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Sitting issues

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My 4.5 m/o doesn't like to sit. He will pull up to a sit when you hold his hands but seems very uncomfortable. He sort of flops forward. Whenever he's in a sitting position he will pop his legs up to a stand (of course, still holding on to someone and being wobbly). He is big for his age and has always had good neck control.


Does that seem normal? Should I just take that as a sign he's not really ready to sit even w/ assistance? My family thinks it's because he wears a big cloth diaper. shrug.gif

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4.5 months is kinda early to worry about sitting isnt it? Mine didnt sit till closer to 6 months. I wouldn't worry..

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Too young to worry about the sitting milestone. He'll do it when he's ready (unless there is some sort of medical issue). Check the milestone charts online. You could buy a Bumbo to help assist him but remember to never place it on anything but the floor. A friend of mine's baby took a tumble off the counter and fractured his skull. :(

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I agree: check the milestone charts. There is always a HUGE range, but as far as I know most babies don't sit until 6 months, ie: 5 months would be early, meaning : why are you worried?


FWIW my baby couldn't properly sit unassisted until 7 months.

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No I guess my question didn't come out right. I know he's not ready to sit unassisted. It's that he doesn't want to sit with assistance-- like on somebody's lap. I'm wondering if I should keep trying to get him to sit or if I should take his reluctance as a sign he's not ready. Does that make more sense?

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Julia went through a period - probably around 4 or 5 months (somewhere in there) where she didn't want to sit either. Whenever I would try to sit her on my lap or the floor she would straighten her legs out as if she wanted to stand instead. If I did get her into a sit, she would stretch out her legs and lean back.


Eventually she quit doing that and now at 6 months she sits just fine and can hold herself up for a short time.

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Ahhhhh....I see. :)  I wouldn't worry about it at all. I don't even recall trying to get my baby to sit at such a young age. :)

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My daughter didn't sit until 8.5 months. She just wasn't interested. She wanted to stand or crawl instead. In fact she learned to crawl at 7 months, before she could sit. Now she sits just fine.
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My son is 5 months and does the same thing :)


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Grace is 6 months and a week.  She likes to stand more than sit sometimes too.  She can sit unassisted for a few seconds if she's busy with something interesting.  It would be nice if she would sit up a little more, but I'm in no rush.  I'm just curious how she will begin to get herself in a sitting position without me pulling her up or propping her up.  Fun!

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Yep...baby is fine!! At 4 months, my dd could do..um...nothing!! lol.....She probably didn't sit well with help until 5-6 months, and sat unassisted at 7 1/2 months. There is a HUGE range of normal too. 

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lol... Just had to update! Just days after I posted DS randomly decided he LIKES to sit and can now tripod sit on his own! 


For the record I wasn't really worried that he couldn't sit on his own yet it was that he didn't want to sit with assistance. I was afraid he could be having some spinal or leg problems (he has an internal spinal cyst the surgeon says is not a problem, but I was still cautious.) 


Anyway... it seems like he's just fine love.gif

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