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My shopping list is nearing completion. I decided to turn it into a registry at amazon while I was at it. They give a 10% discount in the end to complete your purchases, so why not. Also, you can register for things at other stores which is handy. So far I need to be putting $216 into the baby account each month + funding our HSA to pay for the midwife. I haven't selected any clothing though because I think I'll ask for clothing as shower gifts (because I'll have at least 3 knowing my husband's family), and I'd rather pick it up in stores when it's on sale.


As far as getting crafty... I'm doing a lot less this time than with my daughter. I sewed all of her bedding, curtains, decorations, and some clothes. I enjoyed it, but I just don't have the time this go around. I've started planning the playroom though. Since the baby will be sharing a room with my daughter, I want to get all of the toys out and just make it a sleeping place. I have priced out everything for bedroom decorating too, but we'll get to that after the playroom.

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The farthest I have gotten is getting some maternity clothes out of storage, and ordering some. I've been to store after store, and for some reason, they have almost no maternity selection now. I tried Kohl's, Target, Walmart, Old Navy...and they all barely have anything. (Especially in a size 20 - GRR!) I ended up having to order shorts from Old Navy, and I REALLY hope they fit. Right now I've only got some maternity gauchos and a few capris that I can squeeze into.

I started a registry, though. It is more to keep track of what we need at this point than for people to buy from.
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I stopped by the clinic on base to pick up a paperwork packet the same day I found out I was pregnant (Tuesday). Yesterday I turned in the packet and got an appointment for a dating ultrasound, since I wasn't having a cycle when I got pregnant and have only a rough idea on how far along I am. I jumped on this quickly because the earlier the ultrasound the more precise it is, and my homebirth midwives can only catch at home until 42 weeks, thus why I need an accurate date. Other than that, the only things I will need this time is an extra dozen diapers, an Ergo, and girl clothes if it's a girl. 

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Mostly just getting my research;) I have been compiling a list. My clothes from my jan 09 baby are all yellow and green. So that is nice but this baby will be born to warmer weather:) We will get to buy a few things yet! I also want a cosleeper and a I need a new infant carrier:)

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Littlestinkers - http://www.amazon.com/Swim-Center-Ocean-Reef-Pool/dp/B00005OARQ/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1311368440&sr=8-1 .... here's the fishy pool, but Holy Pricejack!  It was $30 when I bought it last month. Lame!  Maybe you can find it cheaper elsewhere.


I'm jealous of you planning little wool soakers for your babies!  I've always wanted to use them, but I'm allergic to wool... or at least to all wool yarns I've ever felt.  Oh well, I have some cute PUL covers planned.  I can whip out 6-8 in an day whereas I'd be probably a week on a single pair of shorties if I didn't do much else.  :) 


I do have some knitting projects planned though... a sleep sack or two, some hats and mittens for both genders, and I'm about 3/4 finished with their baby blanket.  :)


I'm TRYING to focus my mind on making waldorf dolls though... I mostly want to do nothing, but I'm supposed to be paying the midwife with my doll sales and I haven't finished a single one since my BFP.  Urgh!

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Jealous of you being able to pay your midwife with stuff you make.... I wish I could do that...

I will watch that pool and see if the price goes down...
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