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Today's the day!

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Woke up at 4:30 with a backache, did a quick check and I somehow managed to dilate to 6cm, 100% effaced in my sleep. Baby's head is right there. Contractions are easy and manageable for the most part, I'm going to call my midwife shortly and give her a head's up. Hurray for birthing day!

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So exiting!!!! Keep us posted!

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It's slow going. I'm having to work to keep the baby's head down low to apply enough pressure depending on the position I'm in, looks like I'm going to have to work for this birth.

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Horray!  It's July 1st, I was hoping we'd have a little deluge of babies this weekend. :D

Best wishes for a birth that won't make you work TOO hard!

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I had some bloody show, threw up, and took a nap. Had a few contractions while I was laying down. I think it's going to be slow going, but that's okay. I can deal with breaks.

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Yay!! Happy birthing!!!

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Yay! Sending you easy labor vibes! goodvibes.gif

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Yay!! What a beautiful day for a birth. joy.gif
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Hope you get to meet your LO soon!! Smooth labor vibes coming your way mama!! goodvibes.gif

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Happy birthing, Katie! I'll be thinking of you today!
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Rest while you can!

Happy Birthing!! joy.gif

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SO exciting! Enjoy your breaks - baby will be earthside soon! Best wishes for an easy, peaceful birth.

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Squeal!!!  So excited and jealous!  Love that you're on here giving us a play by play.  I'll be anxiously awaiting those newborn pics. :)

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YAY! Soo exciting!!!

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And we have a girl! Eliza Kate joined us today at noon, welcomed at home by her brother, sister, midwife, and assistants in attendance and caught by mama and dad! Things picked up quickly after 10, I got stubborn toward the end with pushing but once I gave in to it she was out in 9 minutes. We had another great waterbirth, only some slight labial tearing despite me roaring her out at the end. She's definitely a feisty little one, births stats are 8lbs. 5oz. and 21 inches!




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She is beautiful! Congratulations Katie~ have a wonderful babymoon.

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Oh my gosh!!!! So fast!  She's absolutely DARLING!  Good job, mama!  




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Oh joy joy joy!!! What a darling baby!
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ohmigosh! Congrats Katie!!!! She's darling.

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