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Finding a midwife

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I'm really excited to find the perfect midwife. I'm a little frustrated though. Are all midwifes terrible at returning phone calls, or should I take that as a very bad sign. One group of midwifes was highly recommended by both the hypnobirthing instructor and a coworker, but I have submitted my information on their website, and left a phone message with no contact. It's been a week now. Another friend of mine recommended her midwife, and I had to call a couple of times to finally get an appointment set up. I've really enjoyed talking with her on the phone, but not returning calls is just a bad thing for me.

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I'm in canada so midwives are free. Which means they are extremely busy and yes, sometimes they take a week to return that first phone call. (because they know it's not urgent.)

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Hmm, sounds like you're running into "hands off" MWs, which is not a bad thing. The key is finding a MW that meshes with your beliefs.


Whenever I call my midwife's office, the lady who answers the phone knows that if it is an emergency that you would have most likely called the MWs cell phone. She is always helpful, but always lets you know that if the MW is in the exam room or delivery that she will not be returning any phone calls for a while.


I try to always call the office phone first before the cell phone because I know that she is busy.

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I finally had some luck, and we interviewed her yesterday. We love her!

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