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surprised to be here

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technically, we are not planning on ttc #2 for a few months yet, but one night of potentially optimal timing and here i am... i say *potentially* because i havent been tracking my cycles. if this one was anything like the others- the timing could be just right. based on how i feel, i think it is totally possible that i am pg. nausea before and after i eat, and sometimes randomly, no af yet, 12 days since we dtd, a general feeling of ickiness. my cm is not drying up either, like it would if af were en route, its more of a white/clear non strechy situation (sorry if tmi)



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I would pee on a stick now (if you're impatient) and first thing (urine) tomorrow morning.

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well, i am trying to hold off... i don't want to test too soon and waste. i ordered some cheapies though and they should be here by july 1. i waited until something like 20 dpo with ds!  this is different though because i haven't been keeping track of anything. i mean i realize that it is unlikely- we tried for 5 months with ds... it would be pretty amazing to just randomly get pg, right?!? i totally feel pg, but i know that the mind can play some pretty interesting tricks.


aslo, i have been peeing like, way more than normal, which i remember was a sign for me when i got pg w/ ds...

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Originally Posted by natty529 View Post

 i mean i realize that it is unlikely- we tried for 5 months with ds... it would be pretty amazing to just randomly get pg, right?!?

Not necessarily an amazing feat at all... pregnancy has a way of kicking your fertility into gear such that those that had to try for a bit with #1 get an oops the second time around.  That would be me... TWICE.   So I wouldn't count it out at all especially with the symptoms you're describing.  


Any idea when you O'd vs. when you DTD?  Sounds like you have some strong will power and are holding off on testing for a few more days.  That's probably good if you don't want to retest several times b/c you may not have O'd that day- it could have been a few days later even.  So you could be more like 9 or 10 DPO, which might give you an accurate HPT result or might not.  Just a few more days should do it as those things are 99% accurate around the time of your missed AF, which for most women would be 12-14 DPO.   Keep us updated!


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well, no... just a guess. i think the day before we dtd i saw a bit of ewcm... but i wasnt really paying attention because we are not ttc yet headscratch.gif yesterday i felt a sharp pain in my lower left abdomen while i was driving... so it could be a late-ish implantation. i havent really felt much of anything today just some mild nausea that i could be making up and fatigue in the middle of the day- but i could just be tired from sleeping poorly.

right now i feel totally normal- like with ds, i don't want to test (yet) because even though this was not the plan, i don't want to be disappointed

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i tested today and bfn... i don't get it. i have been pretty regular for ar least a year. i had one cycle that was a little different a few months ago but i don't remember it being this late. my last period started around may 22... it is now now the 4th a there is no sign of af.  is it still possible that i am pg? ugh, if not i wish af would just come already so i can get on with it. help!! any thoughts?


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Sorry about the BFN!  It could still be early for you.  Implantation can happen as late as 12 DPO and if you're 14 DPO today that wouldn't necessarily be enough time to build up enough hCG in your urine to test positive.  So if you don't get AF in the next 4 days I'd test again.   What test did you use this time?


Alternatively you could have O'd really late and AF is on it's way in a few days.  Or another possibility, though not terribly likely, is that you have a corpus luteum cyst which is preventing bleeding.  They usually clear up on their own in a few weeks.  Keep us posted!

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 thanks, i wish i knew what was going on!!! incadentally, the test was an internet cheapie. i guess the wait continues...

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 still no af and a negative hpt... i am getting a little worried. i had this lond lasting pain in my lower abdomen this morning, severe enough to remind me of labor. i called my mw office and they said they are not taking non pregnant clients right now. offered me a blood test, but which i'll probably do, but i  think i would also like ti be examined- i guess to figure out if i am not pg what the issue is.

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Sorry that the mystery continues!  I would make OBGYN appointment and take the blood test if you're worried.  A cyst could cause cramping and the blood test would be definitive on the pregnancy front.  Otherwise more waiting!

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 well... the mystery is over. af FINALLY arrived yesterday after something like 54 days! it was probably a leutal cyst... go figure

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Glad it's been resolved!  Are you considering charting this next cycle?

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 yes, without a doubt, if for no other reason than clarity :)

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Feel free to join us in The One Thread (or other threads were you think you fit smile.gif). Even if you are still planning on waiting a few months you will learn lot! Especially if you have never, or are just getting back into charting. Or maybe this has encouraged you to start trying sooner winky.gif Best of luck!

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 thank you! this experience has made me realize that i am SO ready, it will probably take a bit of convincing, but i would love to start trying this cycle joy.gif

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Congrats on realizing you're ready to TTC!  Definitely join www.fertilityfriend.com to log your charting data so that you can share your charts with us for tips, advice, and help deciphering anything confusing. I recommend reading Taking Charge of Your Fertility first and foremost (often available at the library).

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 thanks for the  recommendations Jaimee, i used to have a copy of the book when  we were ttc ds, i have since loaned it out and i used ff at that time as well. I appreciate all of your knowledge and insight :)

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