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BLW - when did your baby get eggs and citrus?

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I'm really curious when other BLW-ers gave their babies eggs and citrus. DD (10 mo) has had eggs (hard-boiled only) very rarely but enough to know she's not allergic. Still the ped says no eggs til 1 year. Citrus too. I just wondered your experiences.


Also, random question: when can babies / kids eat sushi?



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We have given our 10-month DS both eggs and citrus already. I think he has had enough eggs to know that he is not allergic - we first tried them sometime between 8 and 9 months (I think). Our ped does not like giving babies egg whites under one year (although she is fine with yolks), but by the time she mentioned that, we had already given him whites without him reacting.


The citrus has so far been very limited, and I am not yet comfortable saying he is definitely not allergic. We gave him citrus around 9 months, and he broke out in head-to-toe hives the next day. HOWEVER, he was on an antibiotic at the time and our ped does not believe it was a food allergy, but rather an antibiotic allergy. Still, we have decided to hold off on giving any more citrus for the time being (probably until he is at least a year old).


Not sure about sushi! Would be curious to hear the answer to that.

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DD is 10 mos old. She has had eggs, scrambled, and fritattas. They are one of her favorite foods, She's defiantly not allergic. I've haven't given her citrus yet because I thought it would be too acidic. As far as sushi my DD loves it! I only let her have veggie rolls though. 

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ds has had scrambled eggs for many months now, but not a lot because he doesn't seem to like them much. He LOVES oranges, but apparently he's still too sensitive to citrus since his mouth and chin turn bright red after eating orange slices. He doesn't seem bothered by them otherwise.

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Thanks everyone. I was doubting my intuition that eggs are ok!
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We gave our DD both eggs and citrus really early on when we started solids (started around 7 months and within a week she had eggs, orange and lemon). She hasn't had a reaction to any of it - now, at 10 months she eats all kinds of eggs (yolk and white) regularly, sucks on lemons (but doesn't like oranges).

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Our awesome pediatrician just went to some sort of relevant conference and came back saying that based on the most recent research, she is confident that it's unnecessary to delay introduction of any foods unless there are food allergies in the immediate family. The only food she recommended avoiding was honey (raw -- as an ingredient in something cooked it's fine). And of course chokeables (e.g. nut butters spread thinly on something are okay, but nuts or a wad of nut butter by itself not so much).


We offered eggs before 7 months with no issues. We haven't offered citrus yet at 7.5 months, but only because we haven't had any around. I thought the concern with citrus was more related to the acidity than to allergies? 

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Glad to hear it. I heard the same about the research but my previous ped (got me another one) said it wasn't true!

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My son is nine months old and has had eggs as an ingredient (like in quiche and an omelet) but not by themselves, and he has had plenty of citrus. I meant to hold off longer on eggs, but once you start the BLW it's hard to withhold anything you're eating! He demands whatever I've got, ha! He eats oranges, pineapple and had some lemon (but he didn't care for the lemon) with no ill effects.

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First citrus (orange) at 8 months. First eggs (quiche) at 10 months. No problems with either.

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Thanks again! We haven't had any problems either but I was made nervous by the ped...

Haven't done citrus though...

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Originally Posted by Erin77 View Post

...once you start the BLW it's hard to withhold anything you're eating! He demands whatever I've got, ha!


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That's how I feel too! I mean maybe burgers and fries or Chinese food on occasion we don't give to her... but everything else we do and she just looks at us sometimes like why? Why don't I have eggs in front of me? So I'm happy to hear it's probably okay. This weekend she ate some new fruits, strawberries and plums and we did notice that she got some tiny little red bumps around her mouth and on her chin - do you think this is from the acidity?

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Yes, I would say it's acidity. When my son ate the lemon, he got a reddish look around his mouth but no lasting effects like an allergy.

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