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Hey there - So I've been battling stink in my AIOs for about six weeks now. They are typical PUL-microfibre-microfleece, assorted brands. Most are over 2 years old and have been in heavy rotation that entire time but this is the first time I"ve had a stink issue. The smell is musty and mildewy, not ammonia. I've tried EVERYTHING you can think of. The smell is now better to the point of being tolerable (probably nobody else would notice) but it's not gone. It gets a bit worse when wet.


Anyway, the weather has been terrible here for quite a while so I've been drying my diapers in the dryer a lot. Didn't think anything of it until the other day when I hung my diapers on the line for the first time in ages. They smelled wonderful! Like absolutely nothing at all, just the way they should smell. But I didn't get them in on time and the evening dew fell so they got damp. So I threw them in the dryer for just 15 minutes and the odor came back!!! 


Is this possible? How could a dryer cause this kind of smell? I haven't noticed it on clothes or towels yet, maybe because I'm not as obsessive about sniffing them or maybe because they are mostly all cotton. There is nothing like diaper stink to make you feel CRAZY!! 


Thanks for any feedback you have!