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Dare I hope???

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My other kids were born at 42w4d, 42w2d, and 41w2d...I'm 37weeks on Friday this weeks but I've been having a lot of pressure waves (contractions) and the baby seems to be really trying to move his head into a good position (causing lots of cervical twinges and nerve pain) tha last few days........dare I hope that this babe will come BEFORE my guess date??????  I'm actully holding off on my herbs and things until Friday now since I don't want to go before then....maybe I'm jinxing myself now and I'll go super 'late' again! lol!!!



Has anyone else who's had several post due date babies actually gone early???

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All of my babes have come 1-2 days late. I'm working on #4 and actually hoping the same with this one.

I'd be careful about hoping too much about this baby coming early. I've had friends who convinced themselves their babies would come early (mostly because they'd had early babies before) and became quite frustrated when they didn't.
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I've had late babies and then babies born on their due dates but the last baby came 2 days earlier than his due date. From the woman I know those who have gone post dates always tend to go post dates- in my case I went post dates with the twins because midwife said my uterus was so large it became atonic. I'm 38 weeks today and have zero symptoms of anything (and glad not to yet) and baby's head still floating etc;

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I am not sure and am wondering about patterns myself. 

I had my kids (corrected due dates to correlate to day of ovulation not last day of period): 39+5, 38+1 and 38+1. They all weighed the same 7.8 Ibs. (3.5 kg). This one is much smaller according to the measurements and I am wondering if this makes for a later birth date....

I hope you go on your preferred date ;-)))))

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I only went postdates with my first baby.  The rest have been early or within a day of their due date.  The last 2 have been 9 and 12 days early, but it seems with both my placenta was starting to fail and get old.  I would assume that if my placenta's had remained healthy, they both would have been closer to the due date.


That said, my midwives have always said that most women tend to follow their patterns and it sounds unlikely that you'd go before your due date.  It doesn't hurt to be prepared just in case though.

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Thanks for the responses.  I'm hoping that maybe my pattern means, at the very least, that this one will come close to guess date.  I just get so nervous about having a really big baby. My last was 9lbs. 12oz....


i'm also just ready to meet this one!  but maybe not ready for pushing him out??? I guess I should work on that! wink1.gif

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