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Soaking Grains

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Hi Everyone,


I am in need of some help. It is a REALLY long story (about 3 years long actually) so I am going to attempt to give you a very short version. My son struggles with chronic constipation and I have tried everything to figure it out. Today after a visit to a specialist that I really liked we finally ruled out several allergies and I (we) am really thinking that all the whole grains he is eating is absorbing too much of the fluid in his intestines. So I really want to learn more about soaking grains. I have a ton of questions and any help you could give me would be so greatly appreciated. I could start a whole separate thread on his constipation history, so I am not looking for advice in that area. I really am just looking for some info on soaking grains. Here are some of my basic questions:


1. Do you use freshly milled flour? Or do you buy whole wheat flour at the store? If so, what do you buy? If you use the freshly milled what type do you use? I tend to like red berries the best, but do those work well when soaking?


2. How exactly do you soak the grains? What recipes do you use? How does this alter recipes I already have?


3. Do you know of any websites that would help me get started? If they have directions and recipes that would really be a plus!

4. Do you use soaked grains for everything? I am thinking of an upcoming birthday, could I use the soaked grains for his cake?



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I don't know much about soaking flours.  I generally just soak grains before cooking -- rice, millet, quinoa, oatmeal, rice cereal, etc.  I think you might find more help in the Traditional Foods sub-forum.

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