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Furniture Recommendation?

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We are looking into buying a sofa bed.  We are in the process of selling our house, and would like to downsize to a one bedroom apartment (we are currently in a two bedroom home).  We would like to use the one bedroom for our three-year-old daughter, and we would use the sofa bed as our bed, and it would also function as our living room couch.  So!  Can anyone recommend a really comfortable, yet still affordable sofa bed/brand?

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We have one in our living room for "just in case" guests. I must confess, it isn't comfortable! (Nor have I ever laid on any sofa bed that was comfortable :)  So I don't have any specific recs for you, but we use a feather bed top on ours when we need to use it and that makes it much more comfortable. We thought about getting a memory foam topper since those are so comfortable but we don't use it enough to justify the extra expense. A topper might be an option for you if you aren't completely happy with what's available. Happy furniture hunting!

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I remember seeing one a few years ago at Macy's that was not a traditional sofa bed with the uncomfortable bar in your back.  This one had a thick mattress that was made of memory foam, I believe, and it was soooooo comfortable.  I do remember it was a little pricey, but if I was going to be sleeping on it every night, I would want something like that.  Maybe you could get a memory foam topper to put on a less expensive sofa bed.

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If at all possible, I would recommend something like a Murphy bed that folds down from the wall. Sofa beds are uncomfortable due to the nature of having a matress thin enough to fold up. It gets worse if you sleep on it every night.


Also, have you thought about a futon? Those are pretty inexpensive and comfortable for the long haul. Or at least they don't get worse over time. I find my futon a bit hard, but it's in a guest bedroom.

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The memory foam type sofa bed sounds like a good option but I have never tried one.


I have slept on several sofa beds and I would not want to do it for more than a few nights in a row.  However, I do like futons.  My in-laws have a high quality futon (sorry don't know the brand - it might be from LL Bean) and the matress is nice and thick, rather firm, but comfortable.  It really holds its shape.  I would gladly sleep on that every night.  I know it wasn't cheap, over $1000, for the matress and frame but you get what you pay for.

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i would probably do a murphey bed too, just because of comfort preferences, OR a futon, but i do not mean the futon frame, because i hate that look. I mean just the mattress and go japanese! Keep it in a chest, and at night, pull it out and put it on the floor.


but i'm weird like that. 

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oh, and my friend uses an ikea sofa-bed and then has a feather topper that she puts on it for added comfort. :)

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How about a full size bed, turned sideways, with lots of pillows and a cover? You can find a cover to make it look like a daybed.

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I'll second the full-sized mattress. You can get a big wedge of foam from a foam mattress store to use on the back when it is a couch, with a bedspread over it, and put it aside at night. The chore of "putting the bed back together" made this routine get very old for me when I lived in a studio, but it was nice to have a comfortable bed and not have to unfold a futon every night-- they are heavy and it was hard on my back.

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