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Fit mama's check in!

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Tell me what you're doing, fit mamas - or in fact, any mama who is trying to stay active whilst pregnant! I was in the middle of training for a half ironman and I'm keen to keep up with some fitness. My Dr last time, and all the good research I've read, suggests that you can continue to exercise as you were before pregnancy but that you shouldn't increase (unless you're beginning an exercise program). I don't feel comfortable doing the intense interval work I was doing or the 60 mile plus bike rides, especially when it's hot, but I'm going to try and carry on running, biking and swimming for as long as is safe.


I know that last time I was pregnant it really helped to have a check in thread.


So... yesterday I ran 5 miles in the morning, walked a mile home from the store, and a couple of miles on a family dog walk in the evening. I'm hoping to get out for a bike ride today, but time might not allow it.



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I am really trying to stay active this pregnancy.  Last time I just was a LAZY BUM!  :D  


I had a some bleeding yesterday, so I was totally too freaked out to any of my usual jogging.  So I took an hour long powerwalk yesterday with an old friend and today with my mom.  Hoping to keep up the good work on this end and maybe attempt my usual jogging in the next few days or so.

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So sorry about the bleeding.. are you feeling better now? And nice power walking.


I chatted with my Dr. in email today about what I should/should not do. We agreed that I would tone down the intensity and also cut short some of my usual long workouts. I don't expect to do much if/when the nausea starts up. I was a slug for the first trimester last time around!


Today I did a nice quick 18 mile bike ride - and then walked a couple of miles with the pups with DH and DS.

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I am feeling much better about the bleeding.  I had a bit during my previous pregnancies, but never accompanied by the intense cramps I was feeling.  The cramps have subsided and so has the bleeding! :) So all is good.


I might try to hop on my bike tomorrow (as I have a walk planned for today).  Biking is not my favorite (although it used to be) but I think it is because I lived without biking for quite a few years after my bike was stolen!!!  I am hoping once I work those muscles more, it will become easier for me.

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I did a weights workout yesterday at the gym. And I have to say it was hard! Harder than it should have been. I can tell that my body is working overtime winky.gif


I'm hoping to get a run in today and another workout at the gym tomorrow but my dad and his girlfriend and coming in town tomorrow and I have a million things to do so we'll see...


Btw, is anyone else out there starving all the time?


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My walk was cut short today due to DD1's random tantrum.  DH called me about halfway into my routine and I came home to help with the 1 yo.  So... I think I will try to go for a walk/jog tomorrow with the girls in the stroller to avoid having to do that again!


I am not really hungry.  I am already feeling the queasiness settle in and practically have to force myself to eat...  I HAVE to eat, right?  I know I do, especially considering I am still nursing 'the baby.'  (It will be weird to not call her that any more!)

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Fly Girl, my runs have definitely felt much harder despite running much slower!


Jodie, same here on the appetite. Before I knew i was pregnant I was actually STARVING but now that's turned into a general distaste for most things. I still haven't gotten over my aversions last time around. I'm also still nursing my almost 2 year old, who honestly nurses like a newborn!


he was up a lot in the night (2 year molars). It's not so bad as we co-sleep but I woke up exhausted so I missed my chance to hit the pool. Frankly I am EXHAUSTED and now I am about to force myself to walk the dogs with DS and DH. Tomorrow I hope to run and maybe even swim since DS is in nursery.

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A really nice morning run. 5 slowish miles in the morning sunshine. I felt queasy before I left, had half a gel and a bit of energy bar, but felt actually much better when I returned. I also walked up most of the steep inclines to keep my body from feeling as though it was doing too much work.

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You ladies are so inspiring.  joy.gifI was only able to make it 2 1/2 miles with the girls before stopping!  This time it was because of my tiredness and not a tantrum.  wild.gif (<-- Me after walk that was supposed to be a jog...lol.) I am gonna try again later...either after naptime or after dinner.

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Zubeldia, You have given me the great idea to start up swimming again!  I did that during my first pregnancy and it was great.  I am going to do that starting a few weeks from now (Next week we are going on vacation in Amish Country, OH!!!!4 days and 3 nights of as much relaxation as possible.  And it couldn't have been timed better!).  The hubby has agreed that this is a brilliant idea! I will probably try to do it in the evening after dinner while he plays with the girls.  Thanks!

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Jodie, I hope you're doing okay... If things work out for you I think that swimming would be a great idea. It's my worst triathlon sport and this will be a good opportunity for me to work on it when I can no longer ride outside. Today a quick almost 15 miles. I just wasn't feeling it so I came home after 45 minutes. Hoping for a nice long family run in the morning on a nearby trail... there's a lovely pond at the end which we go swimming in afterward. Bliss!

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A nice 5 mile run with DH and DS this morning, thankfully DH pushed DS all the way! I was a bit nauseous before going out but it felt fine when running.... A walk with the pups later, though I am pretty tired after chasing DS around at the beach all afternoon.

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Another nice family run with DH pushing the stroller the entire way! usually we switch every half mile so it's a treat not to have to push :) 6 slow miles with plenty of water stops as it was getting pretty steamy. I actually felt pretty decent.



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I'm getting the itch to run. Watching people do sports on TV... makes me miss the adrenaline/runner's high. I'm too scared though! I spotted after sex. I'm nervous I'll jar the baby loose lol.

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LOL, I hear you! I did have that same thought! I have cut down my training by half and I am going super slow but I, too feel a bit nervous. I'll integrate more swimming soon, too, which will be less nerve-wracking, I think. My friend ran, and came third, in a state championship marathon when she was 7 weeks pregnant... she didn't know she was pregnant!!

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Lol, that's funny.

I've barely been running at all, pretty much since my last AF. In every bit of spare time I've been scrapbooking.  ...I'm a bit addicted to scrapbooking. I guess you don't realize what you got til it's gone lol. Now that I can't run I want to. I think I'm gonna ease into it again with sort of walk/run intervals.

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Well, my dad was in town for a long weekend so I didn't get any running in. I did have a pretty good uphill hike on Saturday so I guess that counts for something. But I was back in the gym today. Did some uphill sprints on the treadmill and weight training.

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Hi ladies! 


I'm an "aspiring" fit mama, lol.  I still had like 15 lbs from DS before we got pregnant this time that I wanted to lose, and DH had even more to lose, so we started the Couch to 5K program together.  He's quit now (roll eyes) but I'm in week 9.  :D  I get a side stitch nearly every time, but I've found that I can tie one of my baby wraps in a knot, then tie the wrap around myself so the knot puts pressure where a stitch would be, and that prevents it.  I run barefoot, back and forth inside our apartment, while watching TV.  :p  (With DH's schedule and the lack of a jogging stroller there's really no way for me to go outside, plus it's hot, lol.)  And I am also exhausted!  In the 30-minute run, I have to stop and walk for about 5-10 seconds about 6-7 times.  I'm going to try to finish out this week, and then do two more weeks and see if I get acclimated to running (i.e. can do the whole run without having to stop), and if not, then I'll re-evaluate and see if I want to continue doing the stop/start runs or just switch to walking.  I'm hoping I can keep running at least for a little while.

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wow to the running mamas!  I did my first 10K last April and was hoping to keep it up, but the heat of summer in VA is just too much for me, and I don't like treadmills, so I'm a slacker.  I jogged slowly for 20 minutes early this morning.  This is a surprise pregnancy, I'm 40 and had really hoped to start working out more intensely and losing 15 pounds. So now, I'm 15 lbs above my pre-preg. weight for all 3 boys, and I know this sounds bad, but I really don't want to gain as much this time around.  I plan to stay active and do prenatal yoga as well.

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Harmony, I have regular breaks in my runs now so I can bring down my body temperature and get some added rest. Nice work, mama!


3surfboys, honestly I don't think that sounds bad! I think it is easier to recover from labour when you're feeling fitter!


Well, I didn't do anything yesterday, I was just too tired. I did run 5 miles this morning and walked an additional mile home (I didn't want to run up the hill!!) I attempted to walk the dogs with DS but a storm was heading in so we hurried home after half a mile! It's looking ominous out there now!


It's DS's birthday tomorrow so we may go on a family run in the morning or a family ride.. he's turning 2!

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