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Wow its been awhile!

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Its been some time since I've posted on MDC! I have been so busy with my two little boys and balancing life. I am happy to report though that things are going GREAT in my world and I have really grown so much.


I am finally on Etsy! I am finally selling my artwork "for real" and it feels so good. Also have my website that I recently "renovated". Actually going to do a TOTAL rehaul and merging of my art & events businesses. I am gradually making a name for myself locally and online. It is such a journey. What keeps me going is my commitment to my creativity. I try to make sure I'm nourishing my spirit all around, and everything else seems to fall into place. I'm getting good at creating healthy business habits and practices too. I still feel so "at the beginning" but I guess every day is a new beginning no matter what stage you are at in your business.


So I'm here to share, to give/receive support from other mamas who are creating a sustainable living for themselves. I still run my mom's health food store part-time, but I see it fading, and honestly I'm nervous because its my only (small) stable income...but its good because it will push me to really take off in my business. Some days its overwhelming thinking of all the things I "need to do" to grow my business network and to lay the foundation. One step at a time! I'm focusing on celebrating my successes!


It feels good to be back here. I'll check out the chat thread and see what everyone is up to!



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Hi Michelle,


Congratulation for your business. It always nourish my own spirit reading good story like the one you share here, thank you for sharing. I want to be inspired. I always want to have my own business too though I dont know where to start. I am lack of focus. Currently I work freelance online but having a business is my long term goal.


Success to you!

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Thank you!


For me the only way I really got motivated about my business was to really get clear about who I serve. What I have to offer, what I really enjoy doing, what energizes me, who really benefits from the value I give, who I WANT to serve, and what is the higher purpose of what I do...these are all questions I've spent some time answering, and I find the answer is constantly evolving and I have to revisit the questions often. Once I became pretty clear about what I have to offer and who I serve, then I began brainstorming all the elements of my business that I'd like to implement. I made lists of everything that would need to be done and then just began taking one step at a time. I refuse to burn myself out like I have before. I am focusing on leveraging what I've got, including my time and energy. This means I've had to take a serious look at how I value my time and energy, and charge accordingly. I've had a lot of "stuff" come up through this process, about self-worth and value...but its all been for the better.


I wish you all the best in living your own dreams! Some times it is the smallest step that causes the necessary chain reaction. ;-)

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