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Nylon diaper covers?

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Hi everyone - Is there such a thing as a nylon diaper cover that is not a pull-up? Preferably a one-size snap up and snap closed, though I'd take velcro too. I have some Dappi pants and absolutely love the material they are made from - so soft and trim and completely leak-proof (even after 18 moths of moderate use as back-ups plus hot water washes and going in the dryer). I far prefer it to PUL which is so thick and feels icky to me. Obviously there's a problem with nylon, what am I missing?


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I think the biggest problem that a lot of people have with it is that it isn't as breathable as PUL, which can cause rashes to develop.  I've also heard that people who have tried them would have to throw them out if they accidentally washed them on hot or dried them in the dryer.  It doesn't seem like you're having either of those problems with them, but I think there are so many out there that do (or did) so most people try to avoid it.

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