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2moms3kids - welcome! What a beautiful and incredible gift. It is great to have you here with us!


carmen - I hope things line up strongly really soon and that you have a reaaaaaaaaallly long LP!



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Welcome, 2moms3kids! I've added you to our list in the first post, I hope you don't mind. I put you under "waiting to O." I hope you are successful quickly and can give your friends an amazing gift :)

Holy crap, omom!!!! SO excited for you! Congratulations!!!! joy.gif



Afm: Finally a positive opk, I usually get one positive and the next day an even darker positive. I had more ewcm last night and this morning, lots of pre-O cramping and monitor is on high. I'm predicting I'll get a peak tomorrow on the monitor and O Monday night or Tuesday sometime. KD is heading over this afternoon for insem #1. Hoping my body isn't faking me out ;)

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Hi, my name is britnie! my partner allyson and i are just starting to try for a family of our own! we are so lucky her brother is going to be my donor and he is now living with us so that we all can dedicate ourselves to making this baby! I have been researching this morning and stumbled onto this site and i can not tell you how heart warming it was to read stories from all the women on here. It brings me comfort and hope for our future! I feel so new to all of this and I don't understand all of the abbreviations but the more i read the better i understand lol! We decided we wanted a child when a co-worker told us she was pregnant and wanted us to adopt the baby. We went through the whole pregnancy with her taking her to every d. appt. planning our baby shower, decorating the babies room, hiring a lawyer, ect. and she backed out on us in her 8th month and it has been a long road to healing from something we so strongly dedicated ourselves to. We put off a child of our own after that. My sister became pregnant through all this and gave bith to a baby girl (hailey) and my parner and i dedicated ourselves to her since we did not get to adopt. We loved being apart of haileys life and we started to look into different options for us to get preg. as lebians. In novemeber Hailey got called to be in heaven she passed away from SIDS and it devistated us all!!! Yet again we put off all thoughts of a child of our own. Though not healed we are ready to give this our all, and hoping if this works for us so we may give my sister a baby again bc she will not be able to have kids again and she lost hers! Thanks for letting me share my story and for giving me a little more faith and srength to see this through!heartbeat.gif


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Welcome Britnie and Allyson! Sounds like you've had a challenging road on your quest to expand your family! hug2.gif If I understand correctly you are ttc (trying to concieve) a baby that your sister will raise?


If you'd like me to add you to our list in the first post of this thread, have a look at it and let me know where you fit in and I'lll add you :)


Best of luck!

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2moms, whoa!  That's an unbelieveable gift.  How incredible.  If this question is too invasive/insensitive, I apologize, but I was wondering if you are concerned about your ability to give this baby away after it's born?  I know you said you are satisfied with your three daughters, and I'm sure that must make it easier that you are going through the whole conception process viewing this child as your friends'.  May this time of conception and pregnancy bring you laughter, love, and an even stronger bond with your friends who are to receive this child.  Please let us know how best to support you and your family!


Onemommy- CONGRATULATIONS!!! Amazing.  broc1.gifjoy.gifcarrot.gif  broc1.gifjoy.gifcarrot.gif  broc1.gifjoy.gifcarrot.gif  broc1.gifjoy.gifcarrot.gif  broc1.gifjoy.gifcarrot.gif  broc1.gifjoy.gifcarrot.gif  broc1.gifjoy.gifcarrot.gif  broc1.gifjoy.gifcarrot.gif  broc1.gifjoy.gifcarrot.gif  broc1.gifjoy.gifcarrot.gif  broc1.gifjoy.gifcarrot.gif  broc1.gifjoy.gifcarrot.gif  broc1.gifjoy.gifcarrot.gif  broc1.gifjoy.gifcarrot.gif  broc1.gifjoy.gifcarrot.gif  broc1.gifjoy.gifcarrot.gif  broc1.gifjoy.gifcarrot.gif  broc1.gifjoy.gifcarrot.gif  broc1.gifjoy.gifcarrot.gif  broc1.gifjoy.gifcarrot.gif  broc1.gifjoy.gifcarrot.gif  broc1.gifjoy.gifcarrot.gif  broc1.gifjoy.gifcarrot.gif  broc1.gifjoy.gifcarrot.gif


Carmen, hurray for a high on the monitor!  Hopefully everything lines up well for you this cycle.  Fingers crossed.


Britnie, welcome to Queer Parenting!  It certainly sounds as if you've experienced more than your share of losses, I'm very sorry to hear it.  Are you already trying to conceive?  If not, when will you be starting?  Maybe I didn't read your post right, are you trying for a child for you and your partner?  Or are you going to be giving the baby to your sister?  Either way, we're glad to have you.  Welcome!


AFU, the children are being somewhat infuriating today.  It's been a rough weekend, and during times like this we question what it's going to be like with our own kids.  I care a lot about these kids, but I can't help but feel that there would be unconditional love backing up even the most frustrating time with our own children.  But every day, it's so obvious that these are someone else's kids.  Someone else who abused and neglected them, and then they got dropped off on our doorstep with virtually nothing.  Essentially for safekeeping, while these parents get chance after chance to get them back.  But nonetheless, they are not our children, I didn't get to help raise them or see them when they were born or know them before they were ripped away from all they'd ever known, and I won't get to watch them grow up, either.  Someday, I just know that I'm going to have to hand them back to their parents.  I guess some days are just harder than others and I needed to complain.  


I hope you all are enjoying your long weekend!


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Britnie- Welcome to QP!


Carmen - good luck with the insemination your timing sounds great... hope this is the lucky month!


DesertSunsets - sounds like a challenging weekend...it an amazing selfless thing you are doing- providing safe and nurturing, albeit temporary home for your foster children... just imagine how much easier parenting your own kids will be after this experience

1m1m - Congrats!!!!!!!!!  joy.gifThanks for getting July off to a great start! Lets hope lots of us will be joining you.  Let us know how your blood test goes.


afm- 4 DPO nothing to report whistling.gif

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After i posted i realized it was confusng. I am sorry for that and will correct myself! We are trying to get pregnant with our first child. We are using my partners brother bc we felt it would in a way be apart of her too :) We are hoping if this works for us then one day we can use my sisters husbands sperm to have a baby for her as well! To be honest we are so new to this. I have read alot of articles about it and stories of success from others. There is alot more to it than we thought. My partners brother said we could try everynight until success but after readin everything  have learned so much more about charting my fertility and the right timing.We plan to get started right away! Any advice would be great! Though we do plan to give it a test run tonight. I really appriciate the welcome and support! It is so comforting to know there are so many couples going through the same thngs we are!

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Omom--Just popping over to give my heartfelt congratulations! How exciting!

 broc1.gifjoy.gifcarrot.gif  broc1.gifjoy.gifcarrot.gif  broc1.gifjoy.gifcarrot.gif  broc1.gifjoy.gifcarrot.gifbroc1.gifjoy.gifcarrot.gif  broc1.gifjoy.gifcarrot.gif  broc1.gifjoy.gifcarrot.gif  broc1.gifjoy.gifcarrot.gifbroc1.gifjoy.gifcarrot.gif  broc1.gifjoy.gifcarrot.gif  broc1.gifjoy.gifcarrot.gif  broc1.gifjoy.gifcarrot.gifbroc1.gifjoy.gifcarrot.gif  broc1.gifjoy.gifcarrot.gif  broc1.gifjoy.gifcarrot.gif  broc1.gifjoy.gifcarrot.gifbroc1.gifjoy.gifcarrot.gif  broc1.gif

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De-lurking to say WOOHOOOOO!!!!!! to OMOM!! Congratulations and good luck with your beta!
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First insem went fine this afternoon. We'll probably do one more tomorrow or maybe Tuesday.


Question about cervix position for everyone...my cervix is really high right now, as it should be, but the opening almost feels tipped up. I can feel it no problem when squatting but when I lay back I can't feel the opening which is a problem because I have to do the insems myself and I can't see what's going on!! It has felt like that around O since having my DD. I've googled a bit but can't see anything other than a 'tipped cervix' but I didn't have one before so I'm not sure what's going on. I've had a pap since DD was born and my doctor didn't say anything. Does anyone know what the heck I'm talking about?

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Originally Posted by carmen358 View Post

First insem went fine this afternoon. We'll probably do one more tomorrow or maybe Tuesday.


Question about cervix position for everyone...my cervix is really high right now, as it should be, but the opening almost feels tipped up. I can feel it no problem when squatting but when I lay back I can't feel the opening which is a problem because I have to do the insems myself and I can't see what's going on!! It has felt like that around O since having my DD. I've googled a bit but can't see anything other than a 'tipped cervix' but I didn't have one before so I'm not sure what's going on. I've had a pap since DD was born and my doctor didn't say anything. Does anyone know what the heck I'm talking about?

Glad to hear it went well!....Sorry don't really know what you mean by "tipped".  If your OB didn't say anything during your pap it must be fine.  Just try to get the swimmers as far up as possible and you can try rolling to your side, stomach, side and back again slowly every few minutes after inseminating- that should ensure the cervix comes in contact/gets nicely coated with the stuff.  Good luck with take 2!


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Thanks, astra. I did a bit of rolling from side to side but I'll try the stomach too :) Perhaps it will be a good work out as well! :P


Peak on the monitor! Take 2 this afternoon and we're done for this cycle.


Off to my first day of work in 18 months today....

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OneMommy: broc1.gif carrot.gif  banana.gif  broc1.gif carrot.gif  banana.gifbroc1.gif carrot.gif  banana.gifbroc1.gif carrot.gif  banana.gifbroc1.gif carrot.gif  banana.gifbroc1.gif carrot.gif  banana.gifbroc1.gif carrot.gif  banana.gifbroc1.gif carrot.gif  banana.gifbroc1.gif carrot.gif  banana.gifbroc1.gif carrot.gif  banana.gifbroc1.gif carrot.gif  banana.gifbroc1.gif carrot.gif  banana.gifbroc1.gif carrot.gif  banana.gifbroc1.gif carrot.gif  banana.gifbroc1.gif carrot.gif  banana.gifbroc1.gif carrot.gif  banana.gifbroc1.gif carrot.gif  banana.gifbroc1.gif carrot.gif  banana.gif congrats to you and your family!


What a wonderful weekend with my parents! We hung out a lot, saw some fire works here in our tiny town, went to the parade in town (the bigger town of Athens) this morning and had a grand old time! I always hate to see them go home or us leave them, but I know I will see them again soon! Infact, they will be down for my birthday in a month! My mom is in big time baby mode, and is so excited to hold the LO when s/he is here! 


As for the TWW, not much going on. I'm trying not to think about it too much. Yesterday everything smelled awful to me, and today nothing sounds good to eat. But I had these symptoms my first month trying, so it means nothing really. I had about 5-10 minutes of cramping sarturday night, on our walk to fire works. I also had about 10 or 11 days of bleeding this month. There was about a 12 hour break from it saturday, but it came back. Monthly spotting is normal for me when I ovulate, but this has been the longest yet. Its now, thankfully gone and done. Today is 7dpo. We should have a good idea about it Sunday, as that will be cycle day 30 and day 13dpo. Gosh I hope this works!


Today, when my mom and I were in my car, driving to the parade, a bee flew in my cracked open window and hit me in the head. It fell on the seat, between my legs and just shook and squirmed for a while. Then, when I found someplace to pull over, it finally got up and flew around, landed on my leg, and stung me in it. I forgot how much it hurts to get stung by a bee. 


Sara has been seeing bunnies since we went to Missouri, including two today. I hope its a good sign. She also said she had a dream last night where she asked if anyone had seen her two boys, they were both little and blonde... :-) 

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OneMom:  A BFP!  That is amazing. I am so happy for you!  Hope you are leading the pack for many BFPs in July!




Carmen:  Sorry to hear about the going back to work part but a BIG YAY for peak fertility and an insemmination!  Hoping this is your month!


2Moms3kids:  I echo others.  What an incredible act of love!  Welcome back!  Hoping your stay is brief once again and that your friends soon have their dream baby in their arms.


AMT and  Britnie & Allyson:  Welcome.gif to you all!  It is wonderful to have you here.  This is an amazing group of folks and I think you will find them to be an amazing support on your journey.


Desert: Please feel free to vent away here.  I can't imagine how hard it must be to care for children that have had such a difficult road in their short lives.  It is an amazing selfless thing you are doing and I hope you can hold on to the fact that, even if they do return to their parents some day, you can make a big impact in a short time when children are that young.  THeir lives will be better for it.  


Astra: FX that the tww passes quickly.  


FiveGrand:  Thinking of you. Sending all the positive energy I can muster up for great beta results tomorrow!


AFM:  I am procrastinating packing and leaving the beach. The long weekend has been far too short.  Beta is still a week away and DW is asking if I would be willing to POAS sooner.  I am very tempted

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britally: Fertilityfriend.com is a good, free online charting website to check out :)

sara: I'm glad you had a nice time with your family :) And I agree, bee stings HURT way more than expected from such a tiny stinger. Dreams sound good! I hope this is your month!






Afm: I feel good about the insem this afternoon. I felt less hurried and my cervix opening was super easy to feel. Not sure why it sometimes feels like it is tipped now. It felt 'normal' today so that's good. I think I may have O'd today....not sure yet though.


If I'm not pregnant after 3 cycles we've decided I'll go to a fertility clinic and do some cycle monitoring/testing along with the at home insems. I found a place that seems to provide that service without caring how we're doing the other part. It's not covered by our insurance but I feel it will be worth it as I don't want to wait too long and have KD lose interest in helping (although he's pretty committed).












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alpha: you gonna test?! FINGERS CROSSED TIGHTLY FOR YOU! 


carmen: I totally didnt remember stings hurting like it did. So weird. Glad your insem went well today! I love having a good feeling about them! Here's hoping we both hit it this month, along with everyone else! I'm sure your KD wont lose interest in helping out! No worries. 

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omom -- FELICITACIONS! broc1.gifbanana.gifcarrot.gif.  i knew it was your month from the beginning, and the cold you caught was confirmation for me.  i'm sooo happy for you and your DP.  like i said, you have a great story to tell both your children some day :)


britally -- welcome to the group.  it sounds like you have a lot of heartbreak recently.  i hope that there's some joy coming up for you soon.  carmen's advice about fertility friend is spot on.  if you sign up, you get a free tutorial that gives you a lot of insight into how everything works, when to try, etc.  you can also ask us.  :)


ad astra --  i have a soft spot for scientists. thanks for the info on the epo.  i'm going to try it out this month when i'm not actually TTC and see if i notice anything.  i think my gyn put me on clomid because she wasn't sure that my follicles were producing mature eggs.  she seems to think this will help get mature ones.  i'm going to try it out and see what happens.  the hope is that we will be able succeed at home with a KD since we can't go to a clinic.  if we don't, we're ultimately going to have to go to Denmark or possibly Belgium to see an RE and move on to IUI or IVF.  i reeeallly hope we don't have to do that, because it would be a logistical and financial nightmare.  so i'll give the clomid and anything else she prescribes a chance for now....  i'm crossing my fingers for you, btw.  i won't be around when you test, but i'll send you BFP vibes from italy!


2moms3kids --  that's a beatiful thing you are doing.  welcome.


carmen -- sounds like you timed that imsem *perfectly*.  hope the threadkeeper luck is with this you month.  will be thinking about you. also, can you add me to waiting to try?


sara -- sounds like some good symptoms you've got going on!  and with all those bunnies, it has to be your month.  you'll be hearing from me soon :)


alphahen --  ooh i hope you find out before i leave!  but if not, f/x and baby dust. 


afm... i'm leaving for tuscany on thursday morning, so this is probably my last post for a while.  i need this break, badly, and DP does, too.  and then we'll be back for august and the next round of BFPs.  i'll be thinking about all of you and sending warm vibes your way.

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Nice temp rise for me this morning! I haven't seen that in my cycle for the past 3 cycles I've tracked. I hope it wasn't a fluke! If I did indeed O yesterday or last night our timing was perfect! A first day of spring baby would be nice (yes, I've already looked up when the baby would be due....March 24...but DD was 3 days early ;) )

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Carmen: Plz do add me to Waiting for AF. We took this mo off for a small break. AF should show around July 11.


OMOM: Congrats!!! I am so Happy for you and DP!!!!!!!!

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