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Ditching the couch?!

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Did you get rid of your couch in lieu pillows and floor chairs, like the wicker ones from ikea like this: http://www.ikea.com/us/en/catalog/products/20033919 or this: http://www.ikea.com/us/en/catalog/products/80141124


I *hate* our couch, it is gross and I want to get rid of it.  I hate how much space it takes up... we have one chair on the porch like this: http://www.ikea.com/us/en/catalog/products/S79825193 that we could bring in for grandpa when he visits and needs a chair, but most of the time I like being down on the floor, and I would like more open space....


Has anyone done this? Do you like it, or do you miss the big old couch?  Right now we do not have our a TV so there isn't anything that the room is oriented around, except the woodstove in the winter... but now we kind of orient towards the huge window in the front, since it is beautiful out.... I'm thinking ditching the couch will help us be more flexible.. .  and instead of getting a new couch eventually invest in a nice rug (we have hard wood floors)..


So please critique this!  And any input is welcome.... Grazie! 

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We once had no couch for over a year and were so happy when we got one again.


We have it & two stools in our living room and that's it for seating (other than the carpets). 


We use it for reading, for using our lap-tops, and I sleep on it if DH snores & DH sometimes like to take naps on it on weekends. The whole family sits on it when we watch TV or DVDs. The kids rest on it when they are ill, especially DS who has a loft-bed and if he has a stomach bug wants a quick dash to the bathroom.


It is now almost 12 years old and it's springs are beginning to go on the left. We are in the process of looking for a new one, but are very particular.

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I have to ad, that we did go couchless for a bit--we had a very uncomfortable futon...



but what I am thinking of getting will be equally comfortable to  a couch, but not a couch... maybe this is an illusion? 


the stomach flu example is compelling .... but I can think of other options that would work. .... hmm...

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I've done it, maybe it's because I didn't have good alternative seating, but I am very happy to have a couch again! I don't have a tv, it is currently on a diagonal in a corner so it seems to face the entire room (in particular, dd's play nook and the entry to the kitchen) instead of just the opposite wall. I have a couple other seating options (including an adult-sized bench that usually serves as a toddler-sized table) so it's never a problem for people to be gathered around/ facing each other.

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I wouldn't mind getting rid of the couch for a rocking chair for myself and some fluffy bean bags for my dc, but I couldn't have friends and family members over without some type of comfortable seating to offer. Those floor pillows would not survive my cat, he would see those as giant scratching posts, lol.

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I might choose a different chair if he might have trouble getting up - center of gravity and all - it's ok if he still is spry.


As far as the couch goes - you can always get one some other time if you want, it's not like trying to buy a live unicorn or something. 



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a rare unicorn... hehe. 

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I hate our couch, and it's even in good repair and fairly decent looking. But DH loves it so it or a similar size one has to stay. I'm a floor sitter too. Wish we could get rid of it!

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