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Might this be indicative of a nutritional deficiency?

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Background note: my son is intolerant to sulphites and probably gluten.  He has behavioural issues which are much ameliorated by avoiding these substances, but there are still some things going which we haven't worked out yet.


He has dark marks not under his eyes, but to the upper sides (sort of where eyeliner/kohl would go if you extended it outwards from the eye).  I have noticed that sometimes these appear darker than at other times.


Any ideas if this may be indicative of a nutritional deficiency of some kind?





PS I have also posted this in the allergy forum, wondering if it might be a sign of allergy or intolerance.

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I knew a boy who had that frequently.  I believe, in his case, that he had an intolerance/allergy to gluten and/or dairy.  Hope you get more information here.


Oh, and I've seen some of that with other kids who have asthma and environmental allergies.  Seems to be worse when their lungs are bad.

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Thank you, sunnygir1!  I don't think we've fully sorted out his dietary intolerances so particularly in light of what you've just said, I suspect it may be linked to that.  I know that black circles under the eyes can indicate an allergy/intolerance.

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I know A LOT of people are intolerant to food coloring that are even in pickles, mac and cheese, etc.  So reading ingredient labels to make sure there is nothing like Red# 40, or any preservatives would be a great  start.  As far as a nutritional deficiency, it is a good idea to give him a multivitamin, a GOOD one, like this one http://www.vitacost.com/Garden-of-Life-Vitamin-Code-Kids      

If not, make sure he is getting LOTS of fresh, organic fruits and veggies.  Organic has a higher nutrient content than non-organic.  Our food system is so depleted that you really have to be sure to get a lot of foods into your kids.  Remember, cooking and freezing destroys a lot of nutrients also.

You could also give him something like http://www.vitacost.com/Garden-of-Life-RAW-Probiotics-Kids-3-4-oz  to help his body get even more out of the food he eats.  It is also a good idea to give him a DHA supplement, such as Carlson Labs fish oil (or cod liver oil if he does not get a lot of sun exposure because it has vit D)

Giving him raw goats milk is also excellent and it is tolerated much better than cows milk.  It has a higher nutrient density than cows, and being unpasturized it has lots of beneficial enzymes and more nutrients.  Here is more info on raw milk, it is talking about cows, but most of the points are still the same  http://nourishedkitchen.com/mark-mcafee-raw-milk-interview/ 


Good luck!

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Thank you very much for all those suggestions, 1love4ever!  We are already artificial additive-free (strictly so) and taking a multi-vitamin and EFA supp.  I am considering a probiotic - I will definitely have a look at the one you suggest.  I am reasonably sure we could not get raw milk here, either cow's or goat's, but I'll have a look at that link nonetheless as I bet it has some great information.  Thanks again!

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Please make sure you are giving a whole foods multi, as it is WAY more bioavailable for the body.  the synthetic isolates in the normal, Walmart vitamins are hardly absorbed by the body AT ALL and are produced in such terrible ways and from genetically modified organisms, so not a good option in my opinion.  Many name brand vitmains such as One A Day also contain anti-freeze, artificical colorings, preservatives, and many other terrible ingredients.  I am so frustrated with these companies!! 

Anyway, I would ask around at farmers markets for anyone who has raw milk.  Also if you know of anyone who raises/sells grass fed meat, anyone who has a farm, etc I would ask them.  I would also go to the mdc find your tribe section and post there that you are looking for raw milk, goat or cow.  Personally I prefer goats, and another benefit of goat milk is the cream does not separate to the top so it is a little easier, but not the reason why I chose it.  I recently stopped BFIng and since goat is closest to human milk, and it has more calcium, phosphorus(only UNpasturized milk contains this essential nutrient), and protien per serving than cows.  But I would definatly drink raw cows milk over pasturized goats milk any day!

Definatly check the ingredients on all supplements you are giving, and look them up, google everything.  Look for propelyne glycol on the label, that is antifreeze.

Well good luck:) 

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