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Starling: Your DD looks like such a free-spirited, happy kid.  I love your tatoos, too.  Is there a story behind the tree?  As for the belly, it does seem small, but I'm sure that is just the nature of this pregnancy and that your little one is safe and comfy in there.  Thanks for listing some of your favorite music--I'll have to check those out.  I'm so rusty when it comes to young children's culture. 


MizYellow: Can't wait for your news!  Thinking of you and hoping that everything is going wonderfully.


Seraf: Are you going to do any belly art or casting?  In another few months, that belly is going to be awesome!  Looking forward to following along.


AFM: Slow day today.  Too hot to go anywhere (heat index well above 100 with very high humidity--I'm barely going outside to check the mail, lest my ankles actually explode).  I'm trying to finish up this chapter, but DP is editing for me and taking a while...kind of frustrating, but she is really helping, too.  Ugh. 

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Amanda: Thanks for the name of the belly cast kit. I'm excited to try it out. I hope you post pics when it's finished. Glad to hear that you had an enjoyable weekend away. How exciting to know that things are moving along!! It's really interesting that you can be open on one end of your cervix and closed on the other. I would think things would move in a more uniform way in that small space, but everything about this process is news to me. :o)


Seref: What a great belly!!! Renovations were a great learning experience for me, but I'll be really careful when I undertake them again... making sure I don't have quite as much going on at the time. Also, I imagine it would be so much more enjoyable to do them yourself. We worked with a wonderful, accomodating contractor, and at the end he totally dropped out before finishing the job and got frustrated with us when we pushed him to come back and finish up. I didn't like that dynamic at all. I am learning a fair amount about BFAR, but I've been focused on vaccines lately. Still time left... 12 weeks to go.


Escher: I'm having a bit of hormone ramp up too these days. It's really subtle but strong, kwim? One moment I'm fine, and all of the sudden I'll spout out to DW, "Ahhh, I'm so pregnant." Usually this means something along the lines of I can't cook, clean, deal w/____ tonight. You do it. Or, give me a bath, massage, etc. Yep, I've been making my way through the Sears book. I like the format and appreciate the description of the vaccine ingredients and what that means to some experts/families/observers. I also like the research he's included. I wish the book were a little more updated but it looks like I can check the website for more recent information (which I haven't done yet). There are a few I'm thinking we might want to delay or not vax for, and there are some that make sense to me on schedule. What did you think of the book?


Starling: What great pictures!!! Looks like a baby bump to me and your first little one is so very sweet. Lots of gorgeous personality in that pic. I'm envious after reading your response about stuff. For every new thing that arrives from family, friends or that we pick up I keep wondering whether we really need it (not the car seat and some of the other basics). But, it would be so nice to really know what's needed in our house and family, rather than filling our small space with stuff.


2EZ: Nice to see you!! How's everything going?


Mami: Thinking of you and your family and hoping all is well.


QOTD: Stuff... we registered for a fair amount of it figuring we can give folks choices. Our one big ask was a high-chair, but I don't know that we need that for awhile. I don't really think we need all of the stuff on the list. The one thing that I'm still stuck on (no matter how much I read on the diaper boards, watch youtube tutorials, talk to folks) is diapers. I'm drawn to the one size FuzziBuns I think hoping that they live up to the promise of carrying us through infancy and beyond. But because I have no experience with cloth I'm not sure how to approach it on the registry or just by stocking up ourselves. I get that starting out with a 3 day supply is an approach that has worked for others, but should they be all the same brand, or should we get a few different types to see if the babe prefers one or the other and then sell what doesn't work. Still uncertain about this.


AFM: Other than sleep, things are going well. We went to a birthing stories night at our MW practice yesterday. So lovely to meet all of the families and hear about their 4 very different experiences. 3 days of labor for one; 4 hours of labor and 4 hours of pushing for another; 8 hours of labor and 20 minutes of pushing for another; and an unplanned hospital birth for the other. Also, two families in my birthing class just delivered, both at home, both in about 12 hours total. That sounds just about right to me. :o) Babe is kicking a good deal, which I love. I think she kicked me in the cervix this morning though... I didn't think she could reach down there. She's all over my belly though, up high one day and down low later that day. Took the first glucose test yesterday... ugh, not fun sugar drink (that can't be good for pregnant mamas). I'm feeling hopeful. Does anyone feel like their nutritional needs really increase in later pregnancy? It seems hard to get enough nutrition now and I didn't gain a pound last month (this is not normal for me... usually have no trouble with weight gain).

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Hey ladies,

Starling: Cute belly! It is tiny but adorable! I guess you don't have to worry about stretch marks. She must be nestled firmly in your back! What a doll baby you have! She looks so cozy and those eyes are gorgeous!


Ahope:  I feel you on the ankles. Sometimes mine get so big I have cellulite in them. Which is really sexy. :) 1.5 cm WOO!!! Hopefully this means next week you will be a 3! And then a 4 and then you can have a super short labor! Not too much longer!


Seraf- That belly is awesome!  Thanks for your support these last couple of days.Means a lot


Tomorrow is the day ladies! I was planning to be induced and was feeling super guilty about it. But with my work schedule in August (and of course my general misery) he needs to come sooner rather than later. I was planning to do it Monday morning which is my due date to minimize my guilt and give my body a little more time. BUT my iron levels came back this morning really low again. In fact lower than last time so they want me to come in tomorrow, get an iron infusion and then be induced to minimize bleeding. So now I am feeling much less guilty but am a nervous wreck! I get to meet my little man (hopefully) tomorrow!!  So much to do tonight!  Including smothering my soon to be oldest child in kisses and love. I will update as soon as possible!

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Seraf ... Would you believe that I am only 5' 2"?  Seriously, don't know where this baby is.  Fundal height is 29 cm, which is right on track and all the baby measurements were on track at the one ultrasound too.  Only other thing would be low fluid, but I think it's more likely that I lost weight and am only now just about where I was before barfing several times a day became the new normal.


AmandaH ... The cherry blossom tree is for my daughter.  She loves cherry blossoms!  Especially when they start drifting down and the whole street looks like a pink snow storm.  Her name is on that one.  I'm going to work this child's name into the tree too. 


Julie ... We use fuzzi bunz from about five or six months of age.  Before that we use mostly prefolds and covers, and some cute fitted ones that I can't wait to put on an adorable little tush again.  I am not a fan of the one size fuzzi bunz.  Maybe it's because I'm used to what I know, but the few that I have seem more fiddly and more leaky as dd gets bigger, and the button that adjusts the size has dug into dd more times than I'd care to admit.  I know it's exciting to get lovely new diapers, but when it comes to fb, you might want to check out craigslist.  We got our whole stash second hand, and it was way cheaper than new, and allowed us to play around a little bit to find what we liked.  My caution with used fb is that you have a good look at the inside of the PUL cover and make sure that it's not decaying from age, use, or too much time in the dryer.  And make sure that the inserts are fb inserts.  I bought a bunch that had different inserts and they leaked. 

As for amount, we have about two and a half days worth, and have no washer or dryer in our place, although we do have coin laundry in the co-op.


MizYellow?  How are things going, my dear?   ETA: Cross-post!  So good to hear from you!  The countdown is on!  I can't wait to hear details and see pictures.  Enjoy these last fleeting moments as a mama to one and try, try, try to get some decent sleep!  So exciting!!!


Carmen ... I bet you're hanging out in here and just don't want to shout it to the mountaintops just yet, right?  If you are, then congratulations again, and come play when you're ready! 

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MizYellow: So exciting about tomorrow!  I wouldn't feel guilty; I just heard a piece on NPR about inductions being less than ideal before 39 weeks, but you'll be past that.  Plus the iron level thing is a concern.  I wish you a wonderful afternoon and evening with your family, a restful night, an easy and effective induction, an incredible birth, and a fantastic welcome for little baby H.  I'm thrilled that you get to meet your little one so soon and can't wait to hear how it goes.


Julie: I think I mentioned this before, but one option is "renting" used (but good as new) diapers in a variety of types so that you can pick the ones you like best.  I'm doing that, though I'm also buying some used diapers here and there as I can.  The rentals end up being cheaper than disposables would be for the same time period.  Here is one place that rents them and is happy to ship them to you; it is the place we are using.  The two women who run the store (a mom and daughter pair) are super helpful and friendly, so you could always call them for advice. I already picked up the newborn diapers, and they are in great shape (and so cute!).  Regarding the belly cast, we still need to apply the outer coating and the glaze (after sanding it...), but I'll post a pic when it is done.  Hmm...maybe we should get on that.  I can see it still waiting to be done a year from now, if the baby shows up soon. 


Starling: By "fitted," do you mean Kissaluv style?  That's what we're renting for now, and they are SO small and sweet!  My doula says to use disposables for the first few weeks (meconium staining concerns, I guess), but I don't think I'll be able to resist those diapers for long.  How cute are those little butts going to look in those super soft little things?!  I'm glad the baby's size is on track; you just have a little bump!  I bet it will pop out all of a sudden, though, especially if/when your stomach fully recovers.


Amy: Any news?  Hmm? 


I'm playing games with my little fetus.  She sticks her foot out at my side, and I rub it, and then she pulls it back in and sticks it out again a few inches over.  smile.gif

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Starling, if you're measuring the right size, that includes fluid. You're just missing the extra layer of insulation I have. I think a cargo bike would be cool. But we live way out. It is a several mile bike ride on a narrow 2 lane highway to the next town and our whole town isn't 3 blocks long. No real reason to have a fancy bike and I would be afraid to put a kid in a trailer to go between towns here. Ari still rides on my bike with me.

Yellow, I'm so excited for you! Remember to update me on how nursing goes! I will be thinking of you all day tomorrow. Visualizing a nice, quick, comfortable labor and a healthy baby.

Julie, I used to nanny for a family who used fuzzy buns. I didn't care for them. I thought they smelled, leaked and I didn't like having to unload them. Of course, my kids were frequently diaperless so they sometimes smelled and leaked, too. Contractors who don't finish their job make me grumpy.

AmandaHope, I have no use for a belly cast. If Sara wants to make one I am game, but I'm not so into art. We have plaster cloth, so it would be super easy. I have made a couple already in my life, so I am good.
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Thanks very much for the diaper input Starling and Amanda. Good to get the review of the FB one size. That's right, Amanda, I remember seeing your post on the rentals. I'll check that out.


Yellow... how exciting! Sending you lots of ELVs and will be anxiously awaiting the news.


AFM: Arghhh, I just got the results from my 1-hour glucose test. The cut-off is 129 and I came in at 130. 1 point!! So now I need to do the 3-hour test... I sooooo do not want GD. Was there a recent discussion on strategies for the 3-hour test (protein loading the day before or something)? Very frustrating because with the fasting I feel like I need to do this in the morning but that seems to be when my sugar is the worst. The times that I've spilled sugar in urine tests were AM and my PM tests went fine. I don't think my midwives will deliver at home with GD. greensad.gif

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Julie: The exact same thing happened to me.  I was literally on the cut-off.  I was not happy.  The timing of the test is tricky.  I can see why you'd want to do PM, but fasting for 12 hours while awake is going to be so hard.  I suppose you could wake up and eat during the night in preparation.  Maybe that's not a bad idea, since you know that your blood sugar is better in the evening.  Also, I researched the protein loading, and a recent peer-reviewed study showed no difference between results after carb-loading and protein loading.  That said, I did go heavy on protein for the few days before the test, and it turned out fine.  So it can't hurt, I guess.  


Are you sure your midwives require you to do the standard test?  My homebirth midwives in SF were ok with my using a home glucometer to test my blood sugar at several intervals throughout the day, which much more closely mimics actually blood sugar conditions.  This time, my CNMs required the standard test.  I'm sorry you have to deal with this!

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Amanda: It does sound tricky to fast during the day... and not so good for the baby. I just talked to the office and they said I could conceivably have a high protein big breakfast and then test in the afternoon after an 8 hour fast, so maybe I'll try that. They did acknowlege that morning blood sugar can rise faster. It sounds like they want the standard test but I didn't know to ask them about a glucometer. I'll do that. Thank you!!

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Quick question about Vitamin K shots for newborns for those with knowledge/opinions:


My midwife said that when the birth is fast and the baby has bruising, they recommend the shot (to prevent internal bleeding, from what I understand).  But my chiro says that he thinks that I will give birth quickly and that therefore I should NOT do the Vit K shot, since it contributes to jaundice.  It is an anti-coagulant, so his logic is that it prevents the body from clearing out the damaged cells quickly and thereby overloads the liver.  I've done some online research which suggests that in the currently administered dose (which is much lower than what it used to be), the shot should not contribute to jaundice.  Hmm.  Just thought I'd see what you all think. 

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mizyellow - so so so exciting! ELV to you. I will be thinking of you!


julie -  sorry about the frustrating 1 point!


i have a question  - what did you do to help with exhaustion and m/s in early pregnancy? I feel unbelievably tired and am trying to listen to my body, but also need to feel alive, ya know? I feel like a zombie the last few days. Also - I don't have m/s but am totally not into eating and feel gross. any tips are helpful!!! I don't want to be a total sicko bump on a log - it is summer! and my DW and LO are waiting around for me all day - wanting to play :)


U/S in a week. I had cramping this week that freaked me out. I am not a fan of this early waiting...

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OneMommy: I found that eating high-protein small meals quite frequently (like every 2 hours or so) really helped both w/ m/s and exhaustion.  Favorites included cheese (esp. string cheese), hard-boiled eggs, protein bars and shakes, milk, nuts, and chicken. Short naps whenever possible helped, too.  Really, I'd say to eat whatever sounds ok to you.  The most important thing is not to let yourself get really hungry, which can happen fast.  Keep snacks in your bag, at work, in the car, etc., so that you can eat preemptively.  Also make sure that you are well-hydrated, especially given the summer weather.  I hope you find some strategies that work for you, but I think that your feelings are also quite normal.  It isn't any fun, but it will get better. Sorry about the cramping, though; that's scary.  Glad it has subsided...and hope that your u/s next week is reassuring!  Hang in there...

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Getting ready to leave to go to the hospital, pretty funny that I check in here! Thanks ladies for all your support these several months. I can't wait to hold my sweet angel. I was watching Lennon sleep for over an hour this morning and can't wait to have 2 little boys in that bed!


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AmandaHope, I read some really interesting links about it recently.  I will see if I can find some later.  I skipped it with the first 2 and will again.  I may make a point of eating some vit K rich foods as I go term, but I didn't before.  When did they change the dose?  I really think there are fewer risks associated with bleeding if the cord clamping is delayed.  I think cord clamping as a practice is what led us to start "needing" vit k to begin with, I mean, otherwise, how did we survive as a species long enough to invent vit k? (and that is a train of thought with almost every intervention, so I won't bother saying it again).  Their bodies produce it naturally around day 8, hmmm, what else is not til day 8? Brain bleeding is the biggest worry really.  Premies have a higher risk, right?  I feel like babies who are yanked out with forceps or vacuum would be at higher risk, too.  Fast, how fast?  Ari's whole labor was 3 hours.  I only pushed with Osh for 20 minutes, that could be seen as fast, too.  Neither of them had bruising.  Neither were dropped.  Neither had shots or blood taken until they were a few days old (versus the minutes to hours at the hospital).  


Julie, my rec was to exercise after the drink to push the sugar into your muscle cells.  I researched GD when I had a questionable reading with Osh.  And, well, exercise does the same thing with regular diabetes.  My midwives before didn't require it.  Fingersticks were good enough for them.  If you have already had a bad or borderline reading they may need reassurance that all is well for a home birth.  Randomly, my OBs will only do the 2 hour test.  We don't even  have the option of a 1 hour test because they say so many people fail it.  I am going to take in some sugars because I don't want it.  They probably won't keep me anyway, tho, so I'm not worrying yet.  


OMOM, protein.  And make sure you're getting enough calories and water.  I couldn't avoid the exhaustion, but I thought peanut butter and protein shakes smelled better than say, cheese, eggs, tofu, yogurt.  Good luck.  We all get through it.


Yellow, I stood you up, so now you're going to stand me up?  Sure sure, blame the baby.  Just kidding.  You will have him before you read this.  We are so excited for you over here!  





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Good morning everyone~ writing to you from my desk in the library!!!  Today DP and I decided to practice our new routine and I needed to get some work done here at school (the mess that was left for me just about made me cry) so I'm going to work on getting back into the groove with you fantastic ladies as well! And it seems like I came on a good day!


MIZ YELLOW~ Totally thinking of you!!!  I hope all is going well and you're having a safe, happy delivery right now xox


Starling~ What a cute bump pic! Great baby sling action balancing out said bump as well. And your DD is LOVELY!  I'm sorry your festival was rainy. Please send a bit of rain this way, as we're continuing the painful pizza oven style heat.


AHope~ I love your 'fetus games'.  Alice poked me with a foot always in the same spot, and then when she was born I couldn't get over how bony and pointy her little heel was. So cute!


Seraf~ How you doin?  And how's Sara? I'm so out of the TTC loop I don't know how that's been going.


OMOM~ Hi!!  I used to be on here a lot and will be again, so I'm sure we'll get to know each other better.


AFM~ Like I said, practicing being at work and DP's practicing being the sole caregiver.  We just found out last night, though, that her academic schedule's been jerked around at the last minute and her working in the evenings while I work in the day isn't going to happen so we're suddenly scrambling for baby care for two afternoons a week. EEK!  I don't want Alice at a center if I can help it, but I might not be able to help it.   Fortunately my sister and her family are moving back into our area and she'll nanny for us for a bit, but still, we're NOT pleased about these developments.  UGH.  And it's still nightmarishly hot (I just found the mummified body of a dead frog in the library. I thought all the giant spider corpses were upsetting, but this is the worst).  SECRET SHAME UPDATE:  While most of the Real L Ladies are too awful to even talk about, I continue to be interested in the TTC couple (the ones who seem to have zero knowledge/have done zero homework about the process).  Their OB seems criminally negligent, but it was still sad to see their disappointment when their first insem didn't work.


Being without Alice is so hard right now. Even though I know she's home with her mummy I wish I could have her with me all the time. I'm about to go hide in the back room (keeping a sharp eye out for scorpions) and pump. No fun. 


Hope all is well!!


I wonder if baby Harrison is here yet!??!

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cloth diapers (and i will put my little disclaimer in here that we use cloth at daycare so had to purchase diapers that were robust and daycare-friendly!):


newborns - we have muttaquin fitted and aio, one goodmama fitted and rumparooz lil joeys.  all worked great with ds2..didn't fit him for too long as he was a big boy but soooo cute.


fitted (used mostly for night time) - goodmama and bsrb.  you can't get bsrb new now though.  :(  they are very absorbant for night time


aio - goodmama ones (we have a load of these and i didn't pay full price for most of them!  gm sales plus babycenter, spots and ds bargains).  you can't buy these new any more either.

       bumgenius 3.0


       itti bitti tutto (recent buy to see how it works so we only have one.  they are made in australia and are just newly available here)


we use fleece soakers with the fitteds at night time.  some from etsy that worked ok when ds2 was younger but now we exclusively use dancing bears night weight.  ds2 wakes up dry every morning.  :)


of all the diapers the bumgenius are showing the most wear - the velcro isn't sticking as well as it used to.




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OneMommy: I forgot to mention Greek yogurt.  If dairy is ok with you right now, Greek yogurt is unbelievably protein dense (24 grams for a cup of yogurt).  I've had it nearly every morning for this entire pregnancy (though dairy is the food theme of this pregnancy--I've never eaten anywhere near this much--most of it organic).  Whole Foods (if you have one) has organic Greek yogurt, though it isn't cheap.  Trader Joe's has non-organic Greek yogurt which is cheaper. 


Julie: I followed Seraf's advice (which I also found elsewhere) about exercising between blood draws.  I walked quickly around the neighborhood for about 30 minutes between each blood draw--that's great advice.  And the big protein breakfast followed by an 8-hour fast sounds smart.  Painful, but smart. 


Library: Hi!  So good to hear from you.  I hope your first day back at the library goes ok.  I'm sure it is really hard not to be with Alice.  Our heat here might rival yours today: 100 degrees with 115 degree heat index.  Good times.  We have humidity, too.  Your heat is more dry, isn't it?  UGH.  Wet or dry, this kind of heat is rough.  Every penny of my outrageous energy bill this month will have been worth it. 


Seraf: Thanks for the info, and I'll definitely be interested in the links if/when you get the chance to pass them on.  We're planning on delayed cord clamping (and no dropping!), no shots, and no blood draws (unless the baby is really big, which seems unlikely, in which case I'll get pressure to allow glucose sticks).  Unless there is serious bruising (also seems unlikely--DD was born in two pushes and had no bruising, though she was small),  I'll decline the Vit K.  I just find the directly contradictory advice and logic somewhat unnerving, since both logics are coming from people whom I trust (midwife and chiro).  Thanks for sharing your experience, though; it is really helpful.


MizYellow:  GOOD LUCK!  HAPPY BIRTHING DAY!  joy.gif


Pigirl:  How goes it?  Any early labor action?


AFM: DP finished editing my chapter, so I'm about to hit the road for an air conditioned cafe where I work well to try to finish the darn thing today.  Last night, I woke up periodically with the feeling of period cramps.  They aren't contractions, but a dull ache really low down like when I"m getting my period.  And then my stomach was a bit upset this morning.  I have no idea whether to read into this or not--I feel like I'm back in the TWW looking for signs that may not mean anything at all. 




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AHope~ IF ONLY it were a dry heat here. It's humid and nasty and swampy for sure. GROSS!!  As gross as a mummified frog, actually.  I hope your cramps go away, or at least turn into a baby soon.  And yes, I forgot, but I totally second Starling's recommendation of the Johnny Cash Children's Album, and will add a love of They Might Be Giants 'Here Comes Science" "Here Comes the ABCs" etc.

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Here's a recent pic of Alice and of my 92 year old grandma. It's a mutual admiration society.

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Cranky, overdue, and hot, so a short one:  I'm 40w1d today, and no real change from last week.  1cm, 50-60% effaced, -1 station.  They did manage to sweep me today (they couldn't quite get in there last week), so maybe that will start things?  Our doula is promising a body work session with acupressure tomorrow if not.  Meanwhile, my MIL and my father keep badgering me about having the baby like it's something I'm in control of.  And I don't really feel like discussing my cervix with either of them.  Oy oy oy.  I hope MizYellow's induction is going well; I am a bit jealous she'll be done with this whole pregnancy business soon!

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