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All better!

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All better!  :)

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I don't think you did anything wrong. I've never retracted or washed my boys any other way then what you described doing.  Wash like a finger - never retract.  My DS 2 had swelling and discharge around 2 years old as well.  I didn't bother to take him to the doc though.  He didn't have a fever.  I just gave him a bath or two each day with baking soda in the water for 2-3 days and it cleared up on it's own.  It's never happened again and he's 4.5.  Just because it's happened once doesn't mean it will again.  I'd recommend reading this thread :



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You did everything right so no worries there you saw there was a problem and took steps to fix them ie the ER trip and you did what you could to protect him from retraction that is all you can do.

While what she did is retraction it dosnt sound as though it would cause any problems though moving the foreskin around with a possible infection isnt a good idea since it can cause it to spread he is on meds that will prevent that so I wouldnt worry about it any more.

What she said about retracting to clean is totally not true and potentially damaging as you know.

My ds was about your age when he to got a bacterial infection, I believe it was caused by a combination of him starting to have separation and him playing with it with dirty hands during a diaper change. I didnt even think about it but he had been outside playing that day so his hands where extra dirty. His was totally cleared up with oral abx and OTC bacatracin, he hasnt had a single issue since then.

The only reason that he wasnt retracted during it was because by that point I wouldnt even let the Dr. touch his penis I did all the holding. The reason for that was issues in the past I had been ignored twice when I told them not to mess with it.

Like your ds just being on the abx a short time started to make things better fast. I hope he continues to heal fast. Dont beat yourself up any more over what happened because you did what needed to be done.
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Originally Posted by 31rubies View Post
Mamas, please tell me I did something right.  I want to protect my son.  Please advise!  What can I do to prevent this infection again?

I don't know what caused the infection, but I think you could print a copy of how to care for an intact penis from a reputable website to show at any future doctor appointments. It amazes me how clueless American doctors are about.....well....a lot of things, actually.


I hope your baby feels better soon.

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Many nurses and doctors make it through medical school never seeing an intact penis.  Their anatomy books often don't illustrate the male anatomy correctly. 


She needs to be educated.  I will come back with some resources for you!

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Oh, and I meant to say, I think you did an excellent job protecting your child in the face of great ignorance!  Way to go momma!


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Someone once posted here that us mamas of intact boys need to remember that the foreskin/penis isn't going to be harmed by the slightest touch. I think when speaking of the touching of non-infants this is important to remember. Not to allow retracting of course but to perhaps sometimes allow a slight manipulation for medical care. My 11 month old will retract himself to the point I can see the tip of his glands. While I have no reason to retract him, if he had puss coming from his penis I think I'd be comfortable allowing the same level of retraction to occur so that the puss could escape.

All that said, there's no reason to mess with his penis and a swishing in warm clean water is all that's needed to clean it. I'd agree with your idea that the poopy diapers contributed to his infection.

As for anyone givng you the I Told You So...why share that he had an infection?


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Originally Posted by WaitingForKiddos View Post

As for anyone givng you the I Told You So...why share that he had an infection?


I was gonna say the same thing, and then I remembered that other people sometimes have their family members far more enmeshed in their lives than I do. What if the OP lives with relatives? Or relatives babysit frequently? They will see diaper changes on occasion, and presumably also see the obviously infected penis. A relative might have even driven the OP to the doctor.


If none of that is the case, then I would say....your child's health is nobody else's business.


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I think you are right, there is an environmental problem contributing to his infection. Let him go diaperless as much as possible for a while. At age two, he should be able to assist with retraction. Have him retract so you can rinse with clear water might help. The advantage of having him retract is that when his foreskin reaches its limit of easy retraction the pain will cause him stop before any harm is done. As a refresher, see this webpage for general washing instructions.

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