believe how well he's taken to the change though. 

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Originally Posted by OdinsMommy0409 View Post

 Then, I was stung on my nipple by a hornet a couple days ago  


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ohmygod that makes me want to roll around in pain just thinking about it

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Originally Posted by OdinsMommy0409 View Post

 Then, I was stung on my nipple by a hornet a couple days ago...

What?! OMG, how did that happen? That sounds sooooooooooooo awful!

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Yes, and far more awful than I could have imagined. It's been two days, and my boob is still red and swollen. Fortunately, the pain is now gone, but it lasted intensely for 12 hours and slowly diminished after that. I still don't know how/when it flew down my shirt, but I was braless and bending over to grab DS from under his playground where I had seen something wasp-like flying around him. Suddenly, I felt a sting and then a couple more before I could get it out of my shirt. It was unbelievably excruciating as the pain went from my nipple around my breast into my armpit and down my arm. Of course, the stinger ended up stuck in my nipple, which required an epsom salt soak to get out since the nipple/areola are so reactionary to touch and pain and would go into arousal mode and hide the stinger. 


I ended up with a great story though. How many people can say they've been stung by a hornet on their nipple?!? And, I'm so glad it wasn't DS who was stung. I had just thought it was a wasp but between the sting and then discovering the nest today, it was most definitely a hornet. 

Originally Posted by MamaShannon View Post

What?! OMG, how did that happen? That sounds sooooooooooooo awful!


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Well, ds has all but weaned and my supply is GONE.  The only time he really wants to nurse is around 5:00 am, and I let him comfort nurse so mama can get some more sleep. I, too, am surprised how well he has taken to the change.  It has gone much more smoothly than I could have ever hoped.  Sad that he didn't get more than 2 years of mama's milk, but happy that he did get a good solid 2 years nonetheless.

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My son claims there is milk, but I don't think there is.  The taste changed from "vanilla yogurt and strawberries" to regular milk (cow).  I also cut his nursing down to a count to 10 on each side after I had some scary spotting. He was very fine with that change.  Last night he did a 10 count on one side, then switched and told me to count to 3...and he was done.  Also, while I am quietly counting, he maybe only suckles 2x, other than that he's just resting his mouth on my areola. Now he's 3.5, so it's really just comfort & bedtime routine at the point, but still I can't help but feel sad knowing that the end is nearing. It's been a great journey.  

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I think that I still do have milk (14 weeks), and my son says I have milk still, but he's been nursing less. I can't tell whether it's because he's congested and it's hard to breathe and nurse at the same time or whether he is just also needing it less and noticing that the supply is getting less / different. The other night he fell asleep just lying with his head in my lap and me rubbing his back. I would have not thought this possible before, but we didn't even have to negotiate about it at all, just spontaneously happened like that. It hurts intensely sometimes at the initial latch on on each side, but after that I'm okay, so I still let him drink whenever he wants to and I hope we can just gradually reduce as needed without a lot of tears. 

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Wow, my son is still going strong! I definitely still have milk, I see it. He has actually gone down a bit, but that makes it more like 10 times a day! He is a NURSER, such a mama's boy too. I'm glad, I don't feel like he will be ready to wean any time soon (16 mo) and he's been working on his 2yr molars recently, so it helps. I do encourage less nursing during the day and would love to night wean. We're moving soon, though, so I think we're going to try the night weaning labor day weekend so DH can help.

I can't believe almost all of you are dry and/or about weaned! I'll be so sad if I dry up (especially soon), DS is just too young to understand that and I would be heartbroken. I can see myself tandem and not having a problem -- that's what you do when you decide to have kids so close together, right?!;)

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This will be hour number 36 with no nursing. No engorgement. Im sad, but a little relieved. I keep wondering when she will ask, and she just doesnt.
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