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Escher: Lilah's back was definitely on the right for at least the last month, probably longer. That was her spot.  And she FLEW out.  I wouldn't worry about left vs. right, as long as the babe is anterior and head down. 

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Sorry I've been MIA. I've been SO busy working two jobs. And then we found someone to rent our rental so every free moment I've had has been up there working on that bloody house! I'm THRILLED her is going to rent it, starting October 1! It feels so good to finally be done with that place and to know Sara will be able to enjoy two months off of work with us at home! 


My new job is great! My bosses keep telling me how much of a natural I am (which I should be, after going to school for it and all). And they love how quickly I can fly through a class and get them all photographed, and so well! 


I have has a few crazy pregnancy dreams! One was the day after my BFP. I dreamt we were in a fancy concentration camp. Thats all I remember. The other was last night. I dreamt Sara and the kids and I, plus my mom, dad, sister and my moms two siblings and my dads dad and two of his three siblings all flew to amsterdam. We were going to smuggle FTC (it was a new kind of canibus pill) into the US. They were red gel capsul pills. We all had special pockets sewn into our pants (ari had 4 pockets, not two like everyone else). We ended up having to take two seperate planes over because there weren't enough seats. It was odd. I was VERY pregnant in both dreams too. Oh, and I had another dream, but it was a bad one (I miss carried in it). I keep also having these feelings of dark haired little boys in the dreams. Dunno what that means.


I'm feeling good. Feeling really hungry and sooooo exhausted. I've been feeling a bit queasy still, increasingly as the day wears on (worst being at night time). 


I'm 6 weeks today. I have a doctors appointment on Monday! 

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ahope: I have no plans for rosh hashanna. We were talking about doing something, but I think we're going to put the finishing touches on the rental so my friend can move in it! I'll probably have some apples and honey and think about religious school as a kid and remember that stuff. I used to go home for it, in college, but not this year!

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I suck and have been TERRRRRRIBLE about keeping up with everyone lately. Sigh! Things are busy with work, plus DP is working a ton, which means I am a single mommy for the most part. DS is playing football 5 nights a week (3 practices and 2 games), not to mention homework time too. Whew! Anyway, thanks to everyone for the sweet compliments on my pict. I feel GREAT mostly. Getting more uncomfortable at night with sleeping and have a tough time catching my breath here and there, but overall - no complaints! I got back to the doc on Friday. I have a feeling I've gained a few pounds. whistling.gif


Library - I've been thinking about your family. I am sorry I haven't said anything before now. You've been in my thoughts.


Crystal - yay for joining team boys! There are some way cute things out there. Our little guy never stops bouncing around either. He's so active! Thrilled for you gals!


Sending lots of love and happiness to each of you. I promise to do much better on personals!


AFU: We had a 4D ultrasound today and it took blew my mind!!! Little mister wasn't interested in being cooperative. Of the 25 minute appt, I'd say we actually saw his whole face less than 20 seconds. He kept his right hand/arm over his face the whole time. He reallllly enjoys showing his privates too. Silly boy! Here are a couple picts. The first is what I call his 'pouty face'. At that point, he had had ENOUGH!


Pouty Face.jpg








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Crystal--Congrats on the boy! How exciting for you and DP!


Library--Sooo sorry to hear about the fire, but I'm relieved for your family that everyone is safe.


2ez--Love the pics! Super cute little one you've got in there!


Sara--Great to hear from you! I hope you aren't feeling too bad and are able to get plenty of rest. Those weird hunger pamgs shouldn't last too much longer than the first tri. That (along with the nausea) was my biggest complaint in the beginning.


Gotta go, DP is standing over me waiting for the laptop. Will check in again later. Goodnight!

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Good morning!  School picture day here in the library, so it's extra noisy and chaotic. Nice!!  But I don't care, because there was new Glee last night and that makes me smile and smile.


EZ~ Amazing pics!! The pouty face is so cute! How come you didn't treat us to a snap of his naughty bits?!!?!?   I can't get over how folded babies are in there. I mean, they have to be, obviously, but then when you really see just how scrunched and compacted they are it's remarkable.  I mean, the moment Alice came out, she looked to big to have ever been inside my body. It really is wow.



Sara~ Sorry you're feeling ill, but it's par for the course, I'm afraid.  Good job on finding a tenant. Money and less hassle is always welcome, especially when you've got a family growing as fast as yours!!



Starling~ News?!  Won't be long now...




Not much going on here~ just wanted to say hello.

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Morning all!


Escher, I don't like the taste of coffee.  I used to work in a coffee shop and I love the smell, tho.  My favorite way to drink coffee is half ice cream and half coffee.  Or half hot chocolate and half coffee.    Mmmm.  Mostly I just do about 1/3 milk, and lots and lots of sugar.  LOL, I think you're a healthier eater than I am, tho.  Tea has caffeine.  I don't think it really helps in the long run, but I'm sure going to use caffeine to get on the road so early tomorrow morning.  I think baby having his/her back on the right isn't a big deal.  R still does full rotations.  I'm happy when she's head down and anterior.  I don't like when she tries to stab something out of my belly button.  


Isa, I usually have boring dreams.  I usually only talk about the baby dreams on here.  I usually skip the dreams like last night where I got a job working for Elvis stocking vending machines and then the kids and their friends came into our hotel room/home covered in pink hair dye and mud and got mud all over the bed.


AmandaHope, I forgot to mention, I think "they" say that the baby has to fall asleep in a location to draw a sleep association.  I participated in sleep training the first set of twins I nannied for.  Their mom wanted me to put them in their beds awake but very sleepy.  They took a bink to fall asleep.  It worked, but they were a bit older than L and I never found that I wanted to be home as much as babies need to sleep, so I was happy having the sling/carseat/stroller as positive sleep associations.  Osha was napping in the stroller when his sister was born, to be honest.


Sara, when you going to post a belly pic?


Qmama, hi!


2ez, he is so squished!  I know that intelectually, but man oh man is it funny looking.  What a cutie.  And 5 nights a week?  Dang!


Library, Sara is invading some school talking pictures right now, too.  How far are you from Little Rock?  I know it's a different state, but if it's a quick day trip, maybe we could get together or meet someplace.  We're going to be there around the end of December and we will have a mere 3 kids at that time.


Not a whole lot going on here.  I'm about to start planning the drive.  Yay!  Need to see if I can find some fun stops between here and there.  The kids are excited and Sara is planning to pack tonight so we can get on the road early.





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Starling: Jeez you are so close!! I am glad you are getting enjoy some alone time with DD before the new lil babe comes. Everything changes and is really tough at first but I can tell you that at 2 months in I am really loving having both of them and Lennon is sooooooo in love with his brother. You just gotta get through the 1st 2 weeks really. I can't wait to see pcitures!!!!! Lots of them!


Ahope: I am so sorry Lilah's spitting up isn't getting better, it is frightening when they spit up SOO much. Those pictures were so cute. She is such a chunky little beauty! Are you using cloth? I couldn't remember. We just ran out of sposies and have switched to cloth and am having a tough time getting a good fit on his legs. I am not woman enough for prefolds and we are having some leaks.


Wehrli: What a doll. His hair is truly amazing. I am kinda jealous

Crystal: As someone that actually cried in the ultrasound when I founmd out my first was a boy I can tell you, the 2nd the babe comes out you wont care if he has 2 penises! I am so grateful to have 2 boys. Mama's boys are the best and now boys clothes are SO cute. It is just as much fun to dress them up. Congrats!!!!


Ez- Awesome belly! You really are all belly!


Escher- you are getting so stinkin close! Do you know what kind of diapers you are going to use? Are you birthing in a hospital or at home?


AFM: Ugh I hate how little time i have to obsess on mothering now that I am working. I  have truly mastered the art of typing and breastfeeding my neck suffers pretty hardcore.

Harrison is amazing, still going epic lengths in between poops but it doesn't seem to bother him too much. Chels is doing well, she is recovering better than I could. She is amazing. Lennon is going through a bit of a rough patch with sleeping. He has all but stopped putting himslef to sleep and is having bad dreams at least 3 times a week. I sometimes lay in his room for an hour or more before he falls asleep. I am not sure how to address it, I want him to feel secure but sitting there every night is tiresome and frustrating. any advice?

Work is kicking my butt. Plain and simple, my brain is sooo not in it and I loathe working right now. I am trucking along though!

Screaming baby alert! I MISS YOU GUYS!

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Wehrli—every time I read ‘avocado’ I want one. Going to have to go searching after work…

Seraf—it was more like right behind them, but in that general vicinity. I hope I don’t have to keep things in my shirt like that! There’s already too much in there as it is, if you ask me.

Starling—Think you can hold out two more days?

Escher—I’m sorry you’re so tired. I’ve got nothing for you in terms of advice, but lots of sympathy!

Ahope—well, you know we’d come! We’re about due for a trip out that direction as it is (I’m trying to figure out the perfect apple-and-pumpkin picking time, but it’s harder than I anticipated this year with so much going on at work).

Crystal—Yay! Congrats on your baby boy! I have to say—for all people like girl clothes there is nothing cuter than a little guy all dressed up and ready to go! And you look great! Tell your dad that the next time he’s pregnant he can give you advice—til then, you’ll do what feels right to you!

Library—school pics must be so funny to watch if you’re not involved. Do they still use those cheesy backgrounds (I think in 2nd grade they had a woodland scene and a little chunk of fence we were supposed to lean on)?

Sara—I’m so glad you like your job—and that they like you! I got a fancy-schmancy camera this weekend and I’ve been too nervous to even mess around with it (and too tired, I’ll admit). Going to try to break it out and actually, you know, take some pictures this weekend—I’ll try to channel you while I do it! Oh, and yes, apples and honey and not much else is how we always celebrated Rosh Hashannah when I was a kid. Sometimes I still have it as a snack at other times just because I like it so much!

2EZ—Awww…he’s so cute in there! Glad they got a couple of his face for you!

AFM—not much. I got to tell one of my college friends last night about the pregnancy. It was fun because she’s 34 weeks pregnant with twins herself, and said she was so excited to talk to someone else who’s also having a baby. Trying very hard to get through my list of important people who need to know before I just tell facebook and am done with it, but no one is answering their phones anymore, so I may resort to email instead just to let them know ahead of time so they can feel at least a little special. That’s about it. Nothing I own fits right, and maternity clothes are mostly too big still. Planning some emergency wardrobe interventions this weekend to try and fix things!
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Full term today. Yipes.


Escher… my sense of peace in the void comes and goes. Today I’m good, but the other day when I read your response… not as much. More of a “oh, s**t” day that one. :o) I’m in the same boat as Seref… can’t take iron right now. I tried taking a while ago and it didn’t decrease my fatigue… just gummed everything up. Do you have a cast iron skillet? I cook in that a lot and get some extra iron.


Werhli… sweet, sweet pics!


Library… I’m glad to hear Alice is feeling better. Brave woman for trying the snotsucker, and now we all benefit knowing that the worst won’t happen with it.


Seref…congrats on the rental. I hope it takes a load off of your mind.


Crystal… very cute belly and how exciting that you’re getting a ton of movement. It was so sporadic for me until week 30 or 32… a couple of days with a ton or movement, and then she’d turn and a couple of days where I could feel very little. Now it’s an everyday bouncefest and I’m enjoying it.


Starling… hope you’re feeling well today and enjoying the short time you have left. Excited for you that labor looks to be close at hand… hope that helps with your homebirth plans. It looks like we’re both at 37w but I got nothin’ (in pre-labor action). Some increase in BH, but I think that’s because the midwives have me on Dr. Christopher’s birth prep and a fair amount of primrose. I thought the baby had dropped but now I don’t think so. No indication that this kid is coming out too soon. Quick question on feeding… I’ve got the Lact-aid ready to go in case the BFAR situation rears. But, what I don’t have is any sense of formula if my supply is really low and she needs it. You mentioned having some ready. Do you have any recs for type or brand? I guess I should have a little something on hand.


Amanda… glad your evening out went so well! So sorry about the continuing reflux and your continuing dairy elimination. Boo for no cheese.


Smiling… glad to hear the new job is going well. It sounds fun! 6 weeks… wowza!!


2EZ… love those pics. We got 4D only at 12 weeks when you couldn’t really decipher much for some reason and haven’t seen her that clearly since. Wow, they are scrunchy. A midwife pointed out how resilient they are this week… able to be all scrunched up for so long then to squeeze on out. She said it always cracks her up how fragile we think they are when they’ve gone through all of that.


Yellow… sorry you even have the think about work right now. Can’t believe it’s been two months already.


AFM: thanks all for the placenta encapsulation information esp. Qmama with the description of the process. Ah, I wish DW would do this for me. But, she’s having a hard time psyching herself up to change a diaper and gagged when I described the encapsulation process. Sigh. I don’t know that I’m going to feel up to this project after the birth. But, it looks like the going rate it $250. Still trying to decide if I’ll do it. My office may be closing this fall and I may be out of my decade long job. Yipes… so spending extra money right now is not a great idea. If I can find someone to remove the membrane (again, not going to be DW) and cut it up, maybe I’ll go the smoothie route.


Feeling good. Work is slowing… thank all things good for that. This Friday evening we have our home MW visit and my sweet friend (our doula stand in) and our cousin (who will be around during the birth) are going to be there during the appointment. I love the MW doing the home visit and hope she’s the one there for the birth. So, it will be nice to have my possible labor team assembled at home and prepping.

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Thanks for all the congrats, I really am excited about having a boy now. I didnt quite cry when we found out, I just looked at DP and said, "Are you happy now" lol.. Last night my dad expressed his worry that the baby will be born on Feb 29th since it is going to be a leap year... When I am due Feb 1st. I told him there was no way they would let me go 4 weeks past my due date LOL shows how much he knows.

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Isa~ School pix are hilarious. They don't have the super cheez backgrounds like that, but they do offer a range of colors.  I love elementary school pictures because the kids come to school SO DRESSED UP!  Little girls in long party dresses or with super fixed up  hair, boys who are usually scruffy ruffians with their hair all combed and fixed into place, I even had one little boy in what was obviously his daddy's necktie which had a knot as wide as his head and hung down to his knees but he was so proud of his handsome ensemble. I did have one kindergarten girl come with full makeup on, which was pretty unpleasant. It's just scary looking!  She often wears a cheerleader outfit to school as well. 



MizYellow~ Great to hear from you!!  I know what you mean about missing everyone. About the only thing good about going back to work was being able to catch up here.



Seraf~  Little Rock isn't SUPER nearby, but it's not impossible either. Keep us posted. It'd be fun to meet up!!!


Juliet~ Yikes about possibly losing your workplace!! I hope it's not as drastic as that. Your birth team sounds wonderful. It won't be long now, but it sounds like you're really getting ready.


Crystal~ LOL about your dad hoping you don't go an EXTRA MONTH past your due date. Whew! I'm sure you hope not too! But I must say, Feb 29 would be the coolest birthday ever.



Bell's rung, time to go. And might I say I'm mighty tired of finding giant scorpions in the library. I've killed four this week. Ouch!

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Julie ... I don't know that I'd recommend having formula on hand if you're not sure that you're going to be low supply.  It's too easy to give in to your insecurities and bring it out too soon.  But then, if you're using the LA, then perhaps it's just fine to have it on hand, because you won't be using a bottle to supplement before your supply is entirely established (don't want to sabotage what you do have or cause nipple confusion).  We did lots of weigh-ins and tried to keep dd on her own little edge of the WHO breast-fed baby growth chart.  She stayed at about 3 percent, which was just fine for our pediatrician.  As he put it, "Someone has to be at three percent and so long as baby is on the chart, I'm satisfied." 

If you are going to have formula on hand, I would recommend Nutramigen.  It's meant for kids with milk allergies, but the pediatrician recommended it to us because it is as molecularly broken down (does that make sense) as it gets, so is easier for baby to digest.  We had zero problems when giving it to dd. 


Crystal ... Exciting news about your little boy! 


AFM: The prodromal labour stopped.  Bah.  I think it was just a side effect of some rockingly great sex on the weekend.  Still having lots of bh, but nothing like what I was having Sun-Tues.  And I am SO swollen and puffy all over. I put a call in to the midwife on call just to let her know.  And I have a wicked cold!  How unfair is that?  Looking forward to my stretch and sweep.  I'm willing this baby to be an equinox baby.  That'd be awesome. 


Sorry for lack of personals.  My fingers and joints and well, entire body really, are so sore and swollen that I can hardly function.  Even after acupuncture and swimming this morning! 

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Seraf- We are definitely waiting for birth to find out the sex. I think it is a lot easier for us than it is for our family and friends. I told DP not to worry about labor because I am not going to mistreat her. At least not out loud!! How have you been feeling lately? Have fun on your trip.


Smiling- DD is very interested in the belly and the way the baby makes it roll. DS really doesn't understand but we are trying to get him ready by putting his hands on the belly and telling him "Baby". His only reaction has been to scratch it, which you can imagine I don't mind at all. Maybe I should tell him theres a baby on my back and see how that works out. The little one inside is getting big and moving a lot more. I'm trying to figure out a way to coach it into moving away from my bladder. No luck so far. The aversion you are having with food should go away soon, I was the same way. How are you feeling? Yaaaaaay...for 6 weeks.


Library- I am not exactly sure about what is wrong with my arm and hand but I do know it is really infuriating me. It tingles all day and all night. I don't even feel like I have an index finger half the time. I was surprised when I looked at the US photo because the baby looks for lack of a better word like a ......Baby! Alice is getting so big and she has the most beautiful eyes. We hope the nursing and sleeping is getting better.


Pretty- I would be a little more at ease if DS's agency was doing what was best for him. Unfortunately, instead of doing what's best for DS they are doing what is best for them. (It's a long story and hopefully one day we can fill you in on it all) I can't imagine anyone loving him as much as we do but that's my selfishness speaking. (Hopefully) I wish I could sleep until 4:30 a.m. but my bladder doesn't allow me. I'm up every 30-45 minutes. I find the weather pleasant and still sleep with two fans and the window open. DP says I have too much body heat. She sleeps with two winter blankets.


AHope- The kiddos are adorable! I hope Lilah is doing a little better with the crying.


Escher- The tingling is a drag but I'm hoping it gets better after the baby is born. It was a big disappointment to find out that DS has a placement already. I'm not sure if I believe that because there is a lot of bad blood between his agency and DP and I. They can just be saying that so that they don't have to work with us. Life works in mysterious ways and we really don't believe we have seen the last of him. I also really miss sleeping on my back. We'll get there soon!


Starling- You are very welcome for the picture. I must agree with you that it was a great shot even though the US tech didn't think so. Hope you're able to elude pre-e until birth. Yaaay for rockin sex over the weekend!


Wehrli- Your baby is too cute!


2EZ- Those are awesome shots of your little boy!


AFM: We had court Friday for the teacher that hit DS in summer school. Her attorney wanted her to do a couple classes of anger management but we took his juvenile attorney with us to the hearing and she quickly got that changed. We wanted blood but would of settled for some jail time. That didn't happen. Her sentence is she is not allowed to work with children under the age of 18 that are not her own for a year. She thinks it will be over with after the year but does not know that DS's attorney is getting her flagged in the Board of Education system as well as the DCFS system. Her career is over with!! We are 29 weeks today and the baby is growing a lot faster than my belly is stretching so movement is really uncomfortable. Sleep has become a challenge because of my never ending urge to urinate. DP says it's a challenge for her because of my snoring. I have to admit it is pretty loud because I wake myself up. sleeping.gif The nursery is still not painted duh.gif but I hope to get it done soon. We are planning our baby shower for some time around the first week of November. Everyone on Mothering is invited!! grouphug.gif  Hoping I didn't forget anyone in personals but if I did I apologize because the computer ate our personals the first time around. irked.gif Hello to everyone we didn't mention. Hope all are doing well!!

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starling, i just want to say that you are a true inspiration! I pray to god that when I am 37 weeks pregnant DP and I are having anything like a rocking sex life!
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Thread Starter 
Hi Everyone,

We're going to need a new threadkeeper soon, for October/November or October/November/December. It seems like it usually ends up working best for someone who is in their second trimester when they start threadkeeper duties (i.e. past being scared of a miscarriage, but not yet actually about to pop the baby out). Who would like to take it on?

Mami: It sounds like you have a lot going on! I hope that sleep gets easier soon.

Starling: I'm sorry that you're feeling so swollen and puffy and that you have a cold. I hope that you feel better AND that you get to meet your baby soon!

Library: Giant scorpions sound very unappealing. I'm sorry you've been finding so many!

Crystal: Is your DP excited about having a boy? I think a February 29 birthday would be pretty neat, but I agree that your baby won't be that late!

Julietea: Congratulations on reaching full term! Hooray! Good idea about increasing how much I use my cast iron pans. I love cast iron. I hope your midwife visit goes well!

Isa: I'm glad that your college friend was so excited for you. I think it's hard to tell everyone. My wife and I had a big list and made a whole schedule of who we were going to tell when, and it was definitely a challenge to get through it all. We were still telling people at 18 or 20 weeks. Good luck telling everyone!

Mizyellow: I'm sorry that Lennon isn't sleeping well. That has to make everything harder. I'm glad that Chels and Harrison are doing well! We're planning a home birth. We're planning to use flat diapers, mostly with thirsties duo covers. Hopefully that all works!

Seraf: I think I could enjoy your version of coffee!

2ez: Great pictures! It sounds like you have been busy. I'm sorry that sleep is becoming more difficult.

Sara: I'm glad that your new job is going so well. Hooray! I'm sorry you're so tired right now. I hope that gets better soon!

AmandaHope: It's good to hear that Lilah's back was on the right. Our baby is anterior and head down, so I guess I won't worry too much about the left vs. right position.

AFM: 35 weeks today! It's funny to be trying to physically prepare for the baby to arrive as soon as two weeks from now while at the same time trying to emotionally prepare for the baby possibly not arriving for seven more weeks. I feel like I have a lot I want to get done in the next two weeks: cleaning, getting all our finances in perfect order, buying a few more things, prepping diapers, etc. Hopefully I can get it all done before the baby arrives!
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Just dropping in before we go for a walk in the stormy rain ... midwife did a stretch and sweep this morning and I'm four centimeters, easily stretched to six, with my cervix nice and anterior and 2 cm long, all nice and mushy and stretchy.  She figures this should be a pretty quick labour once it starts in earnest.  But I could hang out this dilated for a looong while.  Who knows!  Back later!  More personals when my hands aren't so painful.  Thinking of everyone ...

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Starling: Wow--stretchy 4 is exciting. All that action over the weekend must have done some good... ;-)  But barely functioning doesn't sound like any fun at all.   Hope you get some relief for the hands, one way or another.  Good luck!!


Escher: I know exactly what you mean about getting everything ready but trying to stay open to going late...very confusing.


Mami: What a relief that you are confident the abusive woman won't work again...but holy moly so much stress for you all.  I hope you get some closure now and can focus on your growing little bean.


Juliet: CONGRATULATIONS on reaching full term!!


AFM: Well, Lilah slept in the sling most of the day and then had a total and complete melt down tonight---inconsolable screaming for 2 hours.  She finally nursed herself to sleep and slept on my chest for a few hours while I dozed, and I just woke up needing a few minutes to myself before going back to bed, so here I am.  I alternate between loving how small and cuddly and nursy and slingy she is at just two months (while she is happy or asleep) and looking forward to 3 months, when I'm hoping she'll be more predictable and able to be comforted. 


I took her shopping for the first time today at Trader Joe's. I had her in the sling, where she slept peacefully, and a few older women stopped to coo at her.  One had tears in her eyes and her hand over her heart, and I nearly cried myself, knowing that I'll be that woman in twenty years, with my girls all grown up, staggered by the beauty of someone else's tiny babe. 

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Yellow, no advice on the sleeping thing, besides try moving bedtime up a little. My kids go to bed easily at the right time, but if they stay up too late they are miserable. Ari still wants us in the room until she falls
asleep. Your guy might like something novel like walkie talkies or a 2 way baby monitor. That worked for us when O was making the transition. 

Isa, clothes not fitting is no fun. My boss asked, "you really haven't had any complications yet?!?" I was like, do you see what I'm wearing?  Why a nurse thinks every pregnancy must have complications is beyond me, but that's a whole other post. 

Starling, holy catfish!  I know realistically you can go a while, but I'm thinking if you and wishing you a perfectly peaceful labor and an end to all the physical discomforts of your BP being high. 

Julie, sounds like quite a party. Remember, you can ask anyone to leave the room of you have too many people. We had too many people there with O and my labor stopped whenever people would come in the room. 

I'm skipping a lot of people now because the kids just woke up. 

DC will be better today. We drove yesterday and traffic in the city was no fun. Chinatown smelled like pee and everyone got up way too early so bedtime was hard. Today we get to explore without all that stuff. Now if my hands would stop hurting, everything would be great. 
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Happy Friday Morning everyone!  I'm so ready for the weekend! Last Friday's house fire was not restful, so I'm hoping this weekend is much more low key.


Escher~ Good luck getting your life in order before your little disruptor comes ;)   I know the feeling of wanting it all to be just right. Only, be careful not to wear yourself out!! As for the scorpions, apparently it's not 'tarantula breeding and migration season' which is going to make me wish for a thousand scorpions instead of those hairy brutes!


Starling~ SO EXCITING!  Every day when I log on I wonder if we'll see a birth announcement from you.  I do hope you're able to have the birth you want, and I'm so sorry you're so miserably uncomfortable.


Seraf~ Hope you're feeling better too! Funny how 'painful hands' was not any pregnancy symptom I'd ever heard of before my own troubles, and now it seems to be epidemic amongst us.


AHope~ Big hugs. I am 100% in sympathy with your desire to cherish every moment of your tiny baby's tininess and not wish any of their little life away but also hoping desperately to move on to the next phase of sleep, one which hopefully involves actual sleep.  Alice still fights me every day and it just wears me out sometimes.  But this morning she woke up all smiles and I got lots of kisses and snuggles before work, which made the early morning much nicer.


Mami~ Thanks for the kind words about Alice. It really is amazing to see the baby looking so babylike on the u/s.  All skinny legs and arms! 




AFM~ Just sleepy and ready for the weekend. Kind of a funny story from my neighborhood:  I have a lesbian neighbor named May whom--to be honest-- I believe has some mental problems. We've been friends for a while, but about a year ago she decided she was angry at me/us for unknown reasons and started avoiding us, going into the house if we were in the yard, walking away from us in the grocery store, etc.  Then yesterday I was out walking Alice in the stroller and I saw May and her mom walking toward me on the sidewalk.  I just kept a smile on my face and nodded as we passed each other, but both women stopped and stared in amazement at the stroller.  May didn't say anything, but her mom just started freaking out with excitement. "Oh my goodness!!  I didn't know you had a baby!?  When did you have a baby!?  I mean, I'd seen you in the yard and May said you were getting fat but, you know, we just thought you were getting fat! And every time I saw you, you were just fatter and fatter. We thought you'd really let yourself go, but I guess it's ok to get really fat if you're going to have a baby. But that's really amazing since we just thought you were getting so fat!"  They admired the baby and then as I was walking away, May's mom yelled after me 'You're looking really skinny now! I'm so glad you didn't just get really fat!"   I was very polite about it, but it was cracking me up. Now DP keeps saying 'Wow, you look great! I'm glad you're not fat anymore!"   




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