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Fairbanks area?

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Hi there!
My husband and I have hopes to move to the Fairbanks area in the next 5 years, and we are trying to get a feel for the area. I have been able to find a LOT of information online, however, I can't seem to find out what stores are in the Bentley Mall. Can any of you help me with this?
Thanks in advance :)

I hope you don't mind me reading through the threads and popping in from time to time. The thought of leaving here and being in AK makes me giddy, and it's nice to see some of what you all do up there :)

Thanks mamas!!

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OH! Also trying to get info on healthcare up there, expensive/not, you know, just to get an idea. We are more on the side of handling things at home if we can, but it's good to be covered just in case!


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I lived in Fairbanks for 3 years but have since moved. :(

I have lost a handle on what is what there unfortunately but 1stimestar is from Fairbanks and pops in here regularly to post. I'm sure she can help you.


We used to see a lovely Family Practice NP there, she was awesome. :)  She worked in the building next too Planned Parenthood and Wendy's. I cannot recall her name at the moment.


I absolutely LOVED Fairbanks and would move there in a heart beat. I hope you like it there.

The Pioneer Park is tons of fun. They are a pretty tight knit community and do lots of fun things all year round. You have to go to an Ice Dogs Hockey game! So much fun! And a great place for Date Night is the Blue Loon, in the winter they have comedy nights and the best Hummus plate ever. :)   Decent shopping and the most wonderful Farmer's Market in Alaska! 

I could go on but I don't want to make my self homesick.

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The Bentley Mall is not really a "mall."  It is indoor but it has like 5 stores in it.  Been here 3 years and been in there like twice... American Eagle, Lids, Foot Locker, maybe Claire's, a hair salon, coffee shop (but even the doctor's office has that in AK), Honestly that's all I can think of.  There is an Old Navy and Sports Authority near Walmart.  Lots of small locally owned sporting goods stores in town.  Beaver Sports is great on College Rd.  There are some fun shops downtown.  Oh and there is a Sears.  I hope you're not moving to Fairbanks for shopping because there isn't much! : )

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I was born in Fairbanks and spent high school and college there, though I moved away after that. I go back at least once a year because my parents still live there. I would guess you won't be hanging out much at the Bentley Mall, it's pretty dead if you don't count a few kiosks selling painted sawblades and conk mushrooms with Alaskana on them, as well as Claire's and Lids, like the PP mentioned. Are you thinking you want to live near there? I don't think that's the nicest part of town at all, BTW. It's kind of run down. There are much more scenic parts of Fairbanks.

Also, healthcare is reasonable, in my opinion. I live in Hawaii now, and it's much more expensive here.

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Sorry I haven't been here, June was a crazy busy month.  But I see you've already been answered.  Yea, Bently Mall is just a small place, not a mall like in a lower 48 city of our size. 

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