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Hello from  the pizza oven.  The meteorologists say that this year we might break the 1980 record for over 50 days at over 100 degrees.  Awesome.


Indigo~ My Brit gal is also melting.  I can't believe you've been to Enid, though. So random!!


Crystal~ Glad you got solid info from your doc, even if it's not exactly what you hoped to hear. Forewarned is forearmed, so I hope all continues to go well for you all xoxox



Seraf~ I'm echoing AHope's 'maybe it's twins!' Stranger things have happened....  And yes, I'll have time and place to pump when I get back to work. I'm just not sure how I'm going to be able to let little bit out of my sight...



AHope~ Your doula visit sounds wonderful. I'm glad you're feeling pampered~ lord knows you need it!



Ok, secret shame revealed:  we can't stop watching Real L Word even though it's so awful, and this go-round there's a couple who are trying to get pregnant. The couple seems really unprepared (they aren't temping, didn't know how to work an opk, were out shopping for a sex toy that would squirt so they could do a home insem 'the real way') and now have been saddled with the world's worst RE who actually didn't know how to work their cryo-tank and killed one of their sperm vials.  The only saving grace is that they seem like a sweet loving couple who would have a good home to bring a baby into.  Is anyone else watching this, or is this just my shame?

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Hi ladies! I have totally SUCKED at being on the boards since May, but July will be much easier from the work standpoint. May & June are nuts for me!


We had my anatomy scan and gender ultrasound on Friday. (We then left for a long weekend with my family in the mountains, 9 hours away.) Anyway, the scan went GREAT. Everything seems to be right on target with no issues. 


For those who don't know.....we're having a BOY!


We are soooooo excited. And he was beyond thrilled to show us multiple times what gender he was. :) DS was the first person we told, and he didn't stop smiling all weekend. He told everyone that he was going to have a baby brother. To date, he's decided to name him Francis, Carlos, Spongebob, and Rex (from Pokemon.) I feel certain the list will continue to grow. It's absolutely adorable to hear his excitement!



I was absolutely amazed at all they could see on the scan. He was sooooo funny too. He kept flipping around, crossing his legs, rubbing his eyes (or it seemed), and waving. Granted, he probably wasn't actually doing any of this, but we liked to pretend. He then would put his little booty right up to the u/s wand. We were cracking up. He already has quite the personality already. I love him so much! blowkiss.gif


Wishing everyone a fantastic week!


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Library- That is too HOT! I try to stay in the air conditioned house as much as possible. The Real L Word sounds terrible! LOL But I admit if I had Showtime I would be watching it! And I meant to add how painful it was to hold all that urine I almost did pee my pants when she was pushing down. After she was done and was ready for the vaginal ultra sound she told me I could empty my bladder, by the time I got to the exam table she asked if I went to the bathroom because my bladder was still full! So I pee'd again and by the time she was done she said it was full again. I don't see why that make people drink so much water!


EZ- Congrats on having a healthy boy! Seems like everyone I know is having boys. (hope that means I'll have a girl) I love how much personality he showed, the one I just had (10weeks) it looked like a little dancing teddy bear, so cute.

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hi everyone,


I'm hoping to hang out here for the next 9 months or so :)


I got my second beta yesterday and it looks good - it was 132 @ DPO 14 and was 515 @ DPO 16. It is like quadrupling? so I'm not sure what that means but the nurse said it is really good.


EDD is March 14th - and therefore my math teaching geeky wife has decided to call this baby 'pi' while in utero. For all those who are not blessed with a math geek in your life, 3/14 is international 'pi' day (you know, pi = 3.1415....). Yup :)


My DW carried our first baby - who is now our 2 year old DD. I'm carrying this child. We live in Ontario, Canada.

We are so excited, and of course worrying about every little thing these days.


I look forward to getting to know you better (and am also excited about the coming births!).


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Good morning ladies, so exciting to see all the activity!


1mommy: Welcome! How exciting to be carrying your 2nd (and 1st?) baby! I bet you guys are thrilled. How are you feeling?


Seraf- Oh twins, your belly was pretty big at Pride........ :)  I echo all the ? that Ahope had.


Library- We are watching it too, even though at times it is like porn!? I am so not giving it up right now so Chels probably likes it (haha) but at this point it just makes me jealous at how skinny they are!!! I love the couple trying to get preggo. They kind of remind me of us, we were clueless and honestly just got lucky. I hope they find it easy.I mean I temped and used OPKs but when it came to actual insem we probably messed that up terribly. I can't stand Romi and her gf, what a train wreck they are! I ordered showtime as my "push present" because we love Nurse Jackie and US of Tara. We are also watching Shameless, have you seen it? So good.


Ahope- 1 more day!! How exciting! Have you talked any more about nursing with DD? I feel like at the rate I am going you will give birth before me.


2EZ- Glad to hear from you! A boy! YAY! I am so excited to have 2 boys and can't wait to hear about your experience with it as well.


Starling: I am so jealous of the diving, you are brave. I think I would be too nervous to do it, although I am sure it is so cushioned and cozy in there. Any cute vacation pics?


AFM: Had some pretty good contractions yesterday that did nothing. I got excited, started cleaning and bouncing on my ball. When i finished, they were gone!!!!!!!! Ugh. 38 weeks 3 days today. I know I still have almost 2 weeks til my actual due date but he has to be out of room and we are all so ready for him to come. I am not sleeping much, I broke down and ordered a mattress pad and i am waiting none too patiently for that to arrive. Hopefully it makes all the difference! Trying to be a good mom, not let me kiddo watch TV all day long and remember to take all 17000 mG of Iron my MW is making me take. Chels keeps saying sex will make me pop (she is deprived, how do people have desire at this point?!!!) but so far I haven't taken the bait. Maybe tonight I will attempt, probably not though redface.gif.

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AmandaHope, while I would love twins, they were diagnosed long before ultrasound technology. I thought Ari was twins, so I am well aware of what to watch for. I'm measuring on the small side of normal, so the hugeness is really just my extra padding. I'm not nearly as skinny as I was going into the first 2 pregnancies. I'm excited for you baby to be born! I really want to hear how nursing goes. I'm holding out hope that a big gap means less afterpains.

Library, going back to work is both hard and nice. It's great because you get all the social recognition of being an adult and such but it's hard to be away from the baby and hard to come home and be totally out of sync with the pace of her day.

2ez, great to see you back! He sounds adorable.

Onemommyonemama, welcome! Yay for pi! March is a great time to give birth. My oldest was a march baby.

Yellow, they say orgasms help bring on contractions and semen softens the cervix. Since you only have half the advantage, you can argue either way. A recliner is a great place for romance this late in pregnancy... And of course , I think it's easier to not squish yourself if you're on top. Good luck, I personally would try to go for it since there is no action to be had for at least a month post partum. I personally aim for morning time when it's still cool and I'm not feeling all hot and heavy (not the good hot and heavy).

AFM, fetoscope came in the mail last night. We tried it out but I need to read more about it. The power is out at work so the generator is running a fan but the air conditioner is off. I'm feeling a mite warm. It's only 80 so far, but it's going to be a long day.
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Good morning.

I forgot to mention yesterday that I have finally started leaking colostrum. 15 weeks later than my first pregnancy.

QOTD, what is your favorite candy? Is it different than before pregnancy?

Question for tomorrow, what are some interesting things you see on a regular basis in your city that the rest of us probably don't see?
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Geez, this board is quiet all of a sudden. 


Seraf: Cool about the colostrum.  I didn't have any pre-birth colostrum with DD and don't seem to this time around (just a few drops if I work at it), but I'm reasonably confident that my milk will come in when the time is right. 


QOTD: Hmm...candy.  I love Reese's peanut butter cups, though that isn't new.  One thing I don't normally eat that I've enjoyed during the pregnancy is salt water taffy. 


MizYellow: Exciting that you are getting some good contractions, even if they aren't progressing into labor.  I bet you're making progress in the meantime, though.  I'm so excited for you!  Come on, baby H!


Pigirl:  Any news?! 


Amy: How about news or an update? 


Library: The Real L Word sounds like good trashy fun.  I may have to catch it on Nexflix.

OneMommy: Welcome and congratulations!  joy.gif  It is great to have you here, and we look forward to hearing how things go for you.


Crystal:  Any update on the bicornate uterus?  Did you discuss the u/s results with your doctor?  I'm glad you seem to be staying calm and hope that everything continues to go smoothly for you and the baby.


2EZ: Congrats on the u/s and the cutie little boy fetus!  So glad you are doing well.


AFM:  Full term today!  I'm still amazed that my body has actually done it (brought a baby to term) and am hoping for another week or two to absorb all this before the little one makes her entrance.  I picked up my newborn cloth diapers that I'm renting today, just in case...  They are so tiny and soft!  This is my last day on campus, though I'm still finishing up some work from home that I hope to get done by the end of the week. 



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Midwife appt today! 2 cm dilated, 60% effaced and losing my plug. I started having back contractions this morning, they tapered off but they are back. Going to go take a really really long walk to try to get them going strong. Hopefully soon!!!!


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yeah mizyellow :)!

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Woohoo Miz!!! Wishing you lots of luck and patience! thumb.gif

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Originally Posted by Mizyellow View Post

Midwife appt today! 2 cm dilated, 60% effaced and losing my plug. I started having back contractions this morning, they tapered off but they are back. Going to go take a really really long walk to try to get them going strong. Hopefully soon!!!!


Oh! Exciting!  You're doing great already!  Do you think the baby is posterior?  If so, are you doing hands and knees and stuff to try to get him to turn?  I hope you don't have back labor.  But I'm sure you'll do wonderfully no matter what kind of labor you get.  ELVs coming your way! goodvibes.gif


Do we get an update tonight? 


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hi all,


it's been a yucky 2 weeks here.  last week ds1 got a tummy bug, this week ds2 got the tummy bug and now dp has it.  i have cleaned up so much puke over the last week, ugh.  i'm not entirely sure how i managed to stay healthy, i guess one of us has to!  dp is miserable - already nauseous from being pregnant and now the tummy bug on top of that.  zofran isn't helping at all.  :(


ds1 appears to be settling in at his new daycare ok.  we are waiting on the outcome of our investigation into the original daycare plus we also wrote a 5 page letter of complaint to their corporate office.  since we pulled ds1 out (ds2 is still there because we love the teachers thru the 2yo room) the director hasn't given me the time of day and is purposefully avoiding me.  sigh.  why can't we all be adults?  interestingly tonight we got an update from one of the other donor families (we are in touch with 4 families) and their 6yo son is gifted too. 


mizyellow, how exciting!!!!  keep us posted!  :)



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AmandaHope, it has been quiet, everyone is having all that summer fun, I guess.  Congratulations on making term!  Every quiet spell I think you and Yellow are in labor.


Yellow, I lost my plug the day before Ari was born!  I know you can lose it for a while before the baby actually comes and you can be dilated quite a bit before labor starts.  I guess it just results in a faster labor.  Good luck!!! Hoping for some good news soon!


Indigo, that sounds awful! The puking, not the giftedness.  Kid got double wammied, huh?


AFM, I heard the heartbeat this morning!  The kids got to, too.  When Sara gets home I will try to find it again.  140, so, I looked up a gender predictor, and if it's below 140 its supposed to be a boy and above is a girl?  So I'm smack in the middle?  I guess the mystery deepens.  I knitted another hat.  Will take a pic later.  


Answer for yesterday, I am in love with gummy peaches rings.  That seems to be pregnancy specific.  I normally like all chocolate and my favorite is anything with coconut.


Answer for today, I paid attention on my way home.  I saw farm and wild animals, a motorcycle racetrack, a junk yard and a couple of quaries.  The rest was just houses and forest and farm.

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Indigo- So sorry there has been so much vomit in your home, I am one of those people that always throws up when others do so I don't know how you do it. Chels always gets stuck with puke duty. Sounds like you an her both have a glamorous life! You are a good woman!


Ahope- TERM!! Glad you are about done with work, I can't remember where you live? Chicago? How is the weather? Yesterday was not so hot here, hope you are getting the same break.


So obviously I have not had a baby. My MW ended up stripping my membranes yesterday as she was sure it would send me into labor and she was on call last night. I  walked for 5 hours and had awesome contractions til about 2AM. Now...........nothing. I am frustrated and sore. I can't decide whether to keep trying to walk and stay active to get labor going. I am feeling like my body doesn't know what to do. I never contracted on my own with Lennon, I can get them started but they don't stick around this time. BC of the diabetes if I go to my due date I get induced. I am so frustrated and just want my body to figure this out. I am having a tough time with positive thinking today, not to mention no baby= work today.  Just call me Debbie Downer


QOTD yesterday- I have eaten like I was 7 this pregnancy. I love salads and fruit normally but I have only wanted, doritos, spaghettios, and pop  tarts. So weird


QOTD today- not really, Columbus is like about every other larger city. We have great parks and lots of free festivals.

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Yellow, having to be induced for going past your due date sucks.  I mean, why is there a whole window for term?  I don't think you can make labor happen before you're ready.  But when you start losing your plug, it means your body is getting ready.  I personally would either relax and get ready for labor to happen, or I would have lots of sex and try to bring it on.  I know from experience that it doesn't really matter what I do, It will happen when it's time.  You haven't mentioned station yet, how low is Mr. Harrison?  Can you reach up there and feel him yet?  (I couldn't feel Ari until I was pushing, so don't be discouraged if you can't.)

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I really don't want to get induced but I understand the concern with still birth increase after 40 weeks. Sex hurts right now but I will give it a shot tonight. He is at -2 and although i can't figure out how to feel him but my MW said she was touching his head.

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mizyellow - my wife had a sweep and it took more than 36 hours to really start. It was the second night after the sweep.

your body was already gearing up before, it does know what to do. It is already doing it! You are in labour :)  it is normal to have these starts and stops. It is kinda great in a way, because you are getting nice breaks in your labour to rest up and get stronger for the time when you will be in full force :)


do what feels right, try not to worry too much. try to rest and eat well. You are almost there mama!

I am sorry this means a work day for you, after so much labouring last night.


we are thinking of you!





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Mizyellow, I'm right with you.  My m/w attempted a sweep yesterday (39w1d) but I wasn't quite dilated enough for her to do it.  I contracted all day, but then they petered out overnight.  Soon.  We will both have our babies soon.  I had to be induced for my last birth, too, and so am having trouble beliving my body knows how to do it on its own.  Our m/w yesterday said that because I'd gotten pregnant, and dilated once before (albeit after about 400 bags of pitocin), that my body would know how to do it this time.  She's been a midwife for 30+ years, so I really feel like she knows what she's saying.  Hopefully that can comfort you, too!


AHope, holy mackeral congrats on making it full term!  In the least dorky possible way, let me say I'm so proud of us!  PPROM's got nothing on us now!  I hope your full term birth is everything you hope it to be.  :)


Indigo, sorry about all the puking, and the stress with your sons' schools.  I hope that all eases up soon.


I'm missing a whole bunch of posts, but let me at least welcome the new folks on the list.  I hope your stay here is long and uneventful.  (Onemommy, as a fellow math nerd, I'm jealous of your due date!)

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MizYellow: I echo other's thoughts that your body is *already* doing early labor work and making good progress.  I don't think I'd push the walking if you're not currently having contractions, because there is a risk that you'll get exhausted before you go into active labor.  Can you possibly get some extra sleep today or tonight?  Other things my midwife and doula have mentioned to get labor going include eggplant parmigian (how do you spell that?!)--the eggplant and tomatoes have nightshade, which is supposed to help bring on or strengthen contractions--as well as sex, and then of course there is caster oil if you get pretty desperate.  My doula says that the trick with caster oil is to do it in the morning, and she blends a few tablespoons into a smoothie once and then again, if necessary, a few hours later.  I think the idea is that it will blow out your digestive system during the day and then often kicks the body into labor by evening.  But you don't want to be up all night on the toilet, so don't do it late in the day.  Also, I didn't know you had diabetes.  GD? Somehow I  missed that.   I bet that even if you do get to your due date, it will take very little intervention to get your labor going.  Maybe just some cervidil, etc.?  Maybe you could even avoid pitocin entirely.  Anyway, I think that you'll be in labor in the next few days.  Oh--one more thing--on the hypnobabies.com website, there is a downloadable MP3 called "Baby Come Out!"  Even if you aren't into the hypnosis thing generally, this one track might help.  It certainly can't hurt.


Pigirl: So good to hear from you.  Can't believe you're so close to your due date! I'm proud of us, too.  Your midwife sounds wise, and you sound nice and relaxed.


Odd that all 3 of us (Yellow, Pigirl, and I) were all induced last time around.  Not this time! 


Seraf: Congrats on hearing the heartbeat!  I have a fetoscope too and have only been able to find the hb a few times.  FWIW, my baby's hb has usually been in the 130s, and three u/s say it's a girl. 


AFM: We're going to do a belly cast tonight and then go to the 12am 3D showing of Harry Potter!  Is anyone else going?  I guess most of you have kids that are too little for that--anyone without kids yet into it?  This is the first time DD is staying up that late, and we may pay for it for days... (hope I don't go into labor with a super cranky exhausted kid on our hands...but I don't really think I'm having this baby for another few weeks).  But we are all so excited!  DD and DP are pretty hard core HP fans, and I really enjoy the books and movies, too. 



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