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Trying to make a superfood smoothie....

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Okay, so I am trying to recover from two back to back miscarriages and get my body in shape for TTC. I want a high-calorie smoothie to help me gain weight (I am a former anorexic and need to gain 5-10 pounds.


The ingredients I want to include are:

Frozen fruit

Full fat yogurt

Wheat germ oil (for vit E)

Flax oil (for omega 3s)

Spirulina powder

Maca powder



The fruit and yogurt were fine, as you might imagine. The oils have very little taste so that's no big deal. However.


I was making a six-serving batch, so I added 6 teaspoons of spirulina and 1 teaspoon of maca and it tastes ABSOLUTELY TERRIBLE. I tried cutting it with more fruit, milk, OJ, more fruit, ice cream..... it has this nasty dry taste to it even though it's smooth as can be. I'm not sure if it's the maca or the spirulina (I didn't think this cunning plan through and just threw everything in at once). It was also this absolutely appaling shade of nuclear green (and then brown after I threw in two more cups of strawberries and then purple when I added the blueberries). So now I have roughly a gallon and a half of completely inedible smoothie. Great. (I could add it to my compost pile? =P)


So, if I just take out the powders and basically have a high omega-3 smoothie, that would work, but what is the easiest way to get my servings of the powders? I also take two servings of Floradix and a teaspoon of cod liver oil. I have a very hard time swallowing pills, they get stuck in my throat and make me gag, so I'm really trying to get all the nutrients I need from whole foods and whole food supplements. The recipe I came up with DOES meet pretty much every nutritional need for TTC/pregnancy but how can I stomach it? I would prefer to come up with some way to make them for the week so I'm not playing chemist every night.


Any ideas??


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have you tried tasting the powders just by themselves? that might give you a better idea what the offending taste is. also, you might have to come up w/ several different recipes to get the different nutrients instead of putting them all together at one time. Here's a smoothie i really like that is packed w/ nutrients:




almond milk and/or almonds

flax seeds



stevia (in your case honey or agave might be a better option)


peanut butter, and bananas are also a great combo! HTH:)

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