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Traveling with kids

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In August I am going overseas with my three very active children (ages 5, 3, 1). The trip will look like this: 10 hour flight, 3 hours break, 2 hours flight, 2 hours break, two hour flight, and a night in the train.


Any advice or any words of encouragement will be greatly appreciated.


So far I am investing in a small netbook for movie watching/music listening, a whole bunch of small "new to us" toys, snacks. 


If you have any tricks under your sleeve, please share them with me. I am trying hard not to be nervous and not to freak out.


Thank you mamas! <3

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You're one brave mamma! The most I've done is travel to Russia with a 9 month old and a 3 year old but my husband was with us. Do you have a leapster? That may keep them entertained at times as well. Other ideas that come to mind are coloring books, stickers, paper, crayons, snacks, toys (new or ones that they haven't seen for quite awhile), maybe an Mp3 player with music. 

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Yikes, you are one brave woman!! I wish you the best of luck and good travels. I think you've got it covered. :)

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I haven't travelled quite so far and I only have 2 kids (aged 2 and 5 now) but I have frequently flown alone with them - we live overseas. Firstly in my experience it has never been as bad as I've expected, quite the opposite actually. Travelling is so full of new and exciting things for little ones, you'll find that looking around and taking things in will keep them  busy quite a lot of the time. For the older 2 you could perhaps make a check-list with pictures that they check when they see them. The last time we flew home, the last leg of our journey was by train, it was the first time they'd taken the train and they were captivated the whole time. My advice to you is: make sure you have some calpol (or whatever) in your hand luggage for sore ears, esp for the youngest, have drinks for the older ones and encourage them to drink while the plane is landing, make sure the kids can have a good run around during breaks, make sure that they know there are times when they absolutely have to stay by you, they have to wait in the line no matter what - it can be difficult for LOs to wait in lines but you can't have them wandering away and you constantly having to chase them. At times when you need to queue put the youngest in the stroller or the sling and make it absolutely clear to the others that they have to wait by you - perhaps promise them a reward at the end of it. Keep talking to them, explain what's going on, where you are, where you're going, what's going to happen next etc - you don't want any unexpected tantrums as someone watches their favourite toy disappear into the x-ray machine. Don't be afraid to ask people around you for help - you know instinctively who'll be willing, and a lot of your fellow passengers will be more than happy to hold a baby while you take an older child to the bathroom. It'll be a tiring 24+ hours for you but keep calm, keep alert and keep focused on the kids - you'll have to forget about your own needs a little, don't expect to get time to relax yourself. When you reach your destination you'll be exhausted but exhilirated and it'll be an experience that your children will never forget. Well done you brave mama!

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Best of luck to you!! We're thinking of getting the kids this when we go on our next road trip, also look under her travel toys section;)




Also, activities in a bag can be a lifesaver!


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Thank you so much, mamas. Deep in my heart I know everything will be ok (they are not going to throw us off the plane after all), and I will try my best to keep everyone calm and happy.


I wish hubby could come, but between his work and the plane ticket price we just couldn't swing it.


Minkin, I am going to Ukraine (Odessa) :)



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