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Thanks, everyone.  N&A, you made me laugh.  Thanks for checking in on me.  Congratulations on your marriage!

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I want to see wedding pics! I think I O'd!!! I'm trying not to be too excited but for now I believe I did! I have never had such uncomfortable O pains before. I think I must have dropped like 10 eggs. I'm not going to push DH to BD again tonight, but if he is up for it I am!



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The links are only linking me to the photobucket home page greensad.gif

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m.jpgn.jpgq.jpgwedding shoes.jpg

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I hate posed pics as you can tell, please excuse my saucy first pic. LOL it was a joke but it came out so cute haha. Thats my big girl posing with us. Baby girl was asleep.

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LOVE the pictures!!! You are such a beautiful bride!!! And such a beautiful family! Love your dress! Thank you for sharing!

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Aw thanks Sila.. :) I should post a pic of Anna....



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What a cute family and a happy couple!  Congratulations, N&A!

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Love the wedding pics N&A.  You have a beautiful family!

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URRGG.... I've started spotting! This is just been a terrible day for since I took my temp. Had a big dip and now this and I'm just in a terrible mood. I'm so worried that I may have a short LP or something else is wrong or I don't know! I've been in such a flip floppy mood all day and now to have this show up, it's just the icing on the cake.

(sorry if TMI)... It's only when I wipe, but it's a reddish pink and I'm just so frustrated! Two days before AF and this nonsense... it's depressing....



Sorry for the rant, just had to get that off my chest.

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Congrats again NAN, those are such cute pis! I love your dress.


So sorry colta... that is so disappointing.



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tantylynn: I am chart-stalking you!


OJazzy1: Updates?


NaA: I love the photos!

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Not anything right now.... still thinking AF is going to start today and I totally caved and tested this morning which was dumb since of course it made me all sad and I told myself I wasn't doing that anymore.... seriously, lol.
Just wish something would happen at this point and wondering where to go from here (if anywhere).

Other than that at least it is a beautiful summer here!

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First things first: Congrats to Bridget's Flame & JMJ on the BFP!!! blowkiss.gif Such exciting news!! N&A, congrats on the wedding! You look gorgeous! 


Monday Check-In
Heather aka maevankat
Date: July 11
Chart: http://www.fertilityfriend.com/home/maevankat
Where are you in your cycle: CD11
Appointments: N/A
Symptoms if they apply: N/A. I'm having a hard time charting CP and CM. My CP always feels the same unless it's after O. It's frustrating. I know it's important to charting, but it doesn't help anything if I describe it wrong and my chart reads it incorrectly. 
Testing: N/A until AF is late.Maaaaay do OPKs this month. Maybe. 
Thoughts: Starting to ramp up efforts again. Back to taking Guaifenesin and drinking TONS of water. I'm starting to get down about TTC. It doesn't help that my BFF is due next week for her second child, and my SIL is starting to try for her second as well. I really never expected it to take so long /whine. 

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Monday Check-In
Date: July 11
Chart: http://www.fertilityfriend.com/home/casmer
Where are you in your cycle: 3 DPO, although FF says 5 DPO, I just haven’t changed it yet
Appointments: None, but I was tortured by the dentist this morning
Symptoms if they apply: None yet. 
Testing: I wasn’t going to take HPT this cycle if I started spotting again (the whole week prior to AF), but then I decided if I were to get a + that it might be good to know, even if it didn’t stick.  As heartbroken as I’ll be, I figure it would be good for my ob/gyn to know.
Thoughts: Being cautiously optimistic.  If I start spotting prior to AF like I have been, then I’ll schedule for an ultrasound right after AF and then schedule a blood draw for about a week after I ovulate to check progesterone.

I kinda hate going to the bathroom now because I’m scared I’ll start spotting.  I drink a lot of water, so I have to go fairly often but it is dreadful at this point.

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Monday Check-In

Date: July 11

Where are you in your cycle: CD 9

Appointments: Not a thing

Symptoms if they apply: Fatigue and Increased sex drive. O is coming... LOL

Testing: Started OPK's yesterday

Thoughts: Pretty excited that Im going to have a more normal cycle and that AF returned FINALLY after her 5 month vacay. Im opking until I O. Im so afraid of missing it. Kind of scared there will be a problem with DH's sperm (testing in the past showed issues, but we have made babies, so I think im just being crazy).

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