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Yellow, I agree with everyone else that your body is working on it. You aren't even due yet, just safe to deliver. You have type 1, yeah? I was looking up risks because I can't figure why it would be fine at 39 weeks 6 days but dangerous at 40 weeks 1 day. Have they done a sizing ultrasound? I always though big baby was the big scare. And of course, baby's sugar once he is here. We are going to be in Columbus saturday I'd you want to get dinner and if you're not in labor. Or, you know, we will bring you something tasty if you're laid up with Harrison.

AmandaHope, I thought of you when the nurse at wic asked the kids if they were excited about the baby. She just shrugged and he shrugged and gave a non-committal, "Eh...". So it's very normal behavior. Osha's mama is taking him to see HP after they come back from the beach. Ari is too young. I think it's ratted pg-13 and he is still kind of young, but he just finished the last book with her and I'm not going to say anything.

Escher, you have been quiet lately, everything great in your part of the world?

Pi, from worrying about going early to worrying about going late. What a change. Good luck.

If the 3 of you all have your babies, please come back and talk. This board is already so quiet I would hate to have to look all over for your updates.
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Yellow .... SO exciting!  I was naturally induced (from about your state of progression) solely using an oil of verbena protocol from my midwife, deep squats and some somewhat arduous sex.  I'll try to find the induction cocktail recipe.  It also calls for castor oil, but I didn't want to be worrying about sitting on the toilet or pooping copiously during labour, so I skipped that part.  Let me go look.  be right back.


Found it!  And the recipe for labour tea, too.  Good luck, mama!  dust.gif

I drank the tea every hour, I think.  The smell of verbena still make my uterus contract in abject horror to this day.  Worked swimmingly though! 


2 cups water
1 part cinnamon
5 parts clove
tonnes of chopped ginger

Boil for 30 minutes, remove from heat and add 3 drops of VERBENA essential oil.
Makes two cups

2 tbs almond butter
2 tbs castor oil
blend with 300ml water
5 drops verbena (0.1ml)
200 ml apricot juice
drink quickly (within half an hour)

Leave out the castor oil if you want. I did, and it still worked!

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Starling: I am soooo down! Where can I find Verbana oil? I am pretty sure I have a verbana candle, maybe I could just eat it. ROTFLMAO.gif

I am mostly joking.

Does it take yucky? Not that I care, my MW told me not do the castor oil thing but it is looking better and better.


I have had NO contractions today. I am considering just making Saturday my last work day even if I don't go into labor.

Having sex hurts you guys. You are all nuts. We tried it a little bit ago and I almost broke her fingers and shoved them in the couch. I must have the most sensitive vagina in the world. It felt like she was stabbing my cervix with a light saber. I will pause and let you envision that. :)


I appreciate so much the words of comfort and wisdom and Piggirl it makes me feel soooo much better that you are in my boat. At least I know somwhere in the world there is a woman as uncomfortable still pregnant as I am ;)

that being said, I hope by the time you read this you are holding your sweet babe.


Seraf- Let me know what time you are coming Saturday. I work and am not sure what time I get off yet,hopefully early!

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Yellow ...  Dropping by (while I recover from the light saber visual) to say that we got the oil of verbena at a health food store that sells essential oils.  Keep us posted, woman! 

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HP was fantastic, but I'm about to collapse (waiting for DD to finish using the bathroom!).  Yellow, how about sex without penetration of any kind?  But the verbena might do the trick--hope so. 


Well, I made it to 37 weeks and through HP without a baby.  Yee haw.  If I'd gone into labor today, I really don't think DD would have forgiven me or the baby...maybe ever.  We're headed to South Bend this weekend to see friends and I still need to finish up chapter revisions, so I'm thinking the week after next?  We'll see!  Yellow and Pigirl are definitely up before me.  Can't wait for news! 


Nighty night, all. 

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Yellow, sorry about the light saber, if your cervix is that low, your body is doing exactly what it is supposed to.  So, orgasms stimulate oxytocin, as does skin to skin contact and nipple stimulation (and eating chocolate, I think.  So if you want to get chocolate sauce involved, that is entirely up to you).  So go for those you have the energy for and skip anything that doesn't feel lovely.  Think of it as a first date where you may or may not "go all the way."  If you don't find oil of verbena, let me know.  I bet I can find some in columbus.


Starling how are you doing?


AmandaHope, I was right at term when I had to sit for my nursing boards.  They watched me waddle in and asked when I was due, I remember saying, "term today."  They got a little nervous, but I was happy to get it out of the way before Ari was born.  So, now that you have the ever-important HP out of the way, you have anything else to do before she arrives?


Here's a picture of Ari listening to the baby's heartbeat.



and here is the hat (way bigger and softer than the last hat)





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Hi Everyone,

Seraf: Nice hat! I like the colors. My baby dream was that the home birth was smooth and not too hard, but so quick that the baby arrived before the midwives got here. The baby was healthy and full-term and a girl. I don't remember any other details anymore, but I woke up feeling reassured. During the day I still sort of think it is a boy. We'll see!

AmandaHope: Congratulations on making it to term! Hooray!!! joy.gif How did the belly cast go?

Mizyellow: I'm sorry you are so uncomfortable right now. I hope you'll be holding your little one very soon!

Pigirl: You're getting so close too! I look forward to seeing your birth announcement!

Indigo: I'm sorry you've been having to deal with so much puke! I hope that everyone feels better soon.

QOTD about candy: I haven't eaten much candy during this pregnancy (since even now, at 25 weeks, there are only about 25 things I can eat without feeling a bit sick), but normally I'm a big fan of toffee and sea salt caramels.

Onemommyonemama: Welcome! That is a very cool due date. How are you feeling so far? How does the experience so far of being pregnant differ from having your wife be pregnant? Your beta numbers look great, but I understand being in the worrying place. I hope that things feel more secure soon!

2ez: Congratulations on your healthy boy!

Starling: Wow that you only have about 80 days left! I was very pleased to see in my pregnancy day by day book that I still have over a hundred. Which is good, because I am completely unprepared for a baby. It sounds like you're much more ready than I am!

AFM: It's been a busy but fun week with family events, and lots of family members were sweetly excited about this baby. I feel so grateful for people's support. It seems amazing that they care about this little person they have never even met. The baby is still kicking away regularly. I feel like I can now sometimes feel the baby's weight on specific parts of my belly even when it is not actively kicking, especially if I am lying on my side. I can't believe I only have a few more weeks in the second trimester. I'm still amazed that this pregnancy seems to be working.
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Hi all,


Darn I miss being on this board! But, I'm still on my quest to get tons of stuff done in July so that I can rest and be with friends and family in August and September. I know, not very mindful, present living. But, something tells me this is what I need. So much exciting stuff going on here lately....


Escher: what a great dream! Let hope is foretells the home birth you want. Also, very sweet and fun that family is gearing up. We're experiencing that too. 


Seref: I love your pics... both of Ari and the hat. It's incredible to hear about the stuff your body does during pregnancy... early movement, colostrum. I'm hoping for the same to get an indication of my BFAR capacity, but won't get hung up on it if it doesn't work. 


Amanda: congratulations on making it to term. I love that you've got a weekend getaway scheduled at this stage. Tell... how was your belly cast? Did you use a particular kit that you liked, or have someone do it. Don't tell about HP though... we're going tomorrow night. 


Onemommyonemama: Welcome! Congratulations! Yay!!! That is a great b-day. I'm math-impaired, but I love the pisces time. I'm one and surrounded by them... wife, father, mother, best friend. 


Yellow: Oooch, also recovering from that light saber visual. I'm really excited for you and waiting to hear how things go in the next day or so. ELVs at you... goodvibes.gif


Pigirl: congrats on being so close... maybe you're beyond close by now and you have a new babe? Here's to MWs who have been doing it for years! I've got one too and she's incredible. ELVs too! goodvibes.gif


Indigo: glad to hear things are going well for your DS at the new day care center.


EZ: Aw, that sounds like a great scan. So glad it's all going so well! I know that feeling of "oh, wow, I already love you a ton." Jumps up and surprises me now and then.


Library: Crazy hot! Where-ish do you live again? Oh, the Real L Word. We tried this for a bit during season one. So, I consider myself a nonviolent person, and I wanted to jump through the screen and pop some of those characters in the nose (i.e., Mikey). We just couldn't do it... which is weird, because DW and I have happily sat through many a craptastic dyke show or film. Hmmm, but I can see the need for some midnight distraction coming down the pike so perhaps season two.... 


AFM: Not much to report. Just slogging through a to-do list to move our house from construction to living state. Also, working through my reading list with more discipline right now. I'm on the Sears vaccine book, then moving on to the BFAR book soon. Pretty healthy amount of kicking going on and I'm not spilling sugar anymore. Next Monday is the first glucose test. I'm still being pretty disciplined, but I've had a bit of sugar here and there. Hitting a 40 family garage sale in Berkeley tomorrow that is supposed to have lots of baby stuff for sale. We've already got quite a bit but I'm hoping for a rocker. Take care all!

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Julie: Glad to hear that you are having a productive July and that all is going well with the pregnancy.  The belly cast was a little harder than I'd expected, both working with the material for DP and holding my arms up for me, but I think it will turn out really well.  We still need to trim it and put the glaze finish stuff on it.  We used a kit from "Proud Body" (on Amazon).  It is so satisfying to do the things we'd planned to do during the end of my first pregnancy but never got a chance to do.  Hope you get lots of awesome stuff at the yard sale.


I'm excited about our weekend in South Bend; even the possibility of going into labor there and having to come back isn't so bad.  We'd only be 1.5 hours away from the hospital, and I can't imagine that things would be moving that quickly.   And I doubt I'll go into labor this weekend.  My friends there have to tease me, though, about keeping water boiling, etc.  Kind of annoying.  Men, especially, seem uncomfortable with women at full term.  Oh, well. 


Escher: I know what you mean about feeling more weight where the baby is, especially when lying down...and about being amazed that one's body is actually doing what it is supposed to do!  So glad everything continues to go well.


Seraf: Sweet hat!  I love the bonnet style, and it looks really warm.


HP was awesome (won't say anything else--promise).  We all slept in until very late morning.  Gotta run--happy Friday!



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AHope - 


Yes, yes, yes....labor in South Bend!


Signed your friend,

The OBSESSIVE Notre Dame fan. winky.gif


PS - I am thinking Thursday is the magic day!

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Escher, glad you're having a great time. I totally feel you on the extra weight. Lately mine has been stretching side to side, and that isn't fun. But sometimes she just sleeps heavy, I think. How are you carrying? Out front? Big all over? Lots of people think you can tell a boy from a girl from how they carry.

Julie, renovations are soooo fun. I keep talking about knocking down walls and rearranging our living space but I am willing to wait. Lol. Nothing like where you are with necessary stuff. Glad to hear from you. Excited to hear how nursing goes. I'm sure you're getting lots of great info about it.

Yellow, I hope you enjoy your last day of work and get plenty of rest while you can.

AmandaHope, enjoy your trip! I likethe bonnet style, too.

2ez, you good at predicting those things? Osha said, "the baby is coming on wednesday" and his sister indeed came the next Wednesday.
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Seraf - Just random thoughts. We'll see if it actually happens. Library was the last random thought I had and just happen to turn out correctly. We shall see! Sheepish.gif

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Hi guys. Everything fizzled out around 4:30 this morning. I have spent the day grumpy and sore again. I give up. I am done trying to have him, induction can't be any worse than stressing constantly right? The oil of verbana def caused some awesome contractions yesterday but my body couldn't keep up. I decided to just eat ice cream until he comes.


Ahope- how is your weekend out? Are you enjoying yourself?


Seraf: Sorry you had to work today, hopefully we can meet for dinner soon!


Juliet- glad to see you on here!


Escher- so fun that you are feeling so much movement.



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2ez, well, let me know if I need to go off work before November 1, will ya?  I don't want to have the baby in the car or at work!


Yellow, *inhale* *exhale* *don't kill anyone, he will come out* *inhale* *exhale* *repeat*  Ice cream is a total known labor inducer, as a matter of fact.  Do you know, I ate a smoothie popsicle and Ari was born within 15 minutes of my finishing it?  He will come.  It will be ok.  Enjoy your family of 3 for another day or two and tell them they must pamper you.


AmandaHope, I was trying to put a link in earlier, about bonnet style hats but the phone wouldn't let me.  I want to make one of these.  I have been knitting at work, but I think I'm going to start hand sewing these.


Great Scott! I decided it had been a while since the last belly pic, so I took one.  I'm way bigger than I realized.  


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Seraf: Great belly!  Seriously--it is so lovely and round.  And thanks for the links!  I'll check them out tomorrow when I'm not about to crash. 


MizYellow: I hope either that you are in labor or that you've had a restful day.  Being up all night with contractions that don't turn into active labor sounds exhausting and stressful, so I hope you get a break and that your body then decides that it is fully ready to do this thing!  Thinking about you...


2EZ: Thursday, huh?  That could work.  I'm officially giving myself a deadline of Wednesday to get the last revisions of this bleeping chapter done and sent off to the publisher--thanks for the bit of extra incentive.  wink1.gif


Mami: How are you holding up?  Is your DS eating any better?  You and your family have been in my thoughts. 


Amy and Pigirl: Any updates?  How are things?


AFM: We had a great weekend, though we didn't get to see everyone I would have liked to catch up with in South Bend.  I just wasn't up for running around town trying to track everyone down.  But we saw some good friends on Sat. night and spent today in MI with other good friends at the beach and doing some blueberry picking.  The beach was crowded and hot but really nice (the water was very cool and so refreshing), but the blueberry picking was too much.  I was too hot, and the BH kicked up, and my ankles doubled in size.  So I took a cool bath after we got home and am about to collapse for the night.  I'm eager and nervous for my midwife appt tomorrow, because I just don't feel that they baby is vertex.  I think she is "oblique," which is basically diagonal.  That is better than transverse or breach, but not great, and certainly not engaged.  I'll see what she says tomorrow, and I might ask her to check me to see if all these BH are doing anything.  The last time the u/s tech checked my cervix length at 31 weeks, it was ridiculously thick and long (6.5 cm!), which was great news then (re preterm labor) but may prove somewhat challenging for the birth.  I'm hoping it is at least starting to efface, even if there isn't any dilation yet. 

Edited by AmandaHope - 7/17/11 at 8:17pm
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AmandaHope, I hope you have a great, hopeful midwife visit. Osha didn't engage until labor, not that his birth story is all that desirable. Not bad either, tho. Thanks for saying my belly Is great. Lol.

Mami, I have been thinking of y'all, too. Hope your ds is feeling better and you are having a calm pregnancy.

Escher, are you sleeping any better? My sleep troubles have gone away in favor of sleeping like a log.

Thinks here are Pretty good. My scrubs are getting a bit tight. Babe is posterior most of the time. I think I need to stop sleeping on my stomach and slouching so much.

QOTD: what are you registered for? Sara's parents keep asking what we need, all her aunts and uncles want to know what to buy, so we are looking for ideas.
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Hi Everyone,

Seraf: You look great! What a cute bump. I'm glad that you're sleeping better. I've been mostly sleeping ok too, although some nights are definitely better than others. I'm impressed you can still sleep on your stomach! I have no idea how I'm carrying. Someone told me I was carrying low, but I don't know what that means or if it is true.

QOTD: We're registered for a stroller, carseat, moby, beco, diaper covers, flat diapers, a little potty, a changing pad, a bath sponge, a few gowns, a breastpump, and a few other things. But we have almost nothing since this is our first babe. I can imagine that if you already have the things you want it would be harder to register.

AmandaHope: That sounds like a fun and busy weekend. I hope that the midwife appointment went well today!

Mizyellow: I hope you're hanging in there. Eating ice-cream until he comes sounds like a good plan.

Julietea: I just read the Sears vaccine book too. What did you think of it? I hope that the garage sale was great, and that your glucose test went well!

AFM: I'm a little overwhelmed these days when I think about the big changes that are going to happen to our lives once the babe arrives. I'm THRILLED that we're expecting a baby, but I also really like things how they are now, and I'm a bit wistful about this pre-baby part of my life ending. And since the lovely pregnancy hormones make me to cry at just about anything, I've been uncharacteristically teary about all of this. Good times.
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Escher: I think it makes good sense to be wistful about this part of your life ending/changing as you become parents.  It *is* a big transition, and I think it is healthy to be conscious of that and to process the emotions that come up. 


Seraf: Funny that you are trying to find stuff to register for.  In addition to Escher's suggestions, I might include swaddle blankets/wraps, a warm cover for the carseat for winter, a few blankets to be special for this baby, a soft structured carrier if you don't have one and might like to add it to the sling collection, carseat(s), wet sacks for cloth diapers on the go, nursing pads and bras, nipple balm, diaper cream, waterproof pads for the baby to lie on in your bed (and/or a waterproof cover for your own mattress), a co-sleeper if that sounds attractive, an exersaucer type thing and/or bumbo seat, some puzzles or blocks or something, board books, baby book...  Not sure what else.


MizYellow: So was Sat. your last day of work?  If so, what are you doing today besides eating ice cream?


AFM: I'm 1.5 cm!  At least, I think so.  I had the less experienced midwife today, and she said that I'm 1.5 cm open at the bottom of the cervix but closed at the top.  So does that "count" as 1.5 cm or not?  She couldn't tell how effaced I am because the top of my cervix is still closed.  She says that I'm definitely "softening up," though, which is good news.  I'm having plenty of BH, so I'm glad that they are doing something! 


I got to see the baby on the u/s, because she wasn't positive from feeling the baby that she was head down.  Thankfully, she is head down but not at all engaged.  Like Seraf, she said that with second and later babies, they often don't engage until labor starts, so I guess that is how this will go.  It does make me nervous that she'll turn, though.  I got to see her little face, and she was opening and closing her mouth and then sucking on her fingers--so sweet!  I can't believe that I have this full-grown baby just hanging out in there.  So bizarre.


My mom is trying to figure out when to fly out.  We'd decided that she'd fly out once I'm in labor, and she has plane tickets for next Mon. the 25th that she can change without any penalty.  So the question is whether she should just come out next Monday, even if I'm not in labor or whether we should stick with the original plan (which would mean that she probably won't make it for the birth).  I'm not crazy about the idea of her hanging around with us waiting for labor, but she is super helpful and could help us get stuff done around the house to prepare (cleaning, freezing food, etc.).  And she is pretty good at staying out of the way.  At the same time, I like the idea of this labor being centered on my and DP without the dynamic that my mom creates.  I think I'm leaning toward just letting her come once I think I'm in labor and not before...though I know she'd love to be at the birth if possible.  Ugh.  I don't know.  Maybe I'll go into labor before next Monday anyway!  I'm kind of hoping for next weekend... 

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Hi all!  We had a very soggy weekend at the folk music festival.  I've been so reluctant to post a belly pic because I hardly have a belly!  I think this kid is gestating between my rib cage and esophagus.  Here's the best I could do.  This is 28 weeks, for crying out loud!  With dd I was twice this big, or at least looked it.  Baby is right on track for size, but I think I'm down for weight, so maybe we cancel each other out.  25 weeks of barfing can do that to a girl.

The other pic is of my gorgeous first born on our holiday to Saltspring Island a couple of weeks ago.  Gnoshing on cherries.  I love my new camera.  I'd put that on a registry if we didn't have one already!


Seraf: Jealous of your lovely bump.  And your mad keen knitting skills.  I had such ambitions for this baby, but rampant carpel tunnel is thwarting them.

Escher:  I'm getting teary-eyed at everything these days too, including the thought of our changing family.  We're taking the time to do it up, and do all kinds of things together as a triumvirate that we might not get to do for a while while this one is wee. 

Yellow: Watching this space for an update!  I hope radio silence means busy times for you!  Good luck and many healthy labour vibes to you! 

Amanda:  You're so close!  Keep us posted!  That sounds like a great weekend, by the way.


Old QOTD:  Ain't nothing I've wanted to eat this pregnancy, and certainly not candy.  The thought of anything that sweet set me gagging for so long that I might never eat candy again.  I have had the odd hankering for a cream puff, and being celiac, that isn't going to happen.  Bah.

New QOTD: Bupkus.  Nada.  We do need another car seat though.  And we'll need a double bike trailer or some other such biking arrangement, but we have time to come up with that. 

ETA:  Some ideas for if you have pretty much everything already or are trying to keep it to a dull roar: itunes gift certificates so that you can download lovelies like Johnny Cash's kids album and everything by Elizabeth Mitchell (swoon!) and the perfect sleepytime experience of George Winston's Velveteen Rabbit (piano instrumentals with Meryl Streep narrating).  I've given that CD to about 18 new babies over the years.  New camera, if you don't have one.  GC's for making an online photo book from places like blurb.com. GC's to the local grocery store.  A big ticket item like a bike trailer (we did this with our first child).  A new vacuum.  Will try to think of more. 






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Escher, it will be a big shake up for all of us, really. Shoot, my kids are gone half the week, so we are losing all grown up time. But my kids are old enough to walk and talk and buckle themselves into the car and let the dog out, feed themselves, go to the store, wipe, sleep through the night. Having a new little body in the house will create a lot of new messes and noise. My cutting back severely on work will change our expendable income which will change much of our recreation and travel.

AmandaHope, that is a pretty comprehensive list. I already thought of blankets and an amber necklace. There are some board books I could register for, too. We surely don't need much, tho. When should your mom come? Lol, I think flying once you are in labor is the best idea. You never know when it will be and if she wants to meet the baby, that's the safest way.

Starling, you're showing at least. And the baby has so much hair! I met a woman at the zoo who looked a bit bigger than me, she was due in 5 weeks. I was shocked. How tall are you? I'm 5'4" so I don't have a whole lot of room before the baby is popping out.

Carmen, come over and play with us!

Life is good here. I'm not waddling, but I am walking funny. I don't enjoy moving or being hot, feel like I can't breathe ( just from the air getting squished out of me or being thick enough to pour, not like anything bad.
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