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Acupunture Before Birth

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So I went to an acupuncturist a for a little dizzy situation I had a few weeks ago and everything turned out great.  He did suggest going back once a week for the last 4 weeks to help prepare for the birth.  We are having a home waterbirth and doing hypnobabies so this type of this is right our alley.  However I would rather not spend the out of pocket expence if its not really worth it.  What do you think?

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If you're concerned about issues during the birth, particularly malpositioning, then I would recommend returning.  But if baby is in a good position and you're feeling great why mess with it and spend the money?  I was going twice a week for nausea and I reached a point where I felt good.  I kept going back thinking it was maintaining where I was, but I started to feel worse and worse.  The practitioner was confused and said it shouldn't make things worse, but it did.  Once I stopped going I got back to a better place and maintained with no more sessions.  I really think you reach a balance and messing with it can change things in either direction.  But that's just my experience I know others that LOVE acupuncture.  I do not and will only go if I see an obvious benefit to outweigh the discomfort.  Apparently I am "chi sensitive."  LOL!

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I am currently seeing an acupuncturist.  I'm in my 39th week.  Last pregnancy, I went to 42 weeks, labored for 3 days and ended up with a c-section.  I now suspect that the baby was posterior, or otherwise malpositioned, which was why she didn't come out as she had plenty of opportunity during my 3 day stay at a birth center.  So my midwife recommended I start seeing the acupuncturist a little earlier than I did last time.  So far I've been 3 times, and I feel like he's definitely dropped down a bit, although I haven't felt any other changes.  I've asked the acupuncturist to help me with the "overdue" situation as I think that will definitely help my state of mind if I don't have to be pregnant all the way to 42 weeks again.  I guess I will know soon enough if it is helping or not.  This baby seems to be positioned differently than my daughter was, so hopefully that will help too.  Just thought I'd add my experience for the OP or anyone else considering acupuncture.

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