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Im sorry if this isnt the right place to put this, but I figured mom's of toddlers would know what is currently available stroller-wise.

I dont need a super expensive stroller, or one that is all fancy and awesome. I rarely use the one I have. Where I live there are no sidewalks. We live on 11 acres of land, so its really awesome to have a jogging stroller that has the big wheels so that we can go over holes in the ground and bumps easily.

I'm trying to decide if I should trade the one I have (baby trend jogging stroller) for a double stroller since we are expecting #2. If I do decide to trade or sell, I was thinking I would get a streamlined double stroller instead of one that is side by side. Does anyone have one of these that is also a jogging stroller?

Any advice? TIA!!
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Hi! I know that Phil and Teds make a double stroller that is also a jogging stroller. The seats sit one behind the other so its only as wide as a normal stroller. I haven't used one myself but there are probably lots of reviews out there if you google it. HTH!

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I'm in the market for the same thing.  I didn't think I would need one, but my YDD LOVES riding in the stroller and the 2-year-old likes to walk, but will get tired on longer outings or trips to the park. 

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Thanks ladies! I think Im going to start looking and try to trade or get rid of my jogging stroller.
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If you have a kids consignment store near you look for one there. I got mine at one for $40 and it's great. Much better than the one we bought brand new when DD was a baby. 

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also try craigslist, often in our area double strollers and jogging strollers are found cheaply on there. There is a new site, www.storkbrokers.com that is  sort of like craigslist, but isn't just local stuff, some of the mamas will ship items. I don't need a jogging stroller, so I am just going with a sit and stand sort of thing. (DS will be 22 months when the new baby is born).

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We have the Phil ans ted jogging double stroller and love it. The baby is only 2 months so isn't quite in there yet but we have it set up as a double and its easy to push. Easy to make it into a single stroller too. Can't go wrong!
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Peg Perego Duette? Has anyone ever had one of these? My dad just found one at a yard sale for $100, and it retails for $849.00 on Amazon. Should I get it?

One thing I dont like about the Phil and Teds is that it doesnt really have any storage space underneath.
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I find the side by side easier to push and more stable than an inline - if you aren't using it for the mall anyway, then my theory is keep the kiddies side by side and they

can entertain each other a little - of course thats good and bad! What I did, at my husbands suggestion was check out Amazon's best seller list in strollers and the comments there then I went looking for a used version of the same thing.



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If you're looking to push over big hills and bumps in the road, you don't want the Duette. People hate that stroller. You want a side by side jogger with big air filled tires like the Mountain Buggy Urban Double or the Baby Jogger City Elite Double or the BOB Duelie. This stroller (http://mountainbuggy.com/en/buggies/double/plus-one) is coming soon and might be perfect if you really want an inline stroller. I agree that a side by side is easier to push. I know the BOB can fit a carseat also, making it appropriate for newborns, and the Baby Jogger lays flat.

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Thanks! I didnt end up getting the Perego. It sold before my dad got back, and I read some bad reviews about it.

Thanks for the links, I think I have decided on a side by side jogger. The only thing about it that I dont like, is that there is no way to seperate them if they arent getting along. But who knows if that will even be an issue.
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I picked up the Schwinn Turismo - it's a side by side, I wouldn't go inline with a jogger, makes me nervous. This one has a switch thingy so you can lock the front wheel from swiveling right up on the handle bar. Just google it or look it up on amazon....



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