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I'm going to start (brisk) walking tomorrow along with yoga...

As long as the spotting doesn't come back, I think I will return to the gym next week for some light cardio!!!! Can't wait!!

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Hey! I'm thinking about joining you guys. I've never been a "fit mom" during a pregnancy before, but I'm tired of that lifestyle. I had been walking a few miles a day with the kids this spring, then eased up when the heat came. Now, I've managed to incorporate a 7:30/8:00pm walk with the kids after their bathtime the last few nights. It seems to relax them, and I feel better about myself.


DS1 asked me today if I had a baby in my tummy. I asked why he thought I might and he said, "because your tummy is so much bigger!" Thanks, kiddo! At 5wks pg it's all bloat and chub, and not baby!

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I signed up for the company 5k today! Hopefully it'll get me motivated to use the treadmill at home so I don't embarrass myself too much ;)

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I'd love to jump in here.


I am very NEWLY pregnant with my second.  Due date 3/30.  Cautiously optimistic ;-)  Im 32.  My son is 2.


I was not very active during my first pregnancy - and in the last year I've really gotten into running/tris.  Started with Couch 2 5k last winter and then jumped into a half marathon training.  Completed a half in March (with an injury which SUCKED! but at least i still did it), with a respectable time - and needed a break from all the miles.  Got into sprint Triathlons and have been totally hooked.  My husband is training for his first Iron in October - we are an active family.


Did my 3rd one last weekend (whilst pregnant, DOH) and placed 3rd in my AG.  woot!  It was awesome.


Am really hoping to continue cross training for as long as im able.  Tried to run last night and only managed 3 miles (with a 400 swim at the pool in the middle ;-)  Pace was terrible (about 30 second slower than im used to) and i felt not so hot.  


I think I really  need to shift gears and learn how to run just to run, not for speed.  


The swimming is AWESOME though!  will love that i can do that throughout...

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