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Back in the hospital

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Apparently my cervix hasn't gotten the memo that this is an October DDC, because it just keeps getting shorter. Despite bed rest, it was 5 mm shorter than last week. So I'm back ion the labor and delivery floor way too early, being monitored for contractions overnight.

The good news- only a handful of contractions in the last 4 hours or so. So I'm not in labor.

I'm accepting all forms of stay-put vibes- send your ju-ju or your prayers or whatever you've got. These girls need to bake a while longer!
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No way!

I'm so sorry!

Ugh, how frustrating. How are you feeling? Do you feel the contractions when they happen? 

I hope that things go well and you're able to come up with solution to the problem. I can't imagine how frustrating it must be that the bed rest wasn't doing the trick. 

I hope you can find some entertainment to pass the night in the hospital and that you have an uneventful stay! Thinking of you and hope you're feeling OK!

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Sending all sorts of good thoughts your way.  grouphug.gif  Glad you're not in labor and hoping it stays that way for quite a while longer!

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Oh my. I hope things go well.

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Stay put girls...we love the warm cozy place you are in right now...snuggle and snooze for a few more months my loves....

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I will be praying for you and your babies. How many weeks are you?
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Oh, so sorry to hear that you're back in the hospital.


dust.gifstay in there, babies!

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Oh no! Stay put babies!!!

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I'll be 26 weeks, Sunday, Nicole.

Thanks everybody. The update: not having many contractions, just a few random ones on the monitor. One hour there were two, but that's the max so far. I will most likely get to go home this afternoon and keep on the same bed rest plan (in my own bed...soooo much better!).

MBG- I have felt most of the ones that showed up, but just as a general tightening- no pain or anything.

They repeated the steroid shots for the babies' lungs...I thought I had read somewhere that they only did those once?

Also, they are doing fetal fibronectin this afternoon. Hoping that's negative. Even though a positive would only mean a 50%chance of labor in the next two weeks, I still think it would make me nervous.

If we got two more weeks, we'd nearly be at 28. Better, but still not good...I'd really like to make it to 34 so we can have them here at the community hospital and not have to go to the big university hospital with the NICU. It's an hour and a half away.
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goodvibes.gif Stay babies, stay! They better listen!

Lots of {{{HUGS}}} as it must be very stressful for you. Here's hoping they stay put until at least 34 weeks!
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Thanks for the update! 

I hope your next test this afternoon goes well! 

You're definitely in my thoughts and prayers. I hope this is all a short little scare and that your cervix gets with the program and the girls hang tight for a loong time!


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Yikes! Stay put, babies! I hope you get to go home and have a nice, long, restful couple months in your own bed winky.gif


I have a friend whose water broke at 29 weeks (about a month ago). She was in the hospital for 2 weeks and just delivered a 31 weeker who is doing amazing. He was born a weekish ago and is already in a regular crib, breathing room air (still has a feeding tube though).


Hopefully you can keep your 2 in until 34 weeks!!

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Keeping you and the girls in my prayers, Abbey. Hang in there, and once you get home, take it as easy as humanly possible. Thinking of you! grouphug.gif

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hug2.gif Sending lots of positive stay in vibes to your babies!

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Oh, I'm so sorry Abbey!!!  I hope your ffn was negative today, and if not- don't be discouraged!  That often doesn't mean anything!!  Thinking of you and the girls!

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Good thoughts!

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Thanks for all the good thoughts and prayers- they must be working!


I got to come home last night and sleep in my own bed - YAY! It's amazing how difficult it can be to sleep in a hospital sometimes. I wasn't contracting too much- only a handful of times (and twice while I was on the phone with my mom!! She's a bit of a handful sometimes.)


The fetal fibronectin was negative, so that's really good news. That will get us at least to 28 weeks, hopefully. I have progesterone suppositories now I'm supposed to use every night (woo-hoo). It will be interesting to see if they have any effect - it's still kind of experimental from what I understand.


I appreciate all the support. I have a follow up appt on Thursday and am planning to pack a bag this time, just in case. It seems like almost every time I go to an appointment these days, they want to send me to the hospital. :-)

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Keep hanging in there!!! Thinking of you and your babies!!

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Hang in there. ((hugs))

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(hugs) Hang in there momma and babies!
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