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41 weeks and waiting on HBAC. WWYD?

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I live in a place with a VBAC ban. So I hired a traveling midwife.  She arrived at 38w5d and I am now 41w0d.  Her plane to go home is on the 30th.  I thought I would have had my baby by now, but not yet.   I have been losing my mucus plug since Thursday, had a bloody show Friday and have had light contractions on and off for the past few days (about 2 hours every day).   So far I am about 2cm and the baby is at a 0 station.  FHR is great and I am feeling just fine.  In other words baby and I are as far as we know fine.  BUT since time is a factor here  and I am 5 - 7 days past my due date my midwife is getting nervous.  She would like me to have a scan to make sure something else isnt holding the baby up or keeping her from descending entirely and to check fluid, etc.   This sounds fine to me as along as we can get a dr to do one. (I could not find a dr to take me on as a patient for basic prenatal care without lying and saying I was leaving the country to give birth.)


What isnt sounding find to me is that at 42 weeks if the baby isnt here yet she thinks I should walk into the hospital and get a section.  




Is being 42 weeks reason enough to ask for a section?


(DS was a scheduled section at 38 weeks for breech so I have no idea what is a 'normal'  amount of time for me and my babies)

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Since you're dilated to 2cm with baby at 0 station, I'd try a shake consisting of the following: 2 cups ice cream, 2oz castor oil, 1 egg and blend with enough milk to thin. Drink all within 30 minutes. If no contractions within 2-3 hours, you can do another shake. This sure beats any other type of induction or cesarean! Some may have heard not to do this with a VBAC...I've assisted in several with midwives (even VBA2C) with zero complications. Good luck!

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did castor oil after the bloody show on Friday and all I got was a sore bum!  But since things are a bit more favourable today (baby at -1 now) might try again tonight.  Thanks for the suggestion!  It is appreciated.

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you could rub the castor oil on your stomach and allow it to soak in...this can trigger labor without the bathroom trips winky.gif

Also I wouldn't recommend cohosh without the go ahead and guidance of a midwife but there is a homeopathic form called caulophyllum that I have seen work. And because it is homeopathic it is completely safe and there is no risk of overdose. If you can, get the dilution 200c. Best wishes to you and please update!

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I went 42w2d with my second, he was breech and we did a homebirth. I tried castor oil twice and I will NEVER DO IT AGAIN! I did, however, do the cohoshes (30 drops of blue and black cohosh in some water, it's nasty, every 30 minutes for 3 hours PROVIDING conditions for labor are favorable) and they worked after a really good prenatal massage.My baby was born 10 hours later! I do not think going 42 weeks is reason to do a c-section and neither do many birth professionals. Some babies bake longer. You have not had a "normal" experience with labor so this time is really like your first time and it will take your body a while to get the swing of things. I know some women who go to 44 weeks. Our idea of being "due" is skewed by a dated idea. No one can be totally certain! Just relax and get a massage and if you start to feel contractions or that labor is near, do the cohoshes and hope baby comes!!!! Good luck!

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I just wanted to clarify on the castor oil. I don't recommend ever doing castor oil by itself since abdominal cramping and diarrhea is usually the only result. The shake is different in that the egg binds the castor oil to the fat in the ice cream allowing it to sit in your stomach and work with your body's natural hormones. The other way just shoots right through you!

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Your home birth midwife wants to check if there's something "wrong" causing you to not be in labor at only 41 weeks? 41 weeks is completely normal. I understand there's the stress that your midwife is planning on flying back home, but that just means there's some stressful logistics.. it does not mean that anything about your baby or your body is abnormal. It is also normal for your baby to not be engaged until labor begins. With first time moms, babies often engage prior to labor. But after carrying one baby, regardless of method of birth, your uterus is more "apple" than "pear" shaped and most babies don't engage until labor. It sounds like everything is perfect and your body is normal. Is there any chance your midwife can reschedule her flight back home to give you a little more time, and take some pressure off? Are you 100% sure of your dates? Were you charting? if you don't ovulate on exactly day 14 of your cycle, then using LMP to calculate EDD will not be accurate. If your cycles tend to be longer, you might not be as far along as you think. And.. when someone is trying to tell you to walk into a hospital for surgery at 42 weeks on the nose, even 1 or 2 days off makes a big difference. Why does your midwife want you to have a cesarean at 42 weeks? Is she afraid of risks going past that date? Is it because she wants to fly home on time? 

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we found a great doc and had a scan to check on placenta, amniotic fluid etc and everything was great.  We had a listen to the baby and heart rate was just fine and spent most of the time listening to her hiccup.  Of course the dr advised a section right away, but also said I was welcome to come back at 42 weeks to have another check on everything.  Midwifes ticket has been changed so we have another week.....so with that all happening today had some great contractions throughout the night only to have them all fizzle out.  I swear she is never going to come out. 

Because I am a VBAC anything past 41 weeks makes most people nervous and in Japan going past 41 weeks is unheard of (automatic induction for non VBACs).  Just so frustrated with the doom and gloom again.  First time my baby was not going to be ok because he was breech - so the section.  Now my baby might not be ok because of being 'overdue'.  (I do chart so the margin of error here is about two days)  Do you want a dead baby or a csection?  I am so sick of hearing that.

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Great to hear! So baby is doing well, you're doing well, your midwife has another week. even contractions that fizzle out are doing something. Maybe effacing your cervix. Maybe helping baby line up in the perfect position for labor. Women's bodies work the same in Japan as they do the rest of the world. Lots of women gestate past 41 weeks and then go into spontaneous labor and birth healthy babies. You will too. Your body is getting ready for labor. Your baby will be here soon!

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