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36 weeks pregnant and need good alternative vax resources.

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Hi everyone, I have been lurking around in this forum on and off for awhile now. I have known since I got pregnant that I didn't want to fully vaccinate my baby. Both of my boys are pretty much fully vaccinated. At the time I was young, ignorant and thought it was an all or nothing kind of thing.


With this pregnancy I have found a new health care provider for my children who happens to be a pediatric nurse practitioner and is very supportive of not vaxing and selective vax. So, for that part I feel fortunate. After talking to her about it, she recommended the Dr. Sears schedule. I think that is great, but I don't just want to blindly follow something without finding out more information for myself.


Anyhow, I have been on this board reading for awhile and have done some googling, but mostly I am really overwhelmed by the vast amount of information on the subject. I am wondering if anyone has suggestions for good straightforward resources on the subject?

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^^ Ditto! ^^


Don't have any advice for you, but just wanted to commiserate! I'm looking forward to see what responses you get about resources.


I just spent about 5 hours reading the entire "How Do You Decide?" archived thread here on mothering.com (22 pages!) and I am soooo overwhelmed.  (I was also struck by the curious lack of links to or cites of real, honest-to-goodness, legit sources... majority was just logic, feelings, opinions, etc.)


And OMG-- Google?-- don't even get me started!!  faint.gif 


I'm fairly new to the whole natural living thing and I had no idea there was such ENORMOUS animosity and conflict between the "scientific" and "natural" approaches to healthcare, for the most part.  (I know, naive, right? ROTFLMAO.gif ha.)  Most of the "alternative" decisions I've made so far were easy, as I felt they were common sense and had no downside (midwifery care, co-sleeping and no-circ, for example).


I'm due with my 1st in the next week or two and remembered the other day that I still needed to make some decisions about vaccination.  Like you, I've always known I wanted to at least delay/selectively vax but wasn't sure how I'd go about it.  I ordered Dr. Sears' Vaccine Book two days ago; hopefully that will help.


What the heck does a person do when there is such clear, intelligent, persuasive thoughts on both sides of an argument?  I know it might be hard for those firmly entrenched in their belief to consider that the other side has a good argument, but from my current viewpoint, both sides seem pretty darn legitimate.


Also, I have a fairly vaccine-flexible pediatrician, but when does one typically start being pressured about vaccinations?  Do the docs start them right away when the baby is born or when the baby is 2 months, etc.?  


Yeah, I obviously need to educate myself some more... 



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Hi ladies,

I wish I had known as much as you already know when I first entered parenthood 12 years ago. Thank goodness consciousness keeps rising, you are already at an advantage that I could have only dreamed about back then. My advice to you is don't be afraid to dig deep! There is always more information beneath the surface. Whatever you decide to do in the end, just make sure you do so with a unified heart and mind.

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