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Monday Check-In

Date: July 11

Where are you in your cycle: CD 8

Appointments: None

Symptoms if they apply: none

Testing: none

Thoughts: Feeling down about ttc lately almost feeling like we should take a break.


Beautiful pics Nan! Loved seeing them :)

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Monday Check-In

Date: July 11

Where are you in your cycle: 10DPO... Although it might just be CD 1 with the way things are looking.

Appointments: Not a thing

Symptoms if they apply: Spotting... angry.gif

Testing: May use OPK's next cycle. From what my charts have been telling me, I'm 10dpo based on temp but 12 dpo based on cm... worried about a short lp

Thoughts: I really thought I had it this cycle and was very disappointed to see a big temp dip and then start spotting, especially since this is only 10dpo according to bbt. I was positive I had a longer LP, and my last cycle (first real cycle charted) I had a 13 day LP, so I'm confused... hurt... and generally upset with this cycle.

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I am pregnant! I'm still going back and forth from spotting to not spotting so we'll see if it sticks. Baby dust to all of you!
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Wow marykgrove congrats! Sorry it's been stressful for you. I hope the spotting stops - stick baby stick!! 1sttri.gif


Gemmine Aw Sheepish.gif I love being chart-stalked haha.

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Congratulations MaryKgrove! So scary though. We are all sending you hugs, prayers and good vibes! Snuggle in tight little bean!

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Monday Check-In

Date: July 11
Chart:  haven't been charting

Where are you in your cycle: AF started today, apparently. angry.gif

Appointments: Not a thing

Symptoms if they apply: Lightly bleeding all day

Testing: Took a test this morning... negative. Started AF about an hour later. af.gif

Thoughts: So disappointed about AF starting. Been NEEDING chocolate all day.


Congrats to MaryKGrove!!! I hope your baby is a sticky one!!!

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Congrrats MaryKGrove! I know alot of people who spotted during their entire pregnancies and the babies turned out just fine :) Stick lil bean! Stick!dust.gif Sticky dust to you!

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DandJ- sorry your feeling down . I am a little too. I am trying not to even think about it much... Thanks for the compliment on my pics.


MARY! YAY!!!! I hope the spotting goes away... Congrats Mama!


I have a CM question. I have creamy CM, with some clear stringy EWCM mixed in. It stretches about an inch and then sometimes its just lotiony or creamy... What should I chart that as?

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Congratulations, marykgrove!  Spotting is scary.  Is it red or brown?  After you have a bit of red spotting, it is normal to continue off and on as brown, but the brown is not a problem at all, and red isn't really a problem as long as you aren't cramping.  It's a scary way to start off being pregnant, though.  I hope things go well.


N&A, on my chart, I would call it "tacky" (T), but I don't think FF has a setting for that.  I would just choose the most fertile you experience, so on FF, I would chart it as EWCM.

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Congrats marykgrove! Hope this is a sticky little bean for you!


Just a tiny bit of red this morning so I am sure evil AF will arrive sometime today....

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Congratulations marykgrove!

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Maryk - keep us updated love.gif


grouphug.gif DandJ, BeachLove, and NandA. Deep breaths...


NandA - FF sometimes frustrates me with its lack of settings. Along with what JMJ said, make note of your "vaginal sensation". Your peak day is often not the day of your highest quality CM, but the last day of "lubricative vaginal sensation". Great job with making sure to check how it feels and stretches (a lot of women skip that). I usually record CM like yours as EWCM and watch for the EW to increase over the next couple days!


Tuesday Check-in

Name: SilaMarila


Charthttp://www.fertilityfriend.com/home/SilaMarila I got my first cross hairs today lol!

Where are you in your cycle: CD18, 3DPO!!! I did it! I ovulated "normally" joy.gif Yet I'm still hesitant and expect my temp to crash any day...I think I need to take a day or 2 off from temping

Appointments: Too many to count! I REALLY just want a diagnosis so I can move on to the next step. Eye Dr. and Acupuncture today, go over my Hematology lab results tomorrow

Symptoms if they apply: cervix has moved into a lower position and is closed now, no CM, crazy dreams already

Testing: Beta-hcg blood test on Monday, I'll be 9DPO so it is still pretty early...

Thoughts: I had a very positive Dr. experience yesterday (Gastroenterologist) and am encouraged that we might be getting somewhere! He has some ideas about what might be going on, but needs to look inside yikes2.gif and as soon as possible. So next Tuesday I'm scheduled for an endoscopy with biopsy. Because I would be sedated for the procedure, I immediately brought up the fact that I could be pregnant but I would be very early to tell. He no questions asked (like when was my last period date?, how do I know I ovulated, blah) filled out a lab form for me to get a blood test the morning before. I'm so relieved and fill comfortable about this. Of course there is still the chance that there could be something there and it hasn't implanted by then. But after talking with the Dr, his nurses, and Dr. Google, if there wasn't a blood connection yet there should be no effect. It's hard because while I really want to do all of these tests and get this issue resolved in order for a healthy pregnancy, I don't want to harm a pregnancy that might already be happening. I also feel like the stress of wanting to test is gone now. If the blood test is negative, I just wait for AF. 




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Congrats Marykgrove!


Just checking in w/o stats.  Trying to get a grip on things in our new home and take deep breaths

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Congrats MaryKGrove!


Looks like there's lots of baby dust around! Congrats to all the BFPs Mamas!! 

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Congratulations on O, Sila!  That's looking like a normal cycle!  Something must be getting better if you were able to conceive last month and then O "on time" this month.  That is really hopeful!

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JMJ and Marykgrove:  Congratulations!!!  Sticky bean vibes to you both!


Farmygirl:  Welcome to the board! I am totally with on the desire to make TTC a stressful process.  I stopped temping for the past few months because I didn’t like how being so aware of exactly where I was in my cycle was making me think about it all the time.  We were NTNP during that period and it was fairly stress free, which I really liked.  Now we’re officially TTC (as of yesterday, see below), and I’m still unsure as to whether or not I want to temp.  I took a temp this morning and wrote it down just in case I’m so moved again tomorrow, but I’m leaning towards not wanting to know.  (Then again, I sometimes think maybe I should temp every day just in case it takes us a long time TTC, and we want to show some history to a healthcare provider. Ugh – I can’t decide, so for now, I’m just trying to take it one day at a time when it comes to temping.)


Beachlove:  This past weekend, I woke up to the most vivid dream that I had just taken a pregnancy test.  That was what pushed me to testing when I had planned to just wait for AF to be late after getting a negative result earlier in the week.  That test was also negative, unfortunately, but I was sooo sure that it would be positive and that the dream was my body’s way of telling me lol.  Sorry your pregnancy dream didn’t end with a positive test, but I hope this next cycle is THE cycle for you – with or without the dreams :-)


N&A:  Yay for a happy wedding day!  Glad AF departed in the nick of time, and I love the pics!


Tuesday Check-In

Date: July 12
Chart: I haven’t been charting the last few months while we were NTNP, but I might start this month – still wavering.  If I do, I probably won’t put the temps in until the end of the month, so no need to share, since it’ll be empty for the most part.

Where are you in your cycle: CD2

Appointments: None

Symptoms if they apply: Wanting to go home and curl up on the couch with a movie and junk food.  AF drains me of energy sometimes.

Testing: N/A


Thoughts: Well, this is CD2 for me.  I did test on Saturday even though I was pretty sure that AF was on the way, and she showed up right on time yesterday.  I would have been ecstatic with a BFP, but, even though I was definitely disappointed, I wasn’t as upset as I thought I’d be.  When I really thought about it, for the last couple years, DH and I had been talking about waiting to try no earlier than July or August, because given my husband’s work schedule, a baby due between late spring and early fall would be best – otherwise, because of how busy he is during the rest of the year, there would be no guarantees that he could be really hands on in the early months, and there would have been the very real possibility that he’d be scheduled for trips around the due date.  So, even though we scrapped the plan a few months back and decided to NTNP, we’ve basically ended up living our original plan by circumstance because of how crazy things have been with work and move for us both.  So that rationalization helped keep me from being super sad about two negative tests last week.

In happier news, we are now officially TTC!  We had originally agreed to give it till the end of the summer before making that decision, but DH brought up yesterday over dinner, and I was all for it!  Secretly, I’ve been having a harder time with the not trying aspect of it, especially whenever DH would tell me that he’d have to work later on X number of days, and I would automatically start figuring out what day that was in my cycle.  For the last two months, every time DH or I had to be out of town, or work late, it has coincided with my peak fertility window, and it was really hard for me to take that in stride – NTNP is not fun when you go into knowing there’s not going to be much to prevent because of circumstances totally out of our control. So, even though it takes some of the mystery and spontaneity out of whole thing, I’m excited to see how it goes this month now that DH specifically asked to know what days he needs to try to be free (and I think he is, too)!  I just hope neither of us is too disappointed if it doesn’t work out this month – I think I read once that even when the timing is absolutely perfect, there’s still only a 20 to 30% chance of conceiving.  I really don’t want TTC to be a stressful thing for us, and I know it’s pretty easy to get caught up in the timing of everything to the point where trying stops being fun.  At any rate, we’re planning to aim for days 8,10,12,14, and 16 this month, which should hopefully give us plenty of wiggle room if I O on the earlier or later side of my normal day 15. Does that sound like a reasonable plan?  DH wondered why we didn't just aim for day 15, but I'd rather aim a day before and day after, and still have day 15 available if we miss a day, rather than aim for the odd days (13, 15) and possibly miss out altogether if we have to miss a day.

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That is great that you had normal ovulation Sila! Hopefully you get some answers here soon.


AF found me today. Ugh. I so don't know what to do ladies. I feel stuck. No idea where to go from here.

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hug2.gifOJazzy, so sorry AF found you. Have you tried acupuncture/tcm?

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Originally Posted by JMJ View Post

Congratulations on O, Sila!  That's looking like a normal cycle!  Something must be getting better if you were able to conceive last month and then O "on time" this month.  That is really hopeful!

I know I'm so excited to if anything have a normal 30 day cycle! Of course I'll be happy with a BFP too orngbiggrin.gif The acupuncture has REALLY worked! Just getting the chance to try every 30 days is so exciting to me! I admit I was nervous that I would I O at all after last month...

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SweetTea - I would "aim" for at least your Peak Day winky.gif Your Peak Day is the last of either 1) lubricative vaginal sensation 2) slippery eggwhite like cervical mucus 3) any mid-cycle ovulation spotting you get. Welcome officially to the crazy world of TTC!

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