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Ctxs 4 mins apart.

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And we went to the hospital last night, as I'm having a hospital birth and the rule is to come in when they're 5 mins or less.  So...I go in, and they monitor me.  Ctxs were 1-3 mins apart and fairly strong, but I didn't dilate in the one hour they monitor me and send me home.  I was totally fine with this as it was 4 am and I knew I would get my egg and cheese biscuit this morning instead of ice chips.  LOL  


Anyway, I came home, slept 4 hours waking every hour to enjoy some contractions ;)  and this morning they're still here, still 3-4 mins apart.  


I'm thinking maybe baby girl isn't yet in the right position.  Any ideas of what I could to help things along?  I'm about to hop on the treadmill and incline the heck out of it ;)

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Exciting mama! Maybe try some cat/cow poses or knee/chest poses to get baby in a better position? Good luck!

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If the baby is posterior belly binding will help (I did that my last birth). Hopefully things will pick up for you- exciting!

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I'd suggest going to a chiropractor and getting your hips adjusted.  My midwife has had great success having her mommas do this just before and while in labor. :)  My LO was very posterior for several weeks and after a couple of chiro adjustments, along with doing knee-chest and pelvic tilts at home, he's now been LOA for about a week!  woohoo!


My birth class instructor also recommends slowly walking the stairs, two at a time during contractions, and swaying/rotating your pelvis while your feet are spread apart on the stairs.  She says this helps get baby in better position and increase dilation.


Good luck! :)

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Crawl around on your hands and knees! Ooh good luck!
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I second the hands and knees and the two at a time stair walking. but remember to rest too! Best wishes!

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Good luck Mama!!!

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