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What, exactly, is EPO for? What about RRL tea?

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okay, i'm not due until 7/26, so i'm a bit behind most of you. i am curious about what purpose using EPO has at this point (i've only used it while TTC) and when it should be started. i also don't fully understand what RRL tea does.

i had my first baby at 39w4d. two days of labor, but the first day was a sort of a stop-start thing and once labor was really going it went fairly smoothly. will EPO benefit me still? i want my little one to take as long as he needs (i am only 36w2d now), but we also are moving to a new town ASAP after mid-july, but no later than august 10, so if newbaby comes around when his big brother did (or sooner, but after 38 weeks, of course), it would be great.

do EPO and/or RRL help my body to be more ready once baby is ready, or are they more to help people who needed past interventions to avoid them this time around?

finally, it looks like most people take EPO vaginally. i am GBS+ and wondering if i should avoid inserting EPO vaginally because of it?
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EPO is supposed to be a cervical ripener. I've not started using it yet (waiting to find out tomorrow if baby is still breech). Not sure about you inserting it given your GBS status but I've also heard of women taking it orally as well at the end of their pregnancy to help ripen the cervix.


RRL is a uterine toner. It's not supposed to put you in labor but it is supposed to help any contractions you may already be having be more productive. I've been drinking 1-2 cups per day for the past week or so. Some women drink more or make it stronger.

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Good Answer from Previous Poster.


I have been Taking EPO and RLT For my entire pregnancy, so no, it does not induce labor. It does help tone things and ripen things. I have been taking EPO Because it stabilizes mood swings as well as has beneficial prostaglandins to ripen the cervix, but Only when your body is ready anyway. Just like sex, it wont induce labor unless your ready but there is no harm in getting things ready. (Unless of course you are prone to pre-term labor)


 Now Raspberry Leaf Tea. It is SO Good for your uterus! It made me nauseous in the beginning of the 3rd trimester so I had to stop drinking it but other than that I have been using it (Not real regularly, but maybe 1-4 times a week) the entire pregnancy. It's a uterine toner and I swear by it. It too will not induce labor unless you're ready to go anyway. But can cause contractions if you drink it enough in a high enough concentrate. As soon as I am in the safe zone to deliver at home (37 Weeks Minus 2 Days=Tuesday July 5th) I plan on drinking about 4 cups a day. Right now I am drinking about 2 cups a day, but had to order some more and am waiting for it to arrive cuz I only have enough for one more pitcher (8 Cups. And I drink it cold with Peppermint tea added.)


 With my First I had a LOT of PP Bleeding. It would gush out when I pressed on my uterus Hours afterward and the stupid hospital didn't monitor it and It was my first so I was clueless whether or not that was 'normal'.


So With My Second, I took Raspberry Leaf Tea starting around 34 Weeks. When I had her the bleeding was SO DRAMATICALLY reduced! It was just like a semi-heavy period. The difference was amazing and it was so nice not to have blood ALL OVER the place. Also her labor was half as long as my first. (Efficient Contractions got her out Quicker, expelled the Placenta Perfectly then clamped down the bleeding!) Wonderful Medicine made by God and not man's Chemicals! teapot2.GIF

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I'm GBS+ and have been inserting it vaginally.  I just make sure to wash up before and after insertion.

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Yeah as Long as your water isn't broke and you're being using really clean fingers, I don't see there being a concern inserting it vaginally.

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Do you insert the EPO into the cervix or just into the vagina? 

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You want to try to get it as close to the cervix as possible.  With my stubby fingers, it doesn't get too far. 

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