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She's beautiful! Congratulations!

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WoW! What a great way to ring in this birth month!!!!joy.gifCONGRATS!

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Congrats mama!! love.gif I love how in-tune you are w/your body!! Welcomes to baby Eliza, enjoy your babymoon!!

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Congratulations, Katie!!  

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Congrats Katie and family!! I didn't check MDC this morning but was thinking about you today Katie, hoping it would be soon. She's gorgeous smile.gif
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she is absolutely adorable! little rolls in all the right places!

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Congratulations mama! she's beautiful joy.gif

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She is gorgeous! Good job, mama and enjoy your babymoon!
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Oh, she's so beautiful!! Congratulations!!! Way to get the month of July started off right! joy.gifjoy.gif
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Oh, she's so snuggly!  What a cutie!  joy.gif

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Hooray!! Congratulations~what a beautiful babe! "All good things in all good time"

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She is beautiful! Congratulations

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Oh Katie she is perfect!  Congratulations!!!

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Congratulations on the birth of Eliza!  She is very sweet.  My name is Katie too and our daughter's middle name will be Kate just like Eliza's.  I love it!

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Congratulations!!  She's adorable. 

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congrats lady, been thinking about you, so glad i noticed this in New Posts!

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Congrats mama! She is lovely!

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Absolutely beautiful.  Enjoy your babymoon and thanks for all the updates.



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What a *beautiful* little lady!!!!!  So happy for you and your family  ;)

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SHE IS SOOOOO PRETTY And PERFECT! Congrats! Getting so excited!!!! YAY JULY!!!! Beautiful Name.





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