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cody james is here!

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After a fast labor and 4-6 pushes Cody James came into the world at 11:57 pm 6/24 at the birthing center. Things went so fast I was in denial. We arrived @ the center @ 11:30 . I pushed him out on my hands and knees and he was sucking his hand  my water didn't break until his head was delivered. Not tears or skid marks at all I feel amazing  He weighed 7.1 and is 20.5 inches long  He's perfect! He's working hard to bring my milk in. I'm going to work on a birth story when I get time.

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welcome, precious boy and congrats, mama! love.gif

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Welcome Cody! Congratulations mama!

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Welcome Cody!!!!

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Gorgeous! Congratulations ROTFLMAO.gif

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Congratulations!  Beautiful picture!

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