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Dusting ... in serious need of help, educate me PLEASE

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I keep on buying stuff (disposable dusters, non disposable dusters, different colors and textures of cloths, various sprays ....)


thinking it will help me to finally get my act together and DUST

.... and I never or rarely do


I see the dust

I know I should do something about it

but I just feel like someone who has 2 feet and has totally forgotten how to walk

(how to get the brain to get the nerves to the muscles to move the legs to move the feet ....)


if someone was kind enough to give me VERY detailed step by step instructions about dusting

I would be very grateful ...


I've improved my other routines regarding housework by lurking here for months

but dusting is resisting ....


many thanks in advance

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I don't  put that much through into it, I just wipe down surfaces in whatever room I am cleaning at the time.  Once you add it to the routine it's something you don't really think about. 


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I just use a damp cloth to dust. And I either do it as I'm cleaning each room, or I get the kids to do it. Depends on the age of the kids.
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Just go to the cleaning supplies section at your local store and look for the microfiber dust cloths. I use them dry or maybe just a teensy bit damp. Work fab. You can wash them. Depending on how large your place is you might find that 4-5 are good to have.

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I use a damp cloth, or sometimes a little vinegar if there are things that need to be scrubbed off (rings from drinks etc). I pick up everything and dust under it, then dust the item before placing it back in its place. So, if I'm dusting a shelf, I'll start on one side, pickup and dust under whatever is on the shelf then dust the item before placing it back, and work from one side to another. Or I'll just take everything off, wipe down the shelf, then wipe down everything before putting it back. I don't like dusting "products" because a lot of them just move the dust around and if you aren't picking things up to dust under and around them, its still not that clean.

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I give my kids some of my husband's socks (to slide their hands in) and a spray bottle of water. They have loads of fun.

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i have an electrostatic duster for doing ceilings, corners, etc (we get spider webs and such where I can't reach), and microfiber dust cloths for everywhere else.


I do the whole house on vac/dust day -- which is once a week. 

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ooooh I like this idea-they love to dust with a damp cloth, but I think they would really enjoy this :) OP, I just use a rag spritzed with vinegar spray.  I don't have many shelves, knicknacks, etc., but I do have to wipe down the baseboards, undersides of tables, etc. I also use the vacuum extension thingie to suck any spiderwebs from corners etc.. 

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I give my kids some of my husband's socks (to slide their hands in) and a spray bottle of water. They have loads of fun.


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I do the dusting with either just a damp cloth/sponge, or a slightly dampened microfibre cloth, whatever I can lay my hands on.


I do the dusting in sections, according to my 'motivated moms' chores.  I do the kids rooms (three rooms) in one day, I do the master bedroom another day, and the downstairs living areas on another day.

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I use an old cloth diaper for flat surfaces and a feather duster for upright ones. I dust, then run the vacuum... every week.
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op here, thank you all for your advice

am going to read and re-read it all several times a day

maybe it will finally sink in ....

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they make a microfiber duster like the disposable ones. Just take off the head, throw it in the wash. Very handy for quick wipes/swipes of surfaces. I have two I use for reaching areas that are tricky with a cloth.


I also recommend the damp dust method, since it actually wipes up the dust rather than spreading it around. You can add mint to your spray bottle for a nice refreshing scent.

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I don't dust, yet. But I think I will start because I have started wearing an apron - I like costumes! - and I just realized I could have a duster in the apron pocket. Apron pocket is also super for the odd safety pin, receipt, etc that need to go somewhere but would ruin my cleaning rhythm if I stop to do it in the moment. Before the apron comes off, the pocket gets emptied of all dreck. So, just reading your thread because I can't manage my own dust, and realized I could perhaps just accessorize my costume...

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I fill a bucket with warm water and 3 drops each of lavender essential oil and tea tree oil, then dust with a washcloth. It makes it a sensually pleasing chore because of the lovely fresh smell that fills the house! In fact I think I'll dust today.smile.gif
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I may be wrong, but I feel as if I'm sensing possible perfectionism here. I would say that there are very few _wrong_ ways to dust, and that if you follow one of the wrong ways, the consequences are so small as to be essentially nonexistent anyway. 
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good point Crayfish !

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It also might be helpful to de-clutter some.  The less stuff I have, the less I have to dust.  Dusting is easy though, a microfiber towel, dish towel, even a paper towel can work in a bind.  

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Originally Posted by IsaFrench View Post

good point Crayfish !

She so smart isn't she? Such a boon to this forum. Thank you for everything Cray! I value your sharp insights. 

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I run a small cleaning business and clean homes and businesses.

I reccomend microfiber cloths but buy them in the car department they are much cheaper and the same thing!!

For your first deep cleaning


1. Pick up all objects off of all surfaces....

2. Wipe down all objects with a damp microfiber cloth as you take them off- if you need to use q- tips or small car detailing or paint brushes to get into small cracks and crevices( or throw out or donate those items ;) )

3. Wipe down the surface.

4. Replace the objects you are deciding to keep and display nicely.

5. move to next area.


I do use swiffer disposable dusters some and do like them....( guilty pleasure)

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Ask a good friend to help you.

Maybe she does not like to cook or do something in the garden and you can then do this to help her.



I nealy always find I have so much more energy if I am not alone with those tasks that I don´t like.

When I have a little chat and coffee and cake afterwards ;-) it feels so much easier.



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