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Any fit mamas out there?

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Hi all! I am a bit shocked to be here as I was expecting it to take a long time to get pregnant. I'm nursing my almost 2 year old whilst also training for a half ironman so I thought my fertility would be compromised so a big surprise to be pregnant the first month, but it does mean I'm missing my race. This doesn't matter in the long term, of course, but I am a little disappointed not to be doing it since I've been training for a long time... Being pregnant is MUCH better, though!


Are any of you planning on working out through your pregnancy? I did with my first though I was not doing tris then and mostly kept to the gym as I could no longer bike outside or row. We have a really motivating keeping fit thread when I was last pregnant so I'm hoping there are some others out there... runners, walkers, lifters, cyclists, and in fact anything slightly physical counts :)


I was very sick last time around and even though I am barely pregnant (12 DPO) I already feel queasy and yuck so this might be a challenge. I am about to try and run. I ran 12 miles on Saturday before I got a positive and now I realise why the run was so dreadful. Time to dial it back a bit but I'm hoping to run as long as is possible, bike outside for the next couple of months (until a fall would become dangerous to the baby), swim throughout, and probably add in some gym work as the weather gets colder.


Right.. watch me sit on the couch for the next 3 months! wink1.gif


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I'm a runner. As a kid I had exercise induced athsma, after my son it magically disapeared! Iwas thinking of doing a 10K this summer but hesitated signing up because we've been ttc a while. I love running, only problem is, I've had 2 miscarriages and also bled with my son. I've been terrified with this pregnancy, so I'm too paranoid to run, have sex, etc. I'm sure in a few weeks I'll start again though!

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I'm really active, but my favorite forms of excersise are the circus arts. I stopped completely when it came time to ttc. I really miss it, but it just doesn't seem safe to me. I've been looking into aerial yoga though. I feel like I need to talk to someone specifically about what types of excersize to do and which to avoid.

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I don't *love* most forms of exercise, but I was out of shape with DD1's pregnancy and in shape for DD2's and it was such a HUGE difference!  I'm definitely sticking with exercise this time!!!  I worked out for about 2 months in preparation for getting pregnant and in the meantime discovered yoga and I gotta say, I am in love!!!!  I have such crappy circulation and digestion that gets even worse while pregnant... I wonder why nobody suggested this before!  It feels fantastic! 


I am basically confined to indoor exercise here, especially during the summer, due to air conditions (we live close to the freeway and near the fire zones in california).  I'm always jealous of you girls who have cool places to run and bike and hike!  Maybe someday.  :)


Any recommendations for good prenatal yoga videos? 


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I'm an active mama! I'm a runner and I lift weights a couple of times a week though I wouldn't call myself a lifter. I didn't do a very good job about exercising during my last pregnancy but I'm really hoping I can keep up with my exercising routine this time. And I'd also like to add some swimming and yoga in as I get farther along. I need you ladies to keep me accountable!!

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Great to see so many of you here already! I honestly don't know if this pregnancy is going to stick but I'm going to start a fit mama's check in so we can support each other.


Dandy - can you tell me more about circus arts? That sounds super interesting.


Jane, I did use a good prenatal yoga DVD last time around. I'll dig it out and get back to you with the name.



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I definitely want to exercise with my pregnancy.  I walk all over town and do yoga and pilates in my house.  I was thinking about finding a prenatal yoga class around here and swimming too.  I am a bit concerned about doing too much in the first trimester, so I may just stick to my walks and maybe some light weight lifting.  I don't know - is anyone else concerned with this or am I just crazy.  I have been having cramping too, but I figure it is because it is my third pregnancy and I know cramping gets worse with each pregnancy - I have not had any bleeding or anything else abnormal.  I am excited to hear what works for everyone.  With two other kids, I definitely want to keep my energy up with this pregnancy.

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HI Frenchie2, well, I have cut way back (I was training for a half ironman taking place this September), but I have read James Clapp's book 'Exercising Through Pregnancy', and it seems like that as long as you're not working out to the maximum (i.e. competitively) you can pretty much carry on with your usual routine. My Dr. said the same thing, though she did seem to agree that cutting the intensity and even duration was probably a good thing in my case. The biggest thing to watch out for is your core temperature, which doesn't want to get too high.


There was a large study done which seemed to show an increase in m/c for women who exercised a lot before 18 weeks (no difference after that time). However, it was a retrospective study and the women were not asked about their levels of nausea, caffeine use, etc. The authors caution that whilst there is an association, it might be that women who exercised more simply had less nausea and were able to work out, and that the lack of nausea had more to do with increased risk. The risk rose by 10% for women exercising more than 90 minutes a week, and over 200% for women who exercised over 7 hours.


So.... with all this conflicting info I am going to err on the side of caution but there are so many positives relating to exercise that I'm going to try as long as possible to keep going. My guess is that in a couple of weeks, if this pregnancy is anything like my last, I won't be able to do much until into the second trimester.

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Thanks Zubeldia!  All the conflicting info drives me crazy.  Yesterday I did some yoga and felt guilty about it - I have done yoga for awhile now, so it should be okay but I still felt unsettled by it.   It is supposed to be really hot here and looks a bit stormy, so I don't know if we will get outside much for a walk.  So I did a 2 mile walk with Leslie Sansome online. The workout was good and was beyond just walking in place for 30 minutes, which is what I had pictured.  I am only 3 weeks, but I already feel my body needing to relax more.  My other pregnancies were like this too- if I get in any horizontal position for longer than 10 minutes, I am in a deep sleep.

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