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2WW - Testing week of the Fourth of July

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I thought I'd start a thread for those in the 2WW who are testing the week of July 4th.  Anyone want to join?


I'm currently 4 DPO.  No symptoms, of course.  I took Vitex this cycle and it looks like it made me O at least a week early.  I have a 9-10 day LP so I am hoping this lengthens it.  We will see...

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I'll join ya!! I'm actually 7dpo but i won't be testing until monday the 4th to give me enough time to see if AF shows up.  I can't take a disappointment this month with our timeing being so good!!! LOL.  I tested + @ 10DPO last year with our second child so i'll see if i have the will power to even hold out until the 4th lol

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I think I am testing on July 4th as well.  It will be 12 DPO for me and I haven't seen 12 DPO since I can remember.  So maybe too early for a BFP but I don't think I will be able to resist. redface.gif

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Brandy, I just noticed that you have a 7 year age difference btw your two children.  How has that been?  We will have something similar, depending on when I get pregnant (6 1/2 years if I get a BFP this cycle). 


I used to worry about it but now I think it'll work out really nicely.  DD definitely wants to be a big sister!

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We haven't had any problems what so ever so far.  It wasn't planned to be like that but they are literally only 8 days away from being exactly 7 years apart : )  It's nice to have my "big helper" when there's something I need to get and I can't just leave the baby laying on the floor or on the changing table.  She also helps give her baths and if we are running behind i can give my oldest the bottle to feed her sister in the car while we are on our way to where we are going.  I don't want to put that much time between E (who's about to turn 7 months) and a new baby....so we are doing what we can to try to stay proactive with our chances this time. We ended up having to see a RE with E because I wasn't ovulating...and my cycles were like 45 days long...which  was making it worse on me. 



I woke up this morning and had bright pink spotting...nothing on my undies but some on the TP when i wiped.  I hope that it's just because of the BDing that me and DH did last night (tmi sorry lol) and that it's not AF trying to show up!!!  I am happy though that I have already made it 2 days past what I have been going on AF so even if she shows up i feel better about my LP getting longer!!

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I'd like to join.  I'm just 2 DPO.  I'm not sure when I plan on testing.  The 4th is only 9DPO, but we might try.  If not, it would probably be the 8th since that's DH's next day off.  We like to test together.

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Hi guys I'm new here but I would love to join you. My name is Glendra and DH is Marquis, and we have been ttc for over a year now. I have had 6 failed rounds of Clomid one with IUI, and trigger. I'm on my 2 IUI, Femara, and trigger @ 5dpo, and wishing that this is it for us. I'm not to test until July 10, but I know that I will not last until then so I will be testing also on July 2 or 4th. Good luck to you guys..

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Originally Posted by brichole1214 View Post

We haven't had any problems what so ever so far.  It wasn't planned to be like that but they are literally only 8 days away from being exactly 7 years apart : )  It's nice to have my "big helper" when there's something I need to get and I can't just leave the baby laying on the floor or on the changing table. 

That sounds great.  GL with the spotting, maybe it's implantation spotting?  I had that with DD from 8-11 DPO.


Welcome JMJ and Lady Tae!


5 DPO here.  Nothing new to report.


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How is everyone holding up.


6 DPO here.  Trying to be patient.,  Failing.  whistling.gif

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3 DPO here and craving fried foods.  It's certainly too early for pregnancy to be the cause.  I put several extra scoops of coconut oil on some homemade french fries and just stuck them in the oven.  I have an excuse, right?  I might be pregnant.

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Hi guys, 6dpiui here and just trying my best not to obsess over everything.

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Happy to find this thread! I'll also be testing July 3/4 which will be 12/13 DPO. That's my usual LP length so the test should be pretty accurate (I hope!) I could hold out a day or two longer to see if AF arrives but I'd like to know on the weekend if possible because I'll be out of town that week.


Here is my chart: http://www.fertilityfriend.com/home/PrenatalCoach I'm finding the 2WW terribly difficult. It's just all consuming and it's hard to focus on anything else right now. It's funny because while I really want to be pregnant I'm still okay with getting a negative because we're at the beginning of our TTC journey. The hard part for me is NOT KNOWING. I'm not good with surprises. I just want to know (either way) so I can stop obsessing! I suppose I could test earlier but then there's a chance you'll get a negative even if you are pregnant and it's a waste of money!


I have my usual pre-menstrual spotting this month but it's a lot lighter than usual and yesterday/today I've had sore nipples which is very odd for me because they don't ever get sore. I honestly think I can just make up pregnancy symptoms with my head though ;) I didn't have any EWCM this month which is also odd so not sure what the chances are of conceiving without it!


Nice to know there are other women I can obsess with. Here's to hoping we all get BFP!





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Hi and Welcome PrenatalCoach, GL with your cycle and hopefully we can all go crazy together. This is my 10 cycle ttc due to PCOS, but it's been a little over that we had been ttc. I know what you mean about making up symptoms, so what I do is record nothing unless i really feel it. Here is my chart if it's not posted in my signature yet http://www.fertilityfriend.com/ttc/index.php.smile.gif

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Hello Ladies! Count me in. I'm 10 dpo today. If I'm strong, I'll wait until Tuesday (yes, Tuesday--if AF doesn't beat me to the punch). If I'm weak, which is much more likely, I'll test on Saturday. The only reason I won't be testing in between is because we'll be visiting friends this weekend and I'd rather test at home.


Good luck to you all.

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Welcome ladies!  So glad you have joined us. :)


7 DPO here and no symptoms.  But I remember the only symptom I had with DD was implantation spotting (but it was also during the holidays so I was more distracted).


This afternoon I am going to BRU to buy a gift for my pregnant supervisor.  Sigh.  I also hung out with friends yesterday who each have little ones - so yummy.  I am definitely ready for an addition to our family here! baby.gif

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Ack, well I just went to the bathroom and (TMI) had some EWCM.  So of course off I Google and it looks like it can happen during the 2ww (and many had BFPs after that).  That's what I found on message boards at least.  Hmmmm....  I am still testing with my CBEFM which has had me at low fertility ever since the two fertile days on CD 10 and 11.


It was a ton but it was definitely there and clear and stretchy.  Hrm...


Any experiences with this?

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no experience with it for me but i had A LOT of creamy cm when i got my bfp last April.  I'm out though ladies!!! AF found me full force this morning so i'm on CD1!! G/L to those still holding out in the wait!! I'll be checking in on you ladies!!!

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TTCmama, my CM hasn't dried up completely yet either, even though I'm sure I Oed.  I had a peak day and a temp rise, and my CM is now less and a thicker texture, but it's still clear, and normally, it would at least turn yellow-tinted.  The CBFM is pretty accurate, so I would probably trust it, but if you're having EWCM, you might as well try again just in case.  I would also keep track of your last day of EWCM so that if AF is late, and you're still not getting BFP's you have a second theory of when you might have conceived.

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Brandy, bummer!  GL with this new cycle!


JMJ, yeah, I usually have creamy CM during the 2ww but never EWCM.  But it was just that one time yesterday so far.  Well, a tiny bit today but it was more just glossy and barely stretchy.  But also barely there today - if I wasn't paying so close attention I would think I was dry, actually.  But given that I am an obsessive 2wwer...  orngbiggrin.gif


8 DPO today.  If I am still in the running on Sunday I may break down and test then.  I'll try and behave myself until then.  At the very least, I just really, really hope my LP is more than 10 days this cycle.


Hope everyone is doing well!

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Just giving our thread a little bump.


9 DPO here.  If I get through today and tomorrow with no AF or spotting I will be thrilled (that will be a longer LP).


My symptoms today can easily be AF symptoms.  Breasts heavy and I feel uterine pressure.  My cm is now ranging between dry and watery.  That's the only "off" thing since usually it's creamy all through the 2ww.


How is everyone else?

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