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Red Hot and Baby Boom ***TTC in Our 20's*** July 2011

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Conceiving in our 20's


Conceiving #1

Bremen (27) BFPChart2.gif

Casmer (26) BFPChart2.gif

cbaa2010 (25) chart1.gif

chicajones (27) chart1.gif

daylicious (26)

FairyMe (26) 

farmygirl (29)

Fnord (24) BFPChart2.gif

Gemmine (27)


maevankayt (28) BFPChart2.gif

marykgrove (28) BFPChart2.gif

PrenatalCoach BFPChart2.gif

RenoKirbyButtrs (29) BFPChart2.gif


SweetTea (27) BFPChart2.gif



Conceiving #2

Alicewyf babygirl.gif BFPChart2.gif

BeachLove (25/26)

Belacmsage (26) babyboy.gif BFPChart2.gif

Darlawoods (26)

filiadeluna (28)

xxkayluhh07xx (21) babyboy.gif BFPChart2.gif

OJazzy1 (26)babyboy.gif 

SilaMarila (25) babyboy.gifBFPChart2.gif




Conceiving #3


DandJsMommy (24) babyboy.gif babygirl.gif

NANandAUBIE (26) babygirl.gif babygirl.gif BFPChart2.gif



July BFPs!!!

Brighids Flame (22) BFPChart2.gif

colta (22) BFPChart2.gif


tantylynn (23) BFPChart2.gif


June BFPs!!!

RayN (22) BFPChart2.gif




May BFPs = 2

April BFPs = 2

March BFPs= 9
February BFPs = 2
January BFPs = 3
December BFPs = 3
November BFP =3

 October BFPs = 1
September BFPs = 3

August BFPs = 5
July BFPs = 3
June BFPs = 1


If you would like to be added to our group or moved please make your request in bold. In an effort to keep the list organized and up to date, your name may be removed if you have not posted to this thread in two months.

Monday Check-In
Where are you in your cycle:
Symptoms if they apply:

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Again, Thanks Fnord for starting a new thread!!! It's easy. Thread keepers luck to you!!! Sorry, I'm X posting from last months thread because I was slow...



Casmer - I'm so glad you were encouraged about your appt ttc wise! I apologize for not being able to give you "tips" yesterday (on the One thread) I had every intention to then I didn't get the time. As far as sleep goes it's something I have struggled with in the past too. I have never used a prescription med to treat it. Acupuncture has helped me the most. You can also look into natural remedies like melatonin (which is also supposed to be good for maturing eggs I think?) and valerian root. I hope not to be on any prescriptions while I am pregnant (Even if it's "C" level or "safe"). I hate that I am on one now and don't even know why! I'm praying it all gets figured out soon. Sweet dreams to you!


Bela - I still have hope for you!!! 


Brighids Flame - If you have read TCOYF and feel confident in charting but want to chart online I would recommend Fertility Friend because it is free and you can share it easily with all of us. I actually hate everything else about FF and just use it for those reasons Sheepish.gif But I've charted for a long time on paper using the TCOYF charts/methods. Then I started doing both so people here could see my charts too.

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Thanks for the new thread Fnord!


Casmer: I said this on the Onethread but just to repeat, I took ambien while pregnant and it is completely safe. It has no side affects for me but I am sure some people have felt groggy waking up. Valerian root should not really be used during pregnancy since it has not really been studied on pregnancy and it is known to cause depression.     

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Originally Posted by belacmsage View Post

Thanks for the new thread Fnord!


Casmer: I said this on the Onethread but just to repeat, I took ambien while pregnant and it is completely safe. It has no side affects for me but I am sure some people have felt groggy waking up. Valerian root should not really be used during pregnancy since it has not really been studied on pregnancy and it is known to cause depression.     

Oops meant to say that! When you get pg make sure any herbal remedies you are taking do not have adverse effects on pregnancy. Guys I feel so out of my "groove"...I'll update later...


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(re-post from ONE thread)


Sad to see my temp drop :( http://www.fertilityfriend.com/home/PrenatalCoach


6 days of pre-menstrual spotting is 'normal' for me but it looks like it'll be even more than 6 days this cycle because my LP is usually 12-13 days (I'm 10 DPO right now). Unless my drop in temp means a shorter LP for the first time in 5 years and AF is coming today or tomorrow. Confused :( I could test but I'm wanting to wait until Sunday/Monday so it's likely to be more accurate.


Although I've been told by numerous doctors and practitioners over the years that my spotting is NOT a concern for fertility I went ahead and met with a TCM doctor that specializes in fertility so we're working on it :) This is the first month I've been taking herbs to 'warm my uterus'. I'm ever so curious to see if the spotting will be present during the cycle that I DO get pregnant. I'm going to ask my TCM doctor what he thinks. Would make my 2WW SO much shorter if I know that I'm out when I see spotting!

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Partially cross-posting from the June thread:


Sila- Thanks for the suggestion, I just finished putting all my data into Fertility Friend. Sometimes it gets mad at me for not recording my cm/not consistently temping, but other than that it's not terrible. And I like the mass data entry! Here are my new charts




Thanks for the new thread Fnord! If you don't mind, could you switch my chart link in the first post to the fertility friend link above? TCOYF stopped showing all charts except this month's. crap.gif


Looking at my January and February charts, it looks like my temps start dropping 4-5 days before AF arrives, so maybe my higher temp today is a good sign? Fertility friend is expecting AF to arrive later than my other charts, so I'm not really sure when I should test, but I'm suspecting that even tomorrow at 10 dpo it will still be a bit too early...

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Thanks for the new thread Fnord! 


I had my second u/s yesterday (CD11) to see how I'm responding to the Clomid. My largest follicle in my right ovary was 13mm and in the left 10mm. She didn't say what my lining was though, dang it and I forgot to ask. I had a *nearly* + OPK yesterday too as well as a big temp jump, but the one today is totally negative and my temp is back down. OB says she thinks I will O before CD18, and since that's the earliest I've Od since I started charting I guess that'd be an improvement.

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Brighids - ooh your temps sound/look promising! I'm not an early tester so I'm going to say don't test until you miss AF. How long is your usual LP?


PrenatalCoach - I still don't know about the spotting thing. I think asking your TCM person is a good idea though. I'm still hoping your real AF stays away winky.gif


Tanty - I'm really glad your Dr. is monitoring your clomid cycle. I have heard that is definitely the way to go! Maybe your body was gearing up to O (how was your CM?) and it will do it for real in a few days?


AFM - I *think* we are going to be TTC for sure this cycle. I have no idea when I will O or what my body will do. So that is why I say this cycle not this month eyesroll.gif We will see if things go like the had been and I O at like CD45, or if the acupuncture and miscarriage have will completely change this and I can O a little earlier. I'm hoping it is the later. The only thing I'm a little scared of is not knowing what else is going on with my body. Physically I am feeling pretty good, but my blood work is still all messed up greensad.gif and next week I'm getting labs for autoimmune diseases and allergies. Oh and maybe an echocardiogram too because apparently I have a soft murmur (checking again on Wed. though)? WTH? So, as long as the tests don't go beyond blood work I'm ok with TTC. If they become more intrusive and extensive I may hold off. Before this whole miscarriage thing I was totally ok with taking a break for a few months. But now, it's different. I feel like I can't wait. My acupuncturists still thinks we should wait at least 1 more month. I guess I'm ok with that if I'm not O'ing. But I get all emotional just thinking about preventing or abstaining during O and getting to the end of my cycle knowing AF is coming and we had a chance. I feel much better about TTC and getting to the end and getting AF knowing we tried and it didn't work. So, that is the plan for now. 


As of today I have stopped bleeding and spotting. It seems to have gone by fast. DH was off for 5 days and I think that helped. My midwife says my body did exactly what it needed to do. Also, my uterus appears to be completely empty and that is a sign that there were no complications with the miscarriage and nothing got left behind that could lead to infection or cause us to put a hold on trying again.


Thanks for reading my rambling...

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Sila, I'm glad to hear you're doing well and have made a decision you feel comfortable with.


Casmer, I hope you start sleeping better soon.


AFM, I am 6 DPO.  DH and I are debating when to test.  I have felt "off" and had a yucky taste in my mouth.  Oh... the suspense!

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Thanks for the new thread! I took a Dollar tree test and another faint positive. Looks just like the other test so Im hoping that the IC which I took 2 days ago was just really sensitive and my levels rised just enough for the dollar tree test. 2 different tests with the same lines? Im starting to believe them! I just hope Im not getting my hopes up because I know from experience that the dollar tree tests have evap lines. I did see the line way before the 10 minute mark so hopefully its reading right.

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I'm out. AF showed up this morning.

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hug2.gif Bela. So sorry.

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Me too Bela, AF arrived this morning greensad.gif I thought I'd cry if I wasn't pregnant this month because we're really excited and the disappointment is hard, but I feel okay. We're still at the beginning of our journey. Cultivating patience. Dear Spirit Baby, we're ready when you are! blowkiss.gif

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hug2.gif Sorry to hear about AF showing up (how rude of her!) Bela and PrenatalCoach. Fingers crossed for you both for this cycle!


Sila-My usual LP can be anywhere from 11-13 days (usually 11 or 12 though, the 13 day one was totally a fluke I think). Short LP=shorter 2ww, but also means that conceiving might be harder for me. The midwife I spoke to didn't seem too concerned about it though. I really hope things work out for you, and if you feel trying again this month I don't see why you shouldn't.


D&J-Well that's exciting! Are you going to go out and get one of the digital ones to confirm it without having to worry about lines?


AFM-My temp jumped almost a full 1/10th of a degree between yesterday and today. I also had some pain on my left side of my uterus? ovaries? I'm not positive where on my insides it was, but it was sharp pain for a little while last night. If my temps don't drop tomorrow or on the 4th I guess I'll be testing on the 5th. I actually have a spare HPT upstairs, and it was so hard not to use it after my high temp this morning! Boobs still hurting. Felt nauseous last night, but trying not to read too much into any of the symptoms. I'm really just trying to get through the next couple of days, and crossing my fingers AND toes that my temps don't drop!

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dandJ- I would def get a digi. If your getting pos it might take out some of the worrying for you to see PREGNANT. :) Im so excited for you!


Prenatal coach and Bela- sorry to hear about AF...


AFM: not much going on over here. 11 dpo and all tests neg to this point. No real symptoms to speak of really. I did have a few patches of Fertile CM again, but I have a def O pattern so im wondering if AF is on her way, im breaking out to all heck and im super bloated. not to mention my rings were so tight the other morning I had to take them off. Im just hoping SOMETHING happens. ill take AF at this point. We are getting married next Friday and I would prefer to NOT have AF by then... ugh.

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Hi Ladies, haven't been on much as I have nothing to report. Seems I'm going to have one of my long cycles again. I really thougt the Femaprin was keeping me regular but I guess the few days that I didn't take it at the regular time threw things off? I don't know but I hope I O soon.

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PrenatalCoach - hug2.gifIt's ok to cry too. I'm not trying to speak for all of us but I think most of us have cried over AF's arrival at some point or another.


Brighids - Chart is looking GOOD lady! Your LP is great I wouldn't worry a single bit. The only time to worry is if it under 10 days.


D&J - oh the suspense...!!!


N&A - CONGRATS in your getting married! I hope you either get your BFP or that AF comes and goes swiftly! Honeymoon baby?


FairyMe- Ah I was just thinking about you! Sorry about the long cycle. Your chart looks craaazzzyyy wild.gif hehe. I hope some EWCM is coming your way! I'm secretly hoping to avoid the mega-long-cycle-of-death this time around... but obviously I have no control over that. One can hope right?


AFM - I think I am going to enjoy DH's new summer hours Sheepish.gif Much more conducive to TTC. Since DS is taking his nap while DH is up before work.



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Its driving me mad! Haha Im so scared to get a "Not Pregnant" cause I know digitals are alot less sensitive than the other tests are. I have one clearblue digital left which Im going to take in the morning lets hope I get what Im looking for fingersx.gif. Im guessing because I Oed late makes AF due either tomorrow or monday I hope Im not trying to early but Im dying for an answer. Whats everyones opinions on the clearblue digital? Anyone know that stats? I cant get an accurate answer as to how sensitive it is. I looked on peeonastick.com but no luck. The box says 2 days before missed AF its 90% accurate. Im just scared my levels arent rising enough or at all :( AGAIN we shall see tomorrow.

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FairyMe: Been thinking about you *hugs*


DandJ: I think the best one is FRER, hope you find out good news soon!

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D&J - I agree with Gemmine. I think the best tests are First Response Early Result. If I'm not mistaken they are 20hcg sensitive. I have only ever gotten a clear BFP or stark white BFN with them. Never any discrepancy or evaps. 

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