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trying to conceive

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Dh and I are trying to get pregnant. I was wondering if if you can tell me somethings that will help me get pregnant (and with a healthy baby of course).


Thank you!

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I'm not feeling that you need any help per say. What I am really hearing is lots of sex wink1.gif. Which can be contraindicated when trying to conceive in the sense of allowing sperm build up etc. But for y'all, that is what I am hearing. But mind you this is not just "sex to get pregnant" kind of sex. This is connecting together to unite and create an electricity that allows a spirit to enter your energy field. It's a magical and powerful moment when that happens. So don't get stuck in the "TRYING".  As my friend Patti Conklin always says: Trying means future tense, as in not currently happening. Move from "trying" mind frame to connecting to the spirit that wants to join your family. Do this through beautiful, orgasm achieving connection sex.


I don't for see any problems.

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