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Originally Posted by chilichiki View Post
On a side note-  my son came EXACTLY on his due date :o)


I went into labor with my daughter on my EDD (she was born a few hours later into day 40w1d)...that didn't stop my son from being eight long days post EDD!  Man alive, it was a loooong week as I stupidly assumed that my second kid would follow in the footsteps of the first.


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AfricanQueen- how was the second labor compared to the first?? 


I hate to say it, but my labor with my son was pretty quick (after a really awful pregnancy) so I can't help but hope that this one will be just as quick!

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Daughter was born 12 hours after the first contraction. Born in four pushes.

Son was born 3 hours after the first contraction. Also in four pushes.

Both were super simple after easy pregnancies.
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This pregnancy is soooo drastically different than my first, so i am wondering how different this labor will be.  With my son, I went in the hospital and had him about eight hours later....I think I might have got it too easy and this one is going to be one of those 24 hour labors.


My god I hope not :o)

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I just wanted to say this informal due date study sets my mind at ease a little, just realizing the vast differences in EDD depending on what method one uses, makes me realize that if my pregnancy does go past my due date, there's no need to worry.

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Based on LMP (Mar 29)


standard dating: Jan 3

Naegle: Jan 5

Mittendorf-Williams: Jan 8


Based on Ovulation/Mittelschmertz (Apr 17)


* standard dating: Jan 8 (the "date" I've been using)

Naegle: Jan 10

Mittendorf-Williams: Jan 13


* If this baby is born on the same date of the process as DS (37w/2d), he/she would be born on Dec 21.

He was born 3 days before the full moon. I just looked it up and I ovulated at the new moon that time and the full moon this time - interesting. I'm curious if that will have anything to do with it all.


Full moons are 12/10-11 and 1/8-9, so maybe I'll be on time this time. Who knows!


I've been telling people the baby is due late Dec or early Jan, based on the *s. My feeling is it will be Dec, but I want to be mentally ready if I go later than last time!

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Originally Posted by rtjunker View Post

I just wanted to say this informal due date study sets my mind at ease a little, just realizing the vast differences in EDD depending on what method one uses, makes me realize that if my pregnancy does go past my due date, there's no need to worry.

That's one reason I decided to do this, actually. If people know their "due date" isn't as exact as they've been led to believe, it might help them resist an unnecessary induction on or near an arbitrary date.


The main thing that led me in this direction is the doctor trying to get me to come in for an induction, on my due date, with ds1, because he couldn't bother even putting the wheel in the right spot, much less calculating the date properly. He tried to terrorize me into an induction because ds1 was just "so overdue". I finally had to agree that I wouldn't hold him responsible if something happened to ds because I refused to be induced.


It was just so silly. It made me really realize how ridiculous this whole due date farce is. It's just a guess, no matter how you figure it out and shouldn't be used to harass and terrify pregnant women into unnecessary medical procedures.



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This sounds like fun!



My due dates (based on LMP): Jan 9, 2012 (from midwife's wheel) 


Naegle's method (from http://www.josephsunny.com/medsoft/nagel.html) : Jan 11, 2012


Mittendorf-Williams:  Jan 14, 2012


I actually remember dates from my first!  Let's see:


My due dates (based on LMP):Sept 18, 1993


Naegle's method (from http://www.josephsunny.com/medsoft/nagel.html) : Sept 19, 1993


Early ultrasound EDD: Oct 5, 1993


Mittendorf-Williams: Sept 27, 1993

He was born Oct 2.  :)   


(I have dates from my 2nd but he ended up coming at 29 weeks, and with my 3rd, I can't seem remember any dates! Lol! ETA:  I think my due date was oct 20/21 and she was born on oct 16.  But thats all I got!)  

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Naegle: Jan 28

Midwife: Jan 26

MW: Feb 6


I have a sense that the bean is going to be born sometime in the first week of February.

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Kelsey-first time momma.
Last missed period: April 1st 2011


Doctors due date: Jan. 7th 2012

Mittendorf-Williams method; Jan 16th 2012

My due dates (based on LMP): Jan. 6th 2012

Naegle's method: Jan 8th 2012

Today's Parent & Baby Centre calculator: Jan 6th 2012

Based on ovulation: Jan 5th 2012

Common due date calculators: Jan 5th 2012

Ultra Sound showed baby due: Jan 3rd 2012


They are all pretty close but the Mittendorf-Williams method. This ones more accurate, great. 


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bump.gif in case anyone else wants to join in.

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That is really cool!


For THIS baby

Standard Method (LMP):  Jan 19

Fertilty Friend/Ultrasound:  Jan 21

Mittendorf-Williams: Jan 25


The date I made up to buy myself extra time:  Jan 24

Actual day I expect to give birth:  Feb 2


Leo my now 5 year old:

LMP:  May 18

M-W: May 26

Birth Day: June 2- after induction


August my now 2 year old

LMP:  ???

Ultrasound:  August 5

M-W (using ultrasound as LMP day) August 15

Birth Date:  August 16 after induction

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I figured since we've had a few new people that this thread deserved another bump.gif



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bump.gif again for anyone else who might want to try it too.

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This will be really cool to see what everyone's actual delivery date is!! We should all go back and edit our original posts with birth dates so we can compare lurk.gif


I've been saying mid-January but here are the actual dates:


Based on LMP (3/31/2011):


Naegle's method (from http://www.josephsunny.com/medsoft/nagel.html) : Jan 7th, 2012

Mittendorf-Williams: Jan 10th, 2012 (I'm caucasian but this is my second)


I had an u/s at 10 weeks that gave a date of January 3rd, 2012 and that was spot on with the anatomy scan at 20 wks. I don't know my ovulation date because my cycles were pretty wacky for the two cycles before I found out I was pregnant and my mom went almost 2 weeks overdue with all her babies so really, I'm thinking this baby will come anytime in January. My wedding anniversary is January 4th and my husbands bday is January 17th so I figure that's a good window biggrinbounce.gif


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Remember to update your post after you've had your baby so we can see how close the dates were. smile.gif

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Based on LMP (April 5)


Naegle's: jan 12

M-w: jan 20

Baby center: jan 10


Based on ovulation (April 16)


Naegle's: jan 9

M-w: jan 17

Baby center: jan 7


I think I did this right...

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I get the same dates for yours, so yep, you did them right. :)

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I'll jump in on this before Sweet Pea decides when she wants to be born...:)


Naegle's Method:  Jan 5, 2012 (mw date)


Mittendorf-Williams:  Jan 13, 2012


Today's Parent:  Jan 3, 2012


1st baby.


On a side note, my mother was overdue with every baby she had (5 kids, ranging from 9 days over with me(#1) to 3 weeks over with baby #4), but my sister was over 2 weeks early with her first.  I keep hearing that they're finding that your pregnancy/labour is more like your sister's than your mother's, so does that mean I have a chance of being early? or just that there's a chance I'll have a quick labour? (sister was holding her son less than 3 hours after first contraction)  Has anyone else heard of these informal findings?

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Here's what I got.....


LMP- April 14, 2011

Naegle's method- Jan. 19, 2012

Mittendorf Williams method- Jan. 24, 2012


suspected ovulation date- April 25, 2011

Naegle's method- Jan. 16, 2012

Mittendorf Williams method- Feb. 4, 2012


This is my second baby and my first was born 2 weeks late according to the Naegle's method.  All 3 of my mother's children were born late as well.  I am not expecting to have this little one until the last week of January.  I did not have an ultrasound so I don't have that date to add here. 


We shall see!  smile.gif


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