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mami: THANKS! so so much! I'm so happy to be pregnant! 


Isa: do you have any 'rejected' costume ideas to shoot out?! I have nothing for this year. Last year I was a soccer player for trick or treating and Peter Pan for the big halloween street party in Athens. 


Yellow: Do you work tomorrow?! I'm going to be in columbus doing pictures of a school. Would love to see you guys again! 


AFM: I think the car is lulling me to sleep. I couldn't keep my eyes open on my way home from the school I did today. I came home and took a nap. That was so nice. Then I went to pick up my eye glass prescription to get new glasses this weekend. I called the doctors office to tell them I'm pregnant and I have an appointment with the doctor that helped me with this on the 26th. I'm excited. Sara said I'll probably be able to hear the heart beat on a doppler then, but I dunno if I wanna hear it without her. I also don't know if I'll be able to wait until 12 weeks to hear it. We are going to get at least one ultra sound for me, just because my body likes to bleed randomly.  I'm still feeling tingling around my underwear line. It feels so strange. My boobs seem to be growing daily. They are going to be huge! 

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biggrinbounce.gifbiggrinbounce.gifbiggrinbounce.gifbiggrinbounce.gifbiggrinbounce.gifCongrats Astra and Sara!!! biggrinbounce.gifbiggrinbounce.gifbiggrinbounce.gifbiggrinbounce.gif


I've been stalking around here long enough and am ready to be here! I reached the 14 week mark, and today I finally heard my LOs heartbeat on the doppler :) It was strong and healthy. Funny how it just hit me right then, in a much more real way than it has so far - that there is a little being inside me. My DW and DD were there and we all smiled and celebrated. We were waiting to hear the HB before announcing beyond our immediate family. And it is about time, as I'm no longer fitting my pants!


I have a tilted/retroverted uterus - which is a common thing, but means that it took until now to get a doppler HB. It also means that until my uterus unfolds as it grows - I randomly have times where I have to pee, but can't because it is blocked by my uterus! That was a bit of a shocker the first time... but apparently this is all within normal range. Anyone else out there with a tilted/retroverted uterus???


Anyways - I will be catching up on personals from now on, and am so pumped to be here with you all.


And Escher - thanks so much for your earlier hope on the second trimester being awesomely better than the first. I feel SO GREAT lately. Suddenly I wasn't tired, the boobs were strapped into a maternity bra (thank God) and I was biking and hiking (and nesting) all over the place :)








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27 weeks and 1 day


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Library, I forgot to mention nursing!  Shame on me. If you're uncomfortable on your side, you can probably nurse on your back or stomach. For your back just slide your arm under her head while she is latched on and roll toward your back until you find comfort or you can't go any farther. If you need to, put a pillow under whichever shoulder needs raised up. If you start on your side, you can lay a little farther away and roll the top breast toward her so you're more on your stomach and she is nursing away. Then you can adjust your body closer or farther for comfort. 

Mami, wow, (s)he looks so human!  Your hands sound awful. I agree that things sometimes happen for a reason, can you give the agency your email and ask them to give it to the family if they have any desire to contact y'all?

OMOM, glad to hear you're feeling better. Sara's uterus is tilted. Joy to know she has that to look forward to. 

Yellow, what are y'all doing, paperwork wise?  For legal protection of H and Chels relationship?

Isa, glow worm idea is cute. I thought my original one didn't have arms. Lol. I don't remember what the kids want to be for Halloween. I'll ask next time I see them. I'm going to be 39 weeks at Halloween. Yikes!  I'll be huge. 

AFM, 32 weeks. Middle of the night leg cramps. I'm mostly just huge. Starting to make more colostrum. I'm finally milk-able.  Sara is 5 weeks now and already making colostrum.  Between tears and milk out house is overflowing with body fluids already.   
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Hi all,


Ended up in the hospital last night because I couldn't pee. Not fun! Apparently folks with very tilted uterus (pointing to the back) experience this to some degree between 12-16 weeks. Then as the uterus grows out of the pelvis, the problem is solved. Anyways it was quite the adventure in the middle of the night.


Now I need to wake up every 2 hours in the night, each hour in the day to pee to try and keep the bladder emptying. I really don't want to wear a cathedar for weeks. so I'm happy to do this. Its like having a newborn to wake up for again. :)


anyways SERAF and SARA - this is not a guarentee just because of a tilted uterus - just something to watch out for. I think the need for a cath and total block of urination only happens 1 in 3000 women. But more do experience some trouble peeing around this time. If peeing starts to become difficult (where you know your bladder is full but nothing comes, or comes in small amounts), I would recommend just starting an alarm every 2 hours at night. Avoiding the pain and hospital trip and the cath is worth the waking up.


Wish me luck that I'll be able to avoid the ER for the next 2.5 weeks until I 'pop' :) Pop belly pop!


Hope all are well today.




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and honestly, Mami - that beautiful face is just so awesome to see this morning! What a great US photo!

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Mizyellow—lol! I hope the tapeworm goes away soon—or does its job and you still lose the baby weight while eating whatever you want. That’s the dream, right?

Sara—my other thought had been to be a Popple. I seem to be in 80s children’s toy mode this year…

Mami—aww..I like the little halo/cloud effect over that sweet little head! I’m sorry about your DS’ placement. I know the agency is only trying to do its best for him, but it’s still sad. I hope his new family loves him as much as you and your DP do—he deserves that.

Seraf: it had little nubby ones.

I’m not at all looking forward to the leg cramps—my feet tend to cramp at night anyway (stupid leftovers from surgery I had after college) so having it move up my leg just sounds like hell.

OMOM—oh, no! I hope you’re feeling better! My doctor mentioned that my uterus is retroverted, but no one had ever said that before, so I don’t know what the degree is. I hope you grow out of it really quickly!

AFM—DP decided to choose bedtime last night as a good time to start a silent-fight with me. We worked it out, but not until midnight. And since I can’t sleep after 4:30am anymore (I hope to god this goes away soon. Seriously.) I got about 5 hours of sleep. Is this some sort of cosmic attempt to get me ready for having the actual baby? Because I would really be better off if I just slept well at least until I get too big to move. Really. Universe? Really.
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Seraf- We were also surprised about how human the baby looks. I was more surprised about how big the cheeks are and started wondering how it is I was going to get that out. Fostering is such a private thing that asking his agency to provide the other family with our contact information is not really realistic. They would see it as over stepping our boundaries. I don't think we would be comfortable with coming in and out of his life or disrupting what ever normalcy he may have.


1mommy- Glad to see you're finally comfortable with moving over here. I agree the US pic is great and love staring at the cute and chubby little face.

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Hey ladies~ super busy day here so I might not get a chance to post much. Boo!!! Alice's sleep is in complete regression, it seems, and she wouldn't settle at all in our usual spot. Finally I just had to give up and go lie in the bed with her until she finally nodded off.  I'm wondering if my boobs are drying up, despite my best efforts. Her eating noise sounds so frantic sometimes. I don't know if it's just a noise she enjoys hearing or if she's mad because she's not getting enough food. We're starting to feed her actual food too, so maybe that would help. Plus my lactation cookies, lactation tea and fenugreek tabs PLUS pumping~ grrr!! I really had hoped to nurse her for a year at least.  I hope this isn't a bad sign...



Mami~ Sounds like you have pregnancy related carpal tunnel syndrome like I did. It's NO FUN and is ultimately what pushed me to leave work and rest before Alice was born.  I got some carpal tunnel wrist guards that were soft and I slept in them. That really helped a lot, since my hands were most painful early in the day.  What a sweet little baby face!!!



Seraf~ What a wonderful houseful. You guys are going to have so  much fun!  Thanks for the nursing advice.  I'll see what I can do! I can't believe you're both already making colostrum. I guess some people's bodies just do it and some don't.  I just have to remember that it's not me being a bad mother, but it sure does feel like it sometimes.



Yellow~ TITTY NINJAS TAKE OVER THE WORLD!!  And then we don't have to work anymore~ even better!!!


OMOM~ Welcome! Your pee problems sound nightmarish, but I'm glad you're being cared for. 



ISA ~  Ugh ugh ugh about fights.  What is it with partners who start them at bedtime? You should be able to just say "Forget it! We'll talk in the morning!" but yes, maybe you're just getting some training for the sleeplessness to come.



AFM~ Just the nursing and sleeping probs I mentioned above. Grrr...

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Hi Everyone,

Library: I'm so sorry that you're having nursing and sleeping issues. I hope that Alice is just enjoying making some fun noises and that your milk supply is fine. I cant believe she is already old enough for actual food! It feels to me like she was just born. Heck, it doesn't feel that long ago that you got pregnant!

Isa: I'm sorry you're already not sleeping well. That's not fair! I know people always say that not sleeping well during pregnancy is great because it prepares you for the baby, but I think that is just silly--we need MORE sleep right now, not less! Anyway, I hope that it gets better soon. You have just a couple of weeks left until second tri?

Onemommyonemama: It's great to hear from you! I'm so sorry that your tilted uterus is giving you a hard time, but I'm very glad that in general you're feeling better now. And hooray for a healthy heartbeat!

Seraf: I'm sorry you're having more leg cramps. That's so uncomfortable. I can imagine there are plenty of tears with two pregnant people in the same house. These days I produce enough on my own for two people! Good point about it being important how long my wife wants my mom to stay after the birth. I think we both feel ambivalent about it--it would be nice to have someone to clean and do laundry, but it would also be nice to not have to deal with the issues that could come up.

Sara: I added you to the list! It's exciting that you have an appointment so soon. It seems like the 26th may be a bit early to hear the heartbeat on a doppler--I think you'll be 7 weeks then, right? My midwives feel like you can't consistently hear the heartbeat on a doppler until more like 10 or 12 weeks. But maybe your doctor has a better doppler than my midwives have. It sounds like you're having lots of good symptoms!

Mami: I'm sorry that you're having tingling in your hand--that doesn't sound pleasant at all! I can imagine it was disappointing to learn that your little boy already has a placement. I'm sorry.

Mizyellow: I'm sorry that you're so hungry. I hope you're able to find some great food!

AmandaHope: I'm so glad that the baby naming went well. It sounds like a beautiful ceremony.

Starling: Any news? I'm thinking about you!

Hi to everyone else!

Random QOTD: Do you think this baby is your last baby? Do you think this pregnancy is/was your last pregnancy? If you're planning on having more babies, how many and when?

My answer: We plan to have more children after this one. This may be my last pregnancy--our tentative plan is that my wife will carry the next babe. We hope to have one or two more children. We'll probably start ttc again in a couple of years.

AFM: I am continuing to love being pregnant. I love feeling the baby poking and rolling, I love getting tons of random compliments on how I look, I love always being offered a seat. I am however looking forward to being able to bend down more easily and being able to sleep on my back.
I had a bad dream last night, and I was surprised by how strongly the baby reacted to my anxiety. He was wiggling and kicking so strongly I spent several minutes purposely trying to calm him down just do he wouldn't accidentally flip over. He doesn't usually react that obviously to my emotions. Anyway, he seems fine now.
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OMOM, thanks for the heads up. If it makes you feel any better, I'm carrying so freaking low that sometimes I can't pee, have to stand up, hold up my belly and sit back down to get anything to come out. On the other hand, sometimes when I go, the baby kicks my bladder and the stream gets much more forceful in those spurts. Crazy how it can all go. 

Isa, bed time fights suck.  We had so many my first trimester or so. I almost said we should have a no talking after 8:30 rule. Once I got past the exhaustion, the fighting dried up, so I think I may have been more sensitive than I realized at the time. 

Mami, are you waiting until birth to find out the sex?

Library, you are working awful hard for your baby. Even if you can't supply her entire milk intake, you can still nurse to a year. One feeding a day or even comfort nursing. There are so many benefits to nursing beyond the calories. If she is still wetting enough diapers and gaining weight, she is getting enough milk. You can weigh her before and after feedings if you need reassurance but she is teething and probably about to perform half a dozen new tricks. She has too much going on to sleep. Sad for you, but exciting stuff for her. And teeth!  

Escher, I'm glad to hear you are enjoying pregnancy so much. It sure is fun. 

Starling, hoping you're having a great last few weeks with your DD. 

AOTD: this is my last pregnancy. Every pregnancy has been my last but somehow it didn't work out like that. This one is really my last unless I somehow decide to surrogate someday, but I'm prob getting a bit old for that. Obviously not my last baby. Sara  says she would like to carry a couple more. I have always wanted my own basketball team so I'm not about to stand in her way. If she decides one pregnancy is enough, I would like to pursue adoption. My mom says we should be done after this. I think we are just planning a gap. 
You all already know I'm crazy, right?  
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Mami ... Thanks for sharing the picture!  How awesome to get such a great look at your baby.


Library ... I agree, hang in there on the nursing.  The bond is about so much more than exactly how much milk she's getting. E really hit her growth stride when she discovered avocado and squash and steamed buffalo and quinoa.  But she still loves nursing, right to this very day. 


QOTD:  This will most likely be my last pregnancy and our last child.  Unless one comes into our life some other way, which we're open to.  We love being parents, and wish that we could have more children. 


AFM:  Our first DDC baby arrived!  She had the same due date as me and is a first time mom.  Wow.  Makes me realize that I sure could do a lot more to be prepared.  Still on pre-e watch, but still planning a homebirth.  Do I have anything organized for that?  Um, no.  Do I have a bag packed in case of transfer or induction?  Um, no.  I do have a lovely box of gluten-free shortbread cookies that I am thoroughly enjoying.  Does that count?  Did the GBS swab today, so fingers crossed that I'm negative.  Fairly sure I'm positive, though. 


ETA: Did I also mention that dd came at 37 weeks?   Yeesh.  I should at least put some lip balm and labourade aside, eh?  And my treasured peri bottle.  Lord love a peri bottle. 

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Isa: I know I'm really young, but this will make me seem more young. whats a popple?! (I am going to google it). How's the costume coming?! Do we get to see pictures?!  Hope you get better sleeps tonight! 


OMOM: I have a tilted uterus (I think Sera said it already). I hope that doesn't happen to me and I'm looking forward to hearing it be done for you. Are you guys going to find out the sex?! Thats just a few weeks away now! 


Mami: Your kiddos liking that great belly of yours?! How's the little one inside doing?!


Library: Sorry about the nursing issues. I have no two cents to add in, but I hope it gets better soon!


Escher: I hope I get to hear the heart beat,but if not I'll wait. I called the office to set up an ultra sound and they said I had to see a doctor first. So I get to see my doc the monday after we get back from meeting you! I'm super excited to meet you and your dp! Thanks for adding me to the list! I'm thrilled! 


Seraf: Is your leg feeling better?! No more cramps?! 


Starling: Its so nutty how close it is to baby time for you! Gosh, it feels like weeks ago you were trying still. 


Qmama and Ad Astra: How are you feeling?! 


AOTD: As Seraf said, this isn't my last! I have no plans of it being our last and my last pregnancy! I have always dreamt of a larger family. I also always wanted myself and my future partner to each carry a child of our own and then go from there. I'm sure we will be waiting a while for more, but it will happen! 


AFM: I'm an emotional mess. Last night I cried about something that doesn't normally make me cry and I was okay with that thing before being pregnant. Today, I cried after the sperm bank congradulated me on being pregnant. OY!


I'm making some collustrum, thats nutty! Nothing tastes as good to me anymore, which sucks because I'm not enjoying eating anymore. And I'm thinking of my stomach turns into more than just queasy, it'll be a night time thing. I feel fine until about 5 and then I start to get queasy, its a bit worse each day. 


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Morning all~ Sleepy today, but it's not Alice's fault, just comes with the job I guess.



Seraf and Starling grouphug.gif  Thanks so much for your nursing encouragement. I will keep nursing her as long as we both want to, even once it stops being her primary food source.  Thanks for helping me feel empowered, even when I'm feeling kind of empty.



Starling~  Um, yeah! Get that lip balm in a bag and get ready!  I am so hoping you're able to have the homebirth you want.  Good luck with your GBS. Would a positive change your birthplan?  I'm positive and it sent us to the hospital much earlier than I'd have gone otherwise (and resulted in more tiredness for me and DP who would have just snoozed at home while I was in the piddly early labor).  Hopefully it'll all be just the way you want it to be. And no sooner!!



Escher~ I also can't believe she's already ready to eat real food.  It does seem like just the other day I was sending you magic OPKs!!  And now AHope's kiddo's here and you're well on your way.  I'm going to give a Team Amanda shout out to AMom who's never yet been able to join us over here. Cosmic hug! 


Sara~ Thanks for your two cents anyhoo!! Sorry you're an emotional mess. That doesn't get better as it goes on!! wink1.gif


QOTD:  This will be my only pregnancy, since I'm now 42 and it took us over a year to get knocked up with Little Whirlwind (which is Alice's Indian name, did I tell y'all that story...?)  We plan on having at least one more via DP in a few year's time, so more kids yes but more pregnancy for me, no. I'm sad about it in a little way. I so very much enjoyed being pregnant and feeling the baby and like Escher said, getting comments and compliments and just feeling bonded with women I would encounter in various places. Even the birth was a wonderful experience and I'd love to do it again, but I'm just going to be happy and grateful I got to do it once, with perfect results.



AFM~ Not much on a hump day. A cold front has come through and we're down into the 70s with rain forecast for the week. SO HAPPY.  We're going to the state fair this weekend to eat fried stuff and look at cross-stitch and decorated cakes.  Alice took a nap from 4 to 6:30  yesterday evening and was then so not ready for bedtime. It was kinda funny because she was wiggling and chatting and playing on my lap and DP kept saying to her "Are you sleepy yet?" and she'd GRIN at her with this "You so krazy, woman!" look on her face. I finally just took her to bed and nursed her to sleep. Fortunately, in that position she can eat or look at the ceiling fan if she chooses and I can just go to sleep knowing she'll latch on whenever she's ready. DP's on a different website's message board and all the babies born in our DDC are going through sleep fussiness and many of the parents are saying they're sad they never developed the co-sleep techniques. Indeed!!     


A third teacher at my school just announced that she's pregnant!  It's going to be a busy shower season in the spring. I'm being selfishly happy I had my kiddo last year and don't have to share ;)



Love to all xoxox   

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Library—we’re terrible at that—we HAVE to make up before we go to bed or neither of us can sleep. It’s annoying, but I guess it means that we can’t hold grudges, so that’s a plus. And I’m glad you got all the glory last year, too! And a cold front! Everything is coming together!

Escher—2 more weeks! And then I will magically have energy and a cute baby bump and lots of unwanted parenting advice instead of just looking chubbier than usual and tired all the time. Funny that the baby knew about your bad dream—I wonder if the stress hormones kicked in and freaked him out!

Seraf—well, at least you’ll know you’re getting payback if Sara starts with the extra-sensitive stuff. I know I am, but I just can’t help it. And yes, we all know you’re crazy. At least you two are crazy together and happy and have happy, crazy (or soon-to-be-crazy) kids who think that it’s all lots of fun. Better than being nuts all by yourself, you know?

Starling—I’d take shortbread over slippers any day!

Sara—Oh! Yeah, I forget that they weren’t one of the more enduring toys of the 80s. I assume you’ve looked it up by now and know how cute they are! I suggest watching some shows on youtube to really immerse yourself. Mostly I thought it would be cute to be a furry something with a pompom tail, but getting a back pouch that you could pop into is more difficult than it seems at first. Sorry about the queasiness! Supposedly eating more helps with that? But it’s hard if nothing sounds good (in my case EVERYTHING sounds good! Or at least not terrible!)

QOTD—Oh, I’m in it to win it. If things go well (or reasonably well) with this one I’d like to have more. DP and I are stuck somewhere between 2 and 4 as an ideal number, although she’s told me that until this one gets here we can’t talk about it any more because the idea of one is stressing her out enough (she, as you might imagine, is not very good with change). But I’d love at least another couple, maybe throw in some twins to spice things up. I may change my mind at some point, but I loved having a sister, and I liked having stepsiblings, too. Being a family of 6 can be really fun!

AFM—things are improving. DP talked to her mom, who jumped to my aid and told her that she needs to suck it up and listen to me and be nice even if she doesn’t want to. She’s trying, and we managed to get a full 8 hours of sleep (with only one bathroom break!) last night before the thinking kicked into overdrive at 6:15 this morning. But I feel MUCH better with a little sleep in me!
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28wks and ALL belly! 28weeks.JPG

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Hard to type with baby in sling, but MizYellow was asking very nicely for a few pics, so here we go.


EZ: You look fantastic!  Isn't 28 weeks wonderful?


Starling: Hanging in there?  U/s on Friday?  And YES on the Peri bottle.  I wouldn't have left the hospital without one.  They are a girl's best friend.


Library: Your walks sounds lovely, and it must feel great to have your clothes fitting differently.  Yay for cool weather!  And I like the combo of empowered and empty.  I think you are doing really well and that Alice is lucky to have such a persistent mama. 


Isa: I'm eager for you to get to the second tri; it is truly SO much better.  You'll love it.


Sara: Hang in there.  The intensity of the emotions and the fatigue really do let up, at least for a while.  I'm still so thrilled that you are preggo!


QOTD: No more babies or pregnancies in our future.  Sigh.  I have mixed feelings about that, but I know that our family is complete now. 


AFM: Well, Lilah did not, in fact, transform into a calm, comfortable baby.  Yesterday evening was really hard, with so much hard crying that her little diaphragm was still having occasional spasms even after she finally fell asleep.  I felt so terrible for her.  And I can't figure out any trigger; nothing was different about what I ate, what we did during the day, etc.  I do think that it is related to being over-tired, though.  Tonight, she started up, and I immediately put her in the sling, where she is sleeping peacefully (despite the protests from my upper back).  I went on another lovely walk with the moms' group today. One of the moms (who is SUPER fit--18 weeks pregnant and runs with her toddler in the stroller 4-8 miles/day--SHEESH) used to be a secret service agent!  Starling, I thought of you and your books.  But Lilah is smiling now, which makes the hard parts much easier to take, and I can see the light at the end of the tunnel as she becomes more interactive and seems to be digesting a bit more easily, too (so funny--she often burps while nursing now instead of needing me to burp her--but she ends up blowing burp raspberries on my breast smile.gif).


So here are a few pics (the first one was taken 5 minutes ago; the last one is of Lilah with my DP).


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Sara- SO excited and happy for you! congrats!!!!


Ad Astra- Its about time you joined us! Wecome and congrats!


Amanda- What cute chubby cheeks she has!


AOTD- I plan to have more pregnancies after this one. Ideally I would carry with DP's egg next time around but I recently found out that IVF is only covered if it is needed through our insurance. Maybe we can find a Doctor that will say DP cannot carry and then they will cover me carrying for her? I don't know. If they won't DP will consider carrying but as of now she really doesn't want to.


AFM, Anatomy scan on Friday!!! I cannot wait to see the little one again and find out the sex. Today is 20 weeks for me, the "half way" mark! And I still barely look pregnant, I'm sure people that don't know me just think I'm a little chubby.


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Starling, chapstick and laboraid, huh?  Can't say I used either of those.  Not even on my list this time.  Peri bottle, mmmmmmmmmmmm, yeah.  I'm mostly just thinking towels and a nose sucker. Why do you think you're GBS+?  That's a rule out for home birth here, I was never tested (refused, watched for symptoms in my own labor and baby, but I had none).  Even a history of ever testing positive means you're treated as positive for all pregnancies after.


Ari's dream: "Our car was full of electricity and smashed between a jeep and a big car.  Baba pulled the big car away, and O and I fixed it and it turned into a rocket ship.  I had a booster seat but O didn't.  When we got up into the sky I said, 'I can't wait to get back to planet earth, I can't remember what it looks like.'  When we landed people were firing bombs at us, but we were already landed and the bombs hit the sky and the people yelled, 'Yay we hit them.'"


Sara, I'm good, you?


Library, cute new pic.  Yay for a break in the weather!  I'm glad to hear the sleep issues are age related, I had a feeling.  Starling mentioned bonding, I want to add immune benefits.  Especially with you working in a school.  The foremilk has lots of antibodies against all the stuff you are exposed to, with will help keep her healthier.  So yay for nursing, even if not as much as you planned (and its hard to keep up with a 5 month old.


Isa, Yay for DPs mom coming to your defense.  Ari said she is going to be a balarina.  Osha wants to be an alien.  I may dissassemble a baby doll and have arms and legs poking out of my bump.


2ez, cute cute cute.  How is work going?  Less exhausted this time?


AmandaHope, I have a million pics of my kids asleep together, there is nothing cuter, is there?


Crystal, I'm excited to hear more about your scan.  And if we're still in a girl or boy wave of babies.


Mami, I saw where you said your DP is nervous about how you might treat her in labor.  I thought I would be awful, but I was laughing and joking a fair bit during both my labors.  It did get a bit hairy at one point and I mumbled to my midwives, "Please shut up." I apologised later for being so rude, which just made them laugh.  So you never know, you might be fine.





       So, here are 2 funny belly pics.  The one on the left I'm relaxed but having a BH.  The one on the right, I sucked in my stomach so you can see where (and how tiny) the baby is. 


Otherwise life is good. 


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Good morning!  Chilly this morning! So happy!  Alice and I had to snuggle and then Harley the cat came and joined us.  I promise I'll stop going on about the weather soon, but y'all do not understand how bloody hot it was this summer!   We went out for our walk yesterday and I discovered I'd had a blowout on one of the fancy stroller's tires!  There's a bike shop very near our house, so I was able to drop it off, but I was sad to not get my walk so I took Alice home and made use of my Secret Shame: the Disney Princess stroller my aunt gave us.  It's so very pink, and the Princesses were all peering out over the top of Alice's head. It was gruesome, but the funny thing is she fell asleep immediately and slept for the entire walk. Go figger!!




Isa~ I hope there's not been more fighting.  I hear you about having to resolve things before sleep, but it would be nice to be able to press 'pause'.



EZ~ Look at you!! You look so sunny and sassy and preggo. Yay you!



AHope~ Big hugs.  Crying until she can't stop hiccuping is awful, and Alice has done it more than once. It just makes you feel so powerless.  I'm glad the sling's working, and just think how strong your deltoids will be!!  Boobie burp raspberries are hilarious! A's done that. One time she even spit up on my breast. Nice. The pics are gorgeous~ she's so lovely and your  DP looks so happy.



Crystal~ Excited for news of your anatomy scan! And don't worry. Your belly will come busting out pretty soon and you'll be the preggiest girl on the block.


Seraf~ Your belly!!!!!   And you're very right about the immunity benefits.  I get covered in germs all day long and it's best that they don't rub off on her. I have an iron constitution and am never sick. I'm hoping she'll have that too (though she's five months and has never even had the sniffles, so maybe it's working...)



AFM~ Not much else. Sleepy today, but still soldiering on. There's a health and vision screening in the library today so we're busier than usual...  Already looking forward to my walk!


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