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Yes, it would definitely get better with more riding :) The soft tissue is really tender! You could use chamois butter on your skin which would also help!

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Originally Posted by StacieM View Post

Yep it's the bruised feeling lol


It would probably go away if I did it more.  I was just wondering if a good seat would also help.  Thanks ladies!

Yeah, a softer seat would probably help, but those cloth-like seats are a huge disadvantage if you ever lock it up somewhere and it happens to rain.  Then when you come back out to ride home, the seat is soaked.  You can also get removable gel seat covers that could be taken inside with you.  I would not recommend the seats with springs.  My dad used to have a seat like that, and it felt like the seat springs were eating up all my pedal power.    


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Gah, I have hurt my achilles... i think the ligaments being a little looser has wrecked some havoc. No running for me for a bit but I'm going to hop on my bike for a morning spin before the rain comes...



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I did get a nice almost 18 miles on my bike, though. I am almost a mile an hour slower at the same exertion level ALREADY! lol

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Originally Posted by jannamo View Post

I found out this week that I'm pregnant with my first!  I do CrossFit 3x a week which I'm very much hoping to keep doing for as long as can, albeit with some modifications as needed.  I'd love to stay fit, but lifting weights and doing hard workouts is so great for my emotional health, that I'd suffer if I had to give it up.

Anyone else do heavier weightlifting while pregnant?  I saw an FAQ on another pregnancy site recommending not to lift more than 5-12 lbs. while pregnant.  Ridiculous!  


Anyway, today's day 34 and the first day I've felt tired (profoundly exhausted, actually), hoping this passes and doesn't set in for a while.  :)


J Marie

I have a friend who does CrossFit and it continuing it through her pregnancy with modifications. I think it is totally doable. I also lift weights and plan on keeping that up through my pregnancy. I know that at some point my running will turn to walking but I plan on keeping up the weight lifting. Just listen to your body and you'll know when you need to ease it up.


I ran 4 miles today. It was hard because I got a cramp in my side every time I went down a hill and there are a lot of hills in San Diego.


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Thanks Fly Girl, I'm looking forward to this fit pregnancy adventure, this is my first, so I have no idea what it's going to be like!  So far my CrossFit workouts have felt great.  There's certain workouts that push the edge of feeling like too much, so I'm just slowing down a little, like giving 90% instead of 95%, which seems right for this stage.


Can I just keep running as long as it feels OK, or is there some point at which running should stop? 



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Jannamo, no need to stop running unless there is a good reason (poor baby growth, for example), or you're just too uncomfortable.


Terrible week for me. I have hurt my foot quite badly (achilles) and I have been terrified since my last ultrasound that something is awry and I don't want to do *anything* that could remotely have an impact. If my next scan is reassuring I'll be back to my usual workouts.. until then just walking, maybe some cycling, and perhaps some swimming.


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Originally Posted by jannamo View Post

Can I just keep running as long as it feels OK, or is there some point at which running should stop? 



I agree with zubeldia, there is no need to stop running unless you are having some complications in your pregnancy. For me, in my 3rd trimester, my pelvis starts feeling all loose and wonky when I run so I usually switch to walking then, but if you're feeling okay then keep at it!


I told my trainer that I am pregnant but he just said cool and gave me a great workout! Going on a run this afternoon before we take DD1 to the circus. She is going to LOVE it!!


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Oh so excited to see that there are active mommas here!! Since we bought our house in 2005 I have walked this two mile loop with the kiddos. I also do about a half hour of pilates, or aerobics, or weights in the morning. Not really in any order, just what I feel like that morning. We will be pregnant in the winter and that will slow down my activities. I do my walks with a 10mo old, two two year olds, 6 and 9 year olds:) I really must get out of the house with them every day or they act like little monsters. So excited to have a group of mommas trying keep activity up:)

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I have a question. Is anyone in this group trying to get active again after bleedign? I'm itching to run but I'm scared. I've also had 2 losses and bled with my DS as well. Early pregnancy is scary for me.

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I should add, I bled after sex at 5 weeks, it eased off, then had a bunch more 2 days later, which eased off again. I'm now 7 weeks.

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I am not as fit as most of you here, that much running and biking makes me feel all lazy, but I poledance and do yoga. Sometimes I go and do zumba. I would like to add deep water exercise in a little bit. My yoga teacher gave me the okay to continue as long as I want to and I can poledance until around 12-14 weeks, then usually it gets uncomfortable:)

I had severe psd with my dd, so hopefully I ca exercise all the way through. I couldn't even walk after 30 weeks last time. WE will see

bcblondie, i don't know. I would keep it slow and walk a lot. If there is no more bleeding, you can always step it up again.

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Yeah I'd def go into it easy. But I've read so much about not upping your milage. So it scares me to get back into it.. My milage was never too high to begin with lol. I'm a new runner. (had athsma before DS)

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bcblondie, I would honestly be a little cautious right now... but only temporarily. There is NO evidence that exercise or rest have an impact on loss, but there is one study which does make a correlation. BUT, I think that in a few weeks you should feel much more confident to get back into high impact exercise... You can increase your training slowly even when pregnant, though, so I am pretty sure you can get back to some running during the second trimester.


I am definitely not an expert, though!!!  For me, I am taking things easier until my next scan this week.... It helps that I have got achilles tendonitis, at the moment!


Great to see more fit mamas here. I have just been walking and swimming at the lack with DS and DH. Hopefully I'll get back to some biking/proper swimming tomorrow. I have just switched my half ironman entry from this September to next September so I have to keep in some sort of shape! those entries are very spendy and I don't want to lose close to $300!!



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Well today I did my wii for 20 min and weighed in. It says I gained 2lbs. That is most certainly NOT baby! LOL


I also took the kids to the beach. When we got home two were sleeping, so I mowed the yard. That took about an hour:) Then I took a swim until they woke:) My DH will be pleased that his procrastinating led to not having to do it at all eyesroll.gif

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Hi! I'm new to the boards, but I have a EDD of March 28th, 2012 (so I'm super early!), but I was wondering about exercise during this beginning stage...I've had some spotting so I was told to refrain from strenuous activity and I'm going crazy!!

I've been doing Body Pump twice/week and Zumba once/week, in addition to a sand volleyball league...I can understand how the volleyball is out!

It's been almost a week since I've worked out and I'm ready to go back to the gym!

Has anyone been in a similar situation? Did you return to exercise when the spotting ceases?

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Welcome, Sannez!


No spotting here, but I did have a viability scan that made me nervous so decided to tone things down at least until my next scan. I am going crazy, too!! There is no evidence that 'rest' helps but, you know, part of me just wants to be as low-risk as possible. My guess is that when things look more positive (for you i would guess that would mean no bleeding), I think it would be just fine to get back to exercise. With my DS I was too sick to workout from weeks 7-13, but after that (though still sick) I worked out at least 5 times a week with cardio and weights. I felt super going into the birth.

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Thank you, Zubeldia !!! I'm excited to be a part of something where I can actually talk (write!) about all my questions/concerns, since we're still not telling people!!

I have my first u/s scheduled for 8/1. The nurse I spoke with did ask me to be on "pelvic rest" until that time (because of the previous spotting) so maybe after that I will be able to start working out again! I can only hope!!

When you were working out with weights, did you lift the same as before or did you reduce the amount?

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hi Sannez! I am an endurance athlete (I do tris) so although I do lift sometimes I dont' lift very heavy!! When I was pregnant with DS I just went by how I felt, so if I felt really great I lifted a little heavier. I don't expect that I added lean muscle but I am pretty sure that it helped at least maintain my puny arms lol.gif


It's great to have you here!

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Walked today and did aerobics this morning:) Stayed out of the treats too!

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