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OneMommy: Way to start off the month with a BFP!  Hoping your luck extends to the rest of the thread.


2Moms3Kids: What an incredible gift. I hope the ttc process goes smoothly for you and everyone involved.


Britally: Welcome!  As a relative newcomer to ttc, I can say that it can be a really daunting process to start.  The acronyms alone are mind-boggling, not to mention the charts and the drugs if you get into the more "involved" protocols.  You've found a great community of supportive and knowledgeable people, though.  Fertility Friend is also great.  I noticed you are in GA.  Do you have a local support group or queer parents group?  Ours has been very helpful.  (We are in Decatur.)


And to everyone else, baby dust and comfort and rest as needed!


AFM:  I went off the grid for the last TWW so as to give my brain a break and let my body do it's thing.  To be honest, I was really disappointed that the injectables only produced one good and one mediocre follicle last month.  I tried my best to remain positive, but I was pretty last month's insem didn't work by 7dpo.  I got BFNs on days 9-12 and two error messages on days 13-14 (from different kinds of tests!), but AF showed up last Friday.  Baseline appointment was good - 10 follicles in my left ovary (which I think is the "good" one).  We're increasing the dosage of my injectables and adding a day of them this month.  That makes me hopeful about the results but a little nervous about the potential side effects of higher doses, though I suppose it will be worth it for a BFP :)  We've also been busy on the non-TTC front.  We also found out last week that DP's mom was diagnosed with breast cancer.  DP was travelling for work and alone when we found out, and that was really hard.  They caught it early, though, and her surgery is today.  We hope to go to CT to visit in a few weeks.  Life never gets dull, does it?


Please move me to Waiting to O.  Thanks!

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We are also taking July off for a much needed break!!! And we are heading to a great weekend of camping when dp would be ovulating!!!!yay for great timing carmen.....and Congrats for bfp one mom!!!!!
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1m1m! Congratulations!

Alpha—when she started talking about patches and things that I’d never heard of I thought she had me confused with a patient who was on a stop-smoking regimen! It’s weird they don’t just give all of the information up front—I’m more scared of being given things I’ve never talked through than of hearing the whole list right at the beginning! How was your beach trip?

Gelly—Bravelle and Menopur appear to be the main ones. There are also a whole slew of other little things that I need to figure out. And Ganirelix later on to keep the eggs from ovulating on their own. Have you got your schedule yet? Also! You’re birthday is the day after mine! Yay for fellow Cancers!

5Grand—any news? FX for you!

Amt and Britnie—Welcome! We’re so glad to have you with us!

DesertSunsets—Ugh. I’m sorry about the heat/fires! I was just thinking about that last night, actually—we were in AZ for a wedding two weeks ago and I was wondering if they’re allowed to do fireworks because of the fire risk. I’m sorry you’re in the part of the country that’s close enough to get the smoke. And hurray for being so close to trying! Do you have any special distractions picked out to get you through the next month?

2moms3kids—well, welcome back! What an amazing gift! I hope you have more excellent luck this time!

Carmen—how was going back to work for you? I know that half of the new moms at my job show up on day one looking really sad, and the other half look like it’s the first day of spring and someone just gave them ice cream!

Sara—I know what you mean about mis-trusting ‘symptoms’. Hopefully, though, that’s exactly what those are! Sorry about the bee sting! I haven’t had one since I was a kid, but I’m super-cautious around them because I STILL remember how much it hurt back then!

Nosreves—I can’t believe all of the hoops you’re having to jump through to get treated—it’s just ridiculous. Who knew France was so backward? I hope Tuscany is everything you need, and that when you get back you’ll get your BFP and not have to mess around with any more of this craziness!

Karma—I’m so sorry about your mother in law. Good that they caught it early, though! I hope that she has an excellent result from the treatment!

AFM—whew! That was a lot to catch up on! Things here are coming along fine—tomorrow is day one of the shots!
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Congrats 1M1M!


As for me - BFN - Dr's office just called.  :(  I thought it was going to be positive for sure as I've had some symptoms that I had with the first pregnancy, but I guess my body was playing tricks on me.  I'm not as upset as I was last time, but I still want to crawl under a rock and not emerge for a few days.  Cold beer tonight will help. 


Probably not transferring again until August because of a July vacation.  I really wanted to get pregnant before the first baby's due date (8/29/11)... here's hoping next time works.

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carmen: I already know when my due date would be too, if this is my month. congrats on good timing.


isa: welcome back! wuhu for starting your shots! I dont know why it stung me, I was trying to get it out of the car nicely. dumb bee.


fivegrand: I'm so sorry about your BFN. the vacation will help and next month it will happen! 


cananny: enjoy your vacation


nosreves: you too, enjoy tuscany! that sounds like so much fun! I look forward to hearing from you! 


AFM: 8dpo... time is ticking wayyy too slowly. Had some more cramping today around noon. Little bit of spotting, and its gone now. My boobs are feeling sore by my armpits and in the nipple area too. They are finally even (sorry if thats tmi) so that must mean at least one grew a bit. haha. Maybe still I'm making crap up. I dunno what to think.

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Coming out of lurking to say...

5grand--Sorry about the BFN...greensad.gif

Welcome 2mom3 kids, amt, and britnie! wave.gif


Hope all is going well with everyone! I hate breaks. The good thing is that I have 5 gigs coming up (including a music festival) to keep me busy this month....hopefully it goes quickly and I can move on in August.

Sara--I am quite excited about all of the blonds being featured donors recently...Mr. July is super cute...I think I am going to ask about his count and order him this month if it is high enough...smile.gif
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lise: He is super cute! Hope he works out for you! Whats a high enough count for you? I will not be able to afford Mr. July and also, his family has a high risk of breast cancer and so does mine, so we think its not a good idea to mix our genes. The blonde donors are fabulous though! I always wanted a blonde baby. 

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1m1m CONGRATS!!!! broc1.gif carrot.gif banana.gif


5grand, So sorry! I was really hoping this was IT for you. I will keep sending you positive vibes for next time.

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Sending peaceful and rejuvenating vibes to all who are taking a short break!


isa: Work is weird! It feels weird to be there and I keep thinking it's just a temporary thing (even though I have no end in sight). It's only been 2 days and I'm just doing half days for the first week. So, yeah, it's weird lol Good luck with your shots!

5grand: hug2.gif I hope the cold beer is good.

sara: Symptoms sound good. Do you usually spot in your luteal phase? Implantation spotting maybe?


afm: I had acupuncture this afternoon, started new LP chinese herbs and cut up a big, sweet pineapple to consume over the next 5 days so I'm off to a good start in this 2ww.




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HI Everyone


We just got back from the new obgyn and it was a bit frustrating.. her answer was. DP is young, ovulates regularlym has no reason to think she would not get preg.. did not feel we need to do any blood work, ect.. that we should rely only on the OPK.. and keep trying... then in 6 more months we can re evaluate.. well that news dod not really sit well with DP.. Im in the mind frame that it just takes time.. and i mostly agree with doc.. it DOES take time..

DP was in tears.. i think she wants instant answers and instant baby.. I know and get how much TTC is hard.. ( i tried for a few yrs pre DP)

We ended up in a little argument.. she says lets just adopt.. im ok with that.. but i really want a child under 1...and thats hard to get... and its expensive.. when I feel we have only given us a small chance to get pregnant.. 6 months! Her other suggestion is we have a surrogate.. but again we are talking a lot of money... we seem to be on very diff pages... i cantbe the one to  decide what she wants to do with her body..... she has to find a way to be ok with us trying more... or accept we may not be parents.. i am pretty black and white.. of we keeep trying or we look into adoption,, knowing that can take years and no results.... 

sorry to vent.. it was just a long day~

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carmen - your insem sounds like it was ideal, my f/x that you will be off work again very soon with your next LO !


allyson and britnie - welcome!


sara - bunnies sounds like a really auspicous sighting- seems like it brings good luck to you two. I hope this is the month!


nos reves - enjoy tuscany - that sounds like the ideal place for some re-energizing and relaxing. Will be looking forward to your BFP in August :)


southern - baseline sounds great - I hope the change in your injectibles brings you more follies for this cycle.


5G - hug2.gif I'm sorry about the BFN.


I hope all taking breaks this month soak up sun and peaceful moments


Beta went great today - it was 132, which the nurse said was good. my next one is friday morning. i am trying not to worry about everything and enjoy this moment. it is a little hard to relax and not worry that af might sneak up and kick my butt... DP has been awesome. She is super excited and confident - sensitive to my worry, but infectiously joyful. just what i need :)


I also found out that my SIL is pregnant as well. She is a breast cancer survivor, and is using donor eggs and IVF - so we have been chatting through TCC about donors, etc... Anyways, we are due literaly days apart - if all goes well. so that is kinda awesome. and we have each other - which i think is nice for us both. i think hetero folks using donors don't have nearly as many awesome supports like this board - so i'm happy for us to have each other as our kids grow, etc... to share strategies with our kids and donor stuff.



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5grand--I'm sorry to hear about the BFN. I hope the break is good for you--and that your body gets ready to grow a baby in August!

Sara--hahhahaha about the matching boobs! I always feel weird that one is bigger than the other, even though I know most people are the same way. Congrats on having a matching set for once! wink1.gif

Lise--I was just thinking about you--we were in MI this weekend and kept looking at the map, so I was trying to guess which island you were on (I know you said once but I wasn't paying attention at the time). Anyway, your state was just gorgeous, so hopefully it's distracting for the wait! I'm afraid of having blond babies. I'm so dark that I think it would be odd to not match--but there are blonds on both sides of the family, and I AM hoping for blue eyes, so I guess it's a possibility.

Carmen--hang in there--it'll get more normal soon. Probably just in time for you to tell them you're going out on leave again. smile.gif

CaNanny--that's so frustrating. I know 6 months feels like forever (seeing as I'm only at 8 now) but adoption would take at least 6 more months, so no instant babies are likely in either case. I'm sorry your doctor is sticking firm to the 12 months rule. Could you see another RE? Would you be willing to pay out of pocket for more advanced treatment? It's expensive, but so is adopting! BTW--I think adopting would be great, but it's got to be quite a shift from TTC to adoption, especially if you don't feel like you've explored all your options. Hopefully once the news isn't so raw she'll be able to talk more rationally about what the next steps are. Good luck to you in finding the right solution for your family!

OMOM--that's great about your sister in law! I think it'd be wonderful to have a cousin so close in age, and also one who is in the same boat about having a donor in addition to parents--someone who knows what you're going through to have your back! Do you leave near each other at all? FX for another good beta next week!

AFM--day one of the shots. It took me a long time to mix them (partly because I didn't realize at first that there were lids on them and couldn't figure out why the needle wouldn't go in. Luckily I had extras so ruining one was no big deal) and I had to psych myself up to actually inject it because I knew it would sting. It wasn't too bad, though. So now we're just waiting to see what I'm like on crazy hormones. I already apologized to DP, just to get it out of the way early...
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onemommyonemama, congrats!! let's keep those BFPs rolling in! :) Glad to hear your beta was good; and I hope everything keeps going great!


cananny, sorry you and DP are struggling! I think we're in a similar timeframe (on our 5th cycle now) and it's so hard not to get bogged down in the ttc mess. sometimes i want to try DP so we can just get our baby already! but i know that's not what i really want, and not how our plan to build our family was... i know we will do that at some point, and also may adopt, but i'm trying to stick with this plan right now and trust it... it has brought up some discussion for us because when i got AF last month, DP asked if we should try her once. she's 25 and KD is 21, so i think she's thinking that would be faster, sigh.


Good luck to everyone taking breaks! And good luck to those of you on meds and starting IVF! I love following along in your journeys :)


AFM, please move me to TWW. OPK was positive earlier than ever this month, and *tmi alert* lots of fertile mucus! It's actually the first time I've had that since we've started. And, with ovulating earlier this month, it looks like my cycle continues to regulate. The shorter cycle also means we will get two more months of trying after this (if needed) before I go to Hawaii for the month of September. Our KD suggested we have him over tonight to do our insem, which we've also never done. It was a bit awkward, but you all know i've been worrying about whether we're waiting too long between picking up the sample and inseming- no chance of that this month!

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Cananny: I can relate to being frustrated and anxious. I'm surprised your ob isn't even doing simple fertility blood work though! I hope it works out for you...maybe when you both 'let go' it will suddenly happen. I'm not sure what that means but it does seem to happen that way for lots of people. hug2.gif to you and your DP.

omom: Hooray for a good beta! I hope Friday's brings more good news :) And that's exciting about your SIL being due around the same time. Do they live close? It would be nice for the cousins to be close growing up!


isa: Good job with the shot! I hope the hormones don't affect you too badly.....



Afm: FF gave me crosshairs already but I'm confident it will shift one day later after tomorrow. I'm pretty sure that I O'd on Monday so that makes me 2DPO. 9 days to go before I test.....still eating pineapple.

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Originally Posted by MidwifeStephPDX View Post

AFM, please move me to TWW. OPK was positive earlier than ever this month, and *tmi alert* lots of fertile mucus! It's actually the first time I've had that since we've started. And, with ovulating earlier this month, it looks like my cycle continues to regulate. The shorter cycle also means we will get two more months of trying after this (if needed) before I go to Hawaii for the month of September. Our KD suggested we have him over tonight to do our insem, which we've also never done. It was a bit awkward, but you all know i've been worrying about whether we're waiting too long between picking up the sample and inseming- no chance of that this month!

We posted at the same time. Sounds like a promising cycle for you!!

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congrats 1m1m!!!!!  that is so exciting!


hugs to you fivegrandbaby.  so sorry for the bfn.


cananny - i wrote on the fb group too but i would definitely get the bloodword done - cd3 stuff at the very minimum.  fsh, lh, estrogen, prolactin, tsh would be a good place to start.  also a progesterone test at 7 days past ovulation.  i do think your ob is an ass.  have you had your kd tested for count and motility?  if not, that would be a good next step too.  even if everything checks out with your dp if his sperm isn't any good you won't be getting preggers any time soon.  as info, dp and i had several minor fertility issues that you would not know about w/o testing.  they were really easy to treat.  hang in there!



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CANANNY: Email me at my personal account (I'm at work and don't have your email on file). I have lots to say and some positive thoughts and especially want to talk to you if you guys are working with the Kaiser doctors I work with. I know it's easy to get down (believe me, I've done it many times) but I think there is a lot of hope for you and DP with the right doctors. I'm hoping I can help.


Cyber hugs,


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5Grand:  Big hugs  hug2.gif.  i was hoping so hard that this was going to be it for you. It is so unfair.  I hope you are enjoying the beer and any other vice that helps keep you sane through this disappointment.


Cananny:  I am so sorry for the struggles. This is such a maddening process and having an unsympathetic doc makes it 10 times worse!!!  Hoping that you and DP can work through your options without too much of a struggle.  Sending peaceful vibes to you both.


1mom:  Beta sound like a great start!  Keep us posted on your progress!


Isa: The shots are a trip to figure out in the beginning but you will get the hang of it in no time.   As for the hormones,  I found it always helped to remind myself (and DW) how temporary it was.  We were both on them at the same time and it was pretty insane for a couple of weeks but the fact that it is only a couple of weeks is a lifesaver.


Midwife, Carmen, Sara and others on the TWW:  Fingers crossed for all of you that July will be a wonderful month full of BFPs!!!


For those taking a break,  I hope it is bringing peace and renewed strength for the road ahead.


AFU:  Still on the TWW and we are both feeling impatient.  Beta is not until Monday.  In my desperation, I made a dumb move and POAS last night. It was a BFN and I was crushed but trying to remind myself that it is too soon for anything definitive.  Trying to let go and make it through the next few days without going crazy. 

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5G- I am de-lurking to give you major cyber hugs! hug2.gifhug2.gifhug2.gif Hang in there kiddo.
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Thanks for the love, everyone.  I'm taking this one pretty hard, for some reason.  Usually I wake up the day after a BFN and I feel great, I feel optimistic - but not this time.  It's like every negative makes me re-live the miscarriage and the wound is fresh again.  Having to take July off doesn't help matters, and the baby's due date was 8/29/11.  That day will be horrible for me no matter what, but if we're not pregnant again by then, it'll be all the worse.  Also, while we did freeze four decent embryos, I'm not sure how they will handle the thawing, and I'm guessing we'll just be putting all of them in the next time, which obviously adds more pressure.  I want this so badly, and we're coming up on TWO YEARS of trying.  This is not supposed to be this difficult.  I know plenty of people have it harder - I apologize that my grief is making me feel incredibly selfish right now.  I'm so grateful I actually got pregnant - it was the best 12 weeks of my life.  But I wonder if it'd be easier if I hadn't, and if I didn't have my doctor insisting that I can get pregnant again, "it's just a matter of time."  Every cycle, my partner and I have to try to find the reason why it didn't happen, and try to find the good things, and it's just getting harder and harder for us to do that.  Money aside, going through another round of IVF and all of the medicines and injections makes me feel sick to my stomach.  But we're so deep in and despite my bitching and moaning, I'm nowhere near ready to give up.  I don't know if I ever will be...


Thanks for letting me whine and pity myself momentarily.  Don't mean to be Captain Bringdown.  


Oh and alpha?  Way too early to test!

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